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  2. Then go through these, I'd say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTNrT-sAVu0&list=PLShEm1_z6_cyBOAKQSH2ck-enGSnovMjD http://www.gametutor.com/live/tutorials/houdini/
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  4. Hi! I have finally decided to start using Houdini. My computer is: - 16 Gb RAM - Nvidia GTX 460 - Intel i7-2600 3,4GHz - SSD 500 GB + HDD 2TB - Windows 10 - Monitor is running at 2560 x 1440 resolution, not sure if that can damage the perfomance I was thinking to upgrade the PC, buying 16Gb RAM, and maybe change the graphic card. But maybe I should buy a new computer and re-use the SSD.
  5. For some reason I despise editing animation with value plots, like the Animation Editor, and much prefer using 1st and 2nd derivative graphs, like velocity and acceleration. Those can easily be viewed in chops, via the slopeChop, but is there a way to directly edit the handles of those created graphs? Looking for something like AfterFx's Speed Graph editor: Thanks!
  6. Yes, thank you for your answers. I have seen the replies in the video, but as Marty said, there is no critical feedback. I was hoping that anyone in the forums had done the course, or could recommend another one.
  7. @lukeiamyourfather I'm trying to figure out how the 128 PCI lanes help OpenCL and CUDA. Do you mean you can run more 16x GPU cards? thx!
  8. Sorry for the delay, i'm sure you resolved this already. I'm working for the firt time with bullet, and from the little i understood, you could just add an "active" attribute on the "border" pieces of your wall (as they are packed, each piece is just a point right?), and set this active attribute to 0; So they will stay in place, but as they are still glued to the other pieces, all your wall should stay in place.
  9. I don't think there is any OpenCL code in RBD or Bullet IIRC, yet. Houdini requires only OCL 1.2. Nvidia provide very nice OpenCL support as well as Cuda, which is great for Redshift and Octane.
  10. cmon' guys!!! FEM is the futur! i'm sure there are some FEM gurus here!!!
  11. Yeah - but they read like a bunch of positive reviews that the instructor asks for. Critical feedback is much more indicative.
  12. but that's what area lights are just stochastically sampled point lights across an area... you can increase the Light Sampling in Display Options/Effects to help, and it looks ok when there is roughness. Diverging slightly but better shadows and light specular would greatly help GL renders.
  13. Sounds like the same thing as Shutter Shape- add it via the Edit Parameter Interface.
  14. Thanks a lot! <3
  15. Is this compatible with H16 or only 13?
  16. I will definitely go for more RAM, thanks for that Advise. I have mainly been using houdini for Rigid Body Sims. So that speculation that AMD support for Open CL 2 is better than nVidia false, or doesn't apply to Houdini? As I am looking for a good overall machine that also does well the Maya, Realflow, AE etc. Thanks
  17. If you are spending two thousand bucks makes sure you get more than 32GB. That is entry level for Houdini work. To do more complex fluids you will want at least 64GB. Get an nVidia graphics card, not AMD.
  18. If you go to the actual vimeo page of the presentation video some students provided feedback for the course. https://vimeo.com/194219623
  19. I am thinking of getting a new computer for my freelance work, I am thinking of getting Ryzen 1700X + RX 480 + 32GB RAM on 2000$ budget, I have heard that AMD has better Open CL support than nVidia. I am still a little new on how Houdini uses the hardware, I tweeted to companies who develop, Real Flow & Pf Track, they recommended getting a card with better Open CL support. I am also into video editing and motion graphics, ( 2D stuff), so for that I have been using my 2011 Macbook Pro, Its given me a fairly good performance, and that's what I have been using to learn houdini, its given me a decent performance so far. Macs were horrible for using Houdini 11 to 13, but since 14 I have seen it has become more stable on Macs, sadly Apple no longer makes computers.
  20. No idea if there is some other method, but you can do it in your shaders.. on the Global variables in SHOP and MAT contexts there is a variable called "Time". It's not the global timeline position, but the shading time (from beginning to the end of the shutter). For example if you want to tint the front of your motion blur blue and the end red, this is where you get your bias from. You could use that to manipulate opacity (with all the unfortunate side effects this has).
  21. Hmm, area lights look a bunch of point lights, even in this mode. Is it possible to visualise them as reflections in this mode instead perhaps?
  22. how to create the effect where the trail created by motion blur is faded off instead of being solid through out. in renderman it's achieved with shutter effects, but i could not find anything similar in mantra. Please help.
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  24. Thank you! I was able to fix most of my problems. Now that I'm trying to render, it won't render the fur, it only makes the body a gloss look. do you know why?
  25. The slick snippet copies primitives N times working in Primitive mode. This is faster than copying connected geometry when operating on Detail level: 3.5 vs 4.5 seconds for 500 Pigheads. But if you use Fuse after that, you will wait another 13 seconds. Not a big deal, but you can fuse something that shouldn't be fused, like, neighboring bricks ideally aligned with each other, or disconnected points which wasn't fused intentionally. And Copy and Transform node did whole stuff for 0.5s, 7 to 9 times faster than VEX! On real task, you may want to copy some attributes on the copies. You will have to keep track of entity numbers, manipulating arrays of integers and managing counter variables. It can be painful and hard to debug. Computing copy transformations will grow quickly too. If you don't generate something (see a good example of such generator asset), I see no reason to duplicate geometry with VEX, it's slower, more difficult, and more limited than using Copy when possible.
  26. thx f1480187 for the effort, but seems a bit overkill to me. Konstantin over at Sesi-Forum provided me with a much slicker version. vector offset = chv("offset"); int copies = chi("Copies"); int prim_pts[] = primpoints(0, @primnum); for (int i = 0; i < copies; i++) { int add_prim = addprim(0, "poly"); foreach(int pt; prim_pts) { vector pt_pos = point(0, "P", pt); vector offset_Mult = offset * (i + 1); int add_pt = addpoint(0, pt_pos + offset_Mult); addvertex(0, add_prim, add_pt); } } but yes i think doing all that create prim, foreach point in prim - create points, create vertex , is maybe a bit much when it comes to bigger scenes.
  27. Thanks Matt, I hadn't tried the coving setting, nice catch! I'll go ahead and submit it as a bug. Cheers, Dan
  28. answer = [https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/43757/?page=1#post-196028] Hi, On Houdini 16, I create a new file, create a simple pyro simulation (e.g. Flames from the tool shelf), then when I render the result, the fire would have very low alpha?! meaning, when I compose this produced image on any background, I barely see the fire (bc alpha of the fire is close to 0), plz see attached. I never had this problem on Houdini 15.5? I've use couple material shaders (flames and fireball) but both give the same result? Another question: In Houdini 15.5, there was a tap to create a rendering pass for Alpha channel in Pyro Shader (it was a checkbox for smoke alpha and one for fire alpha, if you click them you will get alpha masks for smoke/fire stored in the exr file), this tap is gone?! How to do the same thing in Houdini 16? Your help is very appreciated transparent_fire.hiplc
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