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  2. There is no copy/paste event, which is lame, I RFE that a while ago, but you can workaround this with OnNameChanged event. Print the kwargs args and see the difference between duplicating a node and just renaming, it's a little bit tricky though. I don't have a code with me now.
  3. This guy had a Houdini course before on CG Society but when people started calling him out in the middle of the program, he got kicked out and another person started teaching where he left off.
  4. The guy dosent even teach Houdini,the course its around Fume and Max.Love the endless web page.
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  6. This is great guys, thank you, really helps !
  7. Hello everyone! I am new user to this forum. I used PBR to render a simple glass object, however the corner of the object shows some pure black artifact. How can I fix it ? I changed some settings and do some experiments, I tried to increase the limit of reflection and refraction, increase the overall sampling quality, change the Allowable Paths to All Paths, but none of them fix the problem. Is it a common problem of PBR rendering or did I miss something ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Petz Could you briefly explain your Rotate expressions?
  9. Yesterday
  10. my guess is by default, it's randomizing Cd which is vec4:rgb and alpha ? No I don't know about that Middle Value thing (probably specific to Cauchy Lorentz) You could have just used the default randomizing Cd...then later do Cd.r x 360 but the sample setup. I've just used 1 dimension for orient (just a number from 0 to 360) hence the 1st entry is set to max 360...then later on...I used it directly instead of a 'multiply' RandomOrient.hipnc
  11. I am trying to use the Attribute randomize to randomize just one value, rotation around z axis. But even after reading the documentation am confused. What is meant by 4 dimensions? What exact parameter would I use for Middle Value Attribute? When using 4 dimensions in the spreadsheet I see orient[0] orient[1] orient[2] orient[3]
  12. aha...just found out a way for the non-coders...
  13. Hello, Interesting... I have the same problem (H 16.0.600). Mantra freezes rendering. I have two scenes based on GEO + Particles + EnvLight+Arealight and Mantra (PBR). It freezes randomly, sometime on 100 frame, sometime on 259 frame. But if I restart the rendering the problems with this frames disappears until it freezes somewhere else. I can make the test and provide the scene file (it's difficult to report a bug while you can't catch it...) P.S. I would like to test your scene too but I can't start the rendering, there are some missing files OBJ.
  14. interesting - the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 is terrible on MacOS.
  15. gee thanks. The weird thing is it is only bad with cheap mice. IT's not a problem with my Logitech MX Master for some reason.
  16. Using a Wacom will avoid the issue.
  17. Bumping this - driving me mad too!
  18. The main thing you can learn from these types of things is the art of self promotion
  19. You're not meant to retain knowledge, that's why things are written down. You're just meant to learn the framework of things.
  20. Been trying to tackle an effect, here is the effect .
  21. Very cool. Thanks for these responses. There goes another weekend:)
  22. You can also convert the volume to vdb and use de smooth vdb node, where you can plug a mask for the blur effect (the mask should also be a vdb volume).
  23. Thanks! Surprised there doesn't seem to be an HScript global that does this like $OS for the current node name, Would be extremely useful why applying custom shaders to many objects, for example
  24. I think you can use the opname expression for this. As you want it in a string, you need to put the expression in back ticks. For example this will give you the name if the node you are currently inside 'opname("..")'
  25. After watching hundreds of hours of tutorials the past couple years its a bit disconcerting to realize how little I've retained. There has to be a better way! So I'm asking the Houdini community, what are your tips, strategies etc for REALLY learning new techniques in Houdini? Try to avoid shelf tools? Master SOPs before DOPs? Give yourself personal projects? Read the official SESI documentation? Any specific podcasts, blogs, courses or instructors?
  26. Try to modify the code with this: int newpt = addpoint(0, @P); setpointgroup(0, "asdf", newpt, true); add_point_set_group.hipnc
  27. I'm sure I've come across the answer before but have googled quite a bit and searched thru the documentation and can't find anything What is the parameter or syntax that returns the name of the current parent node? ie In the following I need to replace <name of parent node> with a variable that actually returns the parent node's name. I assume it begins with $ $HIP/../obj/LowPoly_leaves_pack/Textures/<name of parent node>/<name of parent node>_DIFF.png
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