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  2. FLIP - Slip on Collision Control Field

    have u any hip file for learn.................
  3. FLIP - Slip on Collision Control Field

    You should create that field in sop and import to dop
  4. wire glue constraint weird behavior

    Wire constraints working point to point. It's mean two constraint point should be at the same place.
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  6. ok @Ellyfish, I know where you gone wrong... You were on the right track all along...ie. simply resample with even Y segsments....but you forgot one tiny detail....and that is to untick the Resample by Polygon Edge. Once you do that...all you need is.........nothing else... (space+4 in viewport to go to Right view, then dial in to your heart's content the number of segments...they remain even....space+1 to go back to perps) evenspacedY3.hipnc
  7. wire glue constraint weird behavior

    hello everyone , I have a problem with wire glue constraint win I start a sim glue constraint start to snapping in another location here a example video https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QYKIlVjGrjxYin-L4kMZef0xu6lBO_2J
  8. Why is it so

    why is it so ? the groupexpression can work out the normals just fine, why can't the delete using the same expression ? The delete needs a helping hand with the normal initializatiion... but groupexpression doesn't...hmmm faceNormals.hipnc
  9. Finding Same piece at @name

    here's how to check visually with colors...ie. separate pieces with same name would get same color for inspection... You'll need my convert suffix HDA... but can be done without if you are a master wrangler... vu_showclashes.hipnc
  10. Finding Same piece at @name

    yeah but...for a fragment that has say 10 faces/prims....they are all named piece123...so without even checking anything, you already know they have the same name...which is NOT a clash coz they're physically from the same piece...
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  12. Banana Joe limbs

    Question, I'm trying to make a cartoon character with curved arms. The same like Banana Joe in Amazing World of Gumball. In this tutorial for 4CD, they control the NURBS CURVE with the Joint Tool. I thinks this really smart when you want to animated a walk cycle using joints, but still having cartoon spaghetti like limbs. In Houdini I can't control the NURBS Curve with the Joints Tool, because the NURBS CURVE works only in the Geometry note and the Joint Tool not. I tried to extract the Joint Transformation (copy parameters) to control every point position of the NURBS Curve, but this does not work, because Joints are children and children don't show any change in value, when they are animated. I'm super tired, so maybe I'm over looking something really simple. So if you can help please drop a comment.
  13. Hey! I have a low poly model and the shadows being cast don't look right. I only have this problem with mantra, when I render it with V-Ray in Maya I don't see the same problem. I tried adjusting the raytracing bias, but that did not fix it. The first picture is the mantra render, the second is from Maya. Any ideas on what causes this? (i dont want to subdivide the geo) thanks: ) shadow.hipnc
  14. ahhhh....stuff it, I'll line it up so it works whereever the curve is....not too hard... evenspacedY2.hipnc
  15. bit late to the party....but wasn't that hard... You control how many 'segments' you want in the copy node. (haven't bothered to line up the cutters with the bottom of the curve, I assume it starts at 0....but I'm sure you can adjust this if your curve doesn't start at origin...this is just a proof of concept) evenspacedY.hipnc
  16. Perfect! The clip node was definitely what I needed. Yours starts the clip at 0 and progresses up by distance instead of number of segments, but it was easy enough to change it to fit what I needed. Thank you!
  17. Use point colour for Emission

    You can use the "emitcolor" attribute in the priniciple shader, just copy the values of the point color to emitcolor. One way is to use a point wrangle with v@emitcolor = @Cd;
  18. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    I have a similar setup that is working fine. I have the Ryzen 1700x with two 1070 running on an AsRock board. I am still using native cooling. The 1080s do require more power but I would think 1200W would be enough. Most modern GPUs vent via the back of the case, not into the case. So the 2mm distance between the two card should not matter that much.
  19. Problem with Group Combine

    Seems did the trick.
  20. Hey Ellyfish! I think I have a solution for ya! First I grouped the original points to delete later, then got the max Y by attrib promoting to detail. The bulk of the work is happening in the loop, where I use the clip sop linked to the iteration of the loop to make the evenly spaced points. The # of iterations is controlled by the max Y / clip distance. Finish up by deleting the old points. I hope this is what you were looking for! curveYslice.hip (The exact shape of the original curve isn't preserved as we're blasting those points away, if you want to keep that shape just omit that part)
  21. Hello guys. So, I'm feeling really dumb here. I have two edge groups, tear and tear_poly. All I need to do is to create a third group with the intersection of the first two. But I dunno why, nothing is happening. I'm doing a simple setup for cloth tearing using edgecusp sop. I already did it before, and it works like a charm, but I dunno why, the group intersection is not working I will put the hipfile and the original geometry to download, with a brief video showing the problem. Any thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oDvBQ5AWcs&feature=youtu.be cloth_honda.rar
  22. oil and water mix

    Different density's is the way to go. What didn't work for you?
  23. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Anybody out there who is running the x399 with two GPUs and the Ryzen CPU? I'm considering to build a new system, but read on one store's forum that one person didn't have any luck to run the x399 with two 1080 ti. His psu delivers 1200W. Is this only his very personal problem or could this be a more common thing? Didn't find any videos or image so far with this configuration. Also wonder what kind of gap would be between the GPUs. I guess if there's only a 2mm slit between them a "blower" cooling would be the only solution. What kind of cooling for the GPUs would you recommend? Never owned a card with two or three fans blowing the air just onto the GPU. Always chose the ones which blow out the air out of the back of the case. Watercooling is not my favourite method...
  24. I got a quasi-solution by scaling everything up along the Y axis by 100, snapping to points, then scaling back down. It's not perfect but it works within a tolerance.
  25. volume trails from wings

    tks man ! I will have alook.
  26. volume trails from wings

    I took a look at your file. You are close. What I did was select faces from the wing tips, instead of copying spheres to points. This way the actual wing geometry is used to generate the density. ap_volume_trail.hiplc
  27. Copy & Paste Relative References

    You can switch expression language to Python and try one of this: 'Test: %g' % ch('../geo1/null1/test') 'Test: %.5f' % ch('../geo1/null1/test')
  28. HDA | MatrixDisplay

    Houdini Digital Asset to visualize arrays of matrices attributes. https://www.orbolt.com/asset/prb::MatrixDisplay::1.0 Cheers
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