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  2. Hi, Is it still impossible to make instance load from the drive? It seems that we still have to point on geo containers under /obj/.
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  4. Hey, Im trying to have a pop force act only inside a boundin box and with a soft fall off, is this possible? I've tried to make it with a uniform force and a mask from a sop scalar field, from a volume, but I can't seem to get it to have a smooth falloff? Cheers
  5. boolean

    okay, thank you for your help
  6. Either increase substeps or play around with motion blur on fluid source node, or emit not from geo but points. make some quick pop sim, so you have trail and then use that as fluid source. (if your problem is stepping)
  7. Hello, I have done another disintegration effect on a sphere, that I need for the end of my animation for university. I have alembic cached out a girl from Maya. It only has subtle animation on it. The girl geometry needs to be swapped with the sphere so the effect is applied. I have attached a file with the cache's in it but without my attempt at swapping the geometry as it crashes Houdini. The animation starts at frame 2670 Thank you! disintergration_ballet_007.hipnc END_Death_camera.fbx End_death.abc
  8. Hi! I have the same question. How can I get HDA position or position where it will be created in OnCreated Event? kwargs['node'].position() returns [0, 0] as expected.
  9. ah, yes, cdiv is missing. might be worth an RFE!
  10. Thank you! Here are some new projects I haven't shared in here yet.
  11. Hello everyone! So I've seen this vid and was wondering how to create it. I'm able to do it with grains and the targetP. The problem with grains is that it only supports spherical objs. Is there a way of doing this with RBD or bullted packed prims ? Thank you in advance
  12. Hello everyone! So I've seen this vid and was wondering how to create it. I'm able to do it with grains and the targetP. The problem with grains is that it only supports spherical objs. Is there a way of doing this with RBD or bullted packed prims ? Thank you in advance
  13. Hi everyone, Here's a weird one: I am trying to use the crowdsource to copy a simple agent animation on a point sim. It is basically a swarm test. Now the problem is that when I try to render my agents they render as boxes. So far I have done a couple days of research but I didn't seem to be able to find a solution or anybody with my same issue. The simple answer that I gave to myself was "use the copy sop with some timewarp stamping for each point" but the copy sop gets too heavy to quickly. Does anybody have an idea of what am I doing wrong? I have attached a zip file with the hip and the fbx of the bee animation. Thanks for your help! bees_test.zip
  14. Really awesome stuff, thanks for sharing!
  15. Really awesome!
  16. MPC Advertising London are currently looking for a number of talented and experienced Houdini FX Artists for short-term contracts in May and June. Please get in touch if you are available or can recommend someone who is Email advertising@mpc.jobs Or apply through our website here - http://smrtr.io/XXya0A
  17. Hehe cool, makes me proud to see it´s of any use!
  18. Thanks Konstantin, it seems to work well for spaceship parts. Now I can finally paint my ships in Mari!
  19. I tried a similar thing a while back, its a fair amount of script to position the uv projections on each side of the box Hope it helps
  20. I had the same problem as sandford, so I wasn't even sure what to look for. So thanks for the new files. I'll have a look at it tonight if it hasn't been solved till then.
  21. @sandford The effect use to work starting at frame 1 but since I changed the starting frame and added in the alembic its stopped working. I'll attach the original file before I made changes and added in the alembic Thank you! infect_point05.hipnc
  22. I'm doing this multisolver setup with a pop solver emitting packed rbd objects. The problem is after the first collision the collision shape and the object aren't oriented in the same way anymore. I've got no errors as far as I can see. Is this setup wrong/bad? Regards, coins_rbd_pops_v001_fubar.hip
  23. Make a static version of your hand geo at origin and do your effect on that, and transfer it to the animated geo with a point deform node? I opened your file last night and it wasn't even working after importing your alembic, I'll maybe try again later.
  24. @3dome Hello, I didn't path one of the files correctly! Sorry! The simulation shows random bits of smoke appearing and vanishing? I need the arm to be smoke already and then disintegrate from the hand up. I've attached what the simulation looked like before. Thank you! disintergration.mp4
  25. Hey LaidLawFX, thank you for your detailed explanation got it now !
  26. Hi there, I would like to bake all the textures of my game assets for use in Unity where the smoothness is baked into the metal map alpha channel. I cannot see from the Bake Textures ROP node how to do this? Do I need to create/use a non-standard shader for this? Here is the test geo from Houdini (note rough blue material): and this is what it looks like in Unity (note shiny blue material): Here is the project. I am using Houdini Indie 16.0.578 under Windows 10.
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