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  2. Last one I spam, RFE filled. https://streamable.com/gat8c
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  4. Particle Driven Wave Simulation

    Hi guys, I was following along a tutorial and wanted to implement the VOP's I got into VEX but for some reason I cant sort this bug out. This is inside an attribute wrangle after pop collision: vector center, newVect, Cd1; if(1==0){ //@P.y = noise(@P); }else{ for(int i = 0; i<chi("Ripples"); i++){ Cd1 = @Cd; vector PTemp = @P; offset = @Time; freq = ch("Frequency"); ampli = ch("Amplitude"); center = @hitpos; dist = distance(PTemp, center); trig = ampli * sin(dist * freq + offset); if(@Cd=={1,0,0}){ newVect = setcomp(PTemp, trig, 1); fVal = getcomp(@Cd, 0); //@P.y = lerp(@P, newVect, fVal); //@P.y = blend; @P.y = lerp(PTemp, trig, fVal); @P.y*=i; } } } and this is what the attribute VOP created in CVRipplesPro.hipEX: // Code produced by: distance1 dist = distance(P1, hitpos); // Code produced by: input2 input21 = 12.699999999999999; // Code produced by: multiply1 product = dist * input21; // Code produced by: sine1 sine = vop_sin(product); // Code produced by: multiply2 product1 = input2 * sine; // Code produced by: vecsetcompon1 newvec = vop_setcomp(P1, product1, 1); // Code produced by: vecgetcompon1 fval = vop_getcomp(Cd1, 0); // Code produced by: mix1 #ifdef __vex blend = lerp(P1, newvec, fval); #else blend = mix(P1, newvec, fval); #endif // Code produced by: geometryvopoutput1 vector _P = blend; vector _v = vector(); vector _force = vector(); vector _Cd = vector(); vector _N = vector(); { // Code produced by: geometryvopoutput1/P P = _P; } }
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  6. Rendering light & shadow

    Unfortunately it does not work properly in my setup. (And also couldn't render your scene because of an error message.) I guess I'll have to find another method. Thanks again
  7. Peeling Effect Houdini 16

    You're a wizard! Thanks so much it appears originally all I needed was to fix my fit and turn off collisions and I would've been sailing
  8. FLIP / FEM - Mutual Interaction

    i saw this quite a while back ...its still repulsive lol anyhow can you share how you went about this? Is it literally some objects inside slowly trying to push their way out till the outer shape pops open? Then how was the fluid simulated too? overall totally gross - made my wife grimace unapprovingly - she hates the fact i cant stop twiddling with all this fem stuff lol! now i need to get the flip stuff going and grotty displacement sweaty renders going too for extra ew factor
  9. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    having a go with a simple scene - i dont have the slip scale from what i can see but got most of the other things - i've got two balls dropping in a flip tank - seems to work fairly well. I've had to play with viscosity on the water, and then the friction on the flip and the ball i think is helping a little. The water still seems quite thin so the viscosity may need to be amped up. i dont know if the simulation speed outside the dop would help either ? edit - playing with the flip solvers force scale seems to make the particles stick to the geo a bit more whilst still retaining the speed when they fall off the mesh.. can you imagine if someone did a big wiki with a ton of gifs showing this stuff and its various settings.. ...its gonna end up being me isn't it...
  10. no, $WEDGENUM have same problem on wired WEDGES, but with numbers... the result is 0,1,2,0,1,2...
  11. Hello, I was asking myself the same question few days ago. You can use $WEDGENUM, so it should work with a simple wedge setup, But I don't know if you link 2 wedge node together.
  12. Rendering light & shadow

    Hi, here's the same setup in H15.5.717 - light_shad_only_H15.5.zip
  13. Peeling Effect Houdini 16

    1. Disabled "Collide within object" in Collisions tab of the Cloth Object as it was taking too long to calculate. 2. Disabled the "Enable Fracturing" since the setup seems to be depending on the pintoanimation attribute to detach pieces. 3. Disabled "Tearing", same reason as #2. 4. I adjusted the Point Vop inside the Sop Solver. The Fit node inside is not set up correctly, the srcmax should be the one that is exposed to control the distance threshold from the animated Add Sop used to trigger detachment. * The Fit VOP, whenever connected to a Ramp Parameter, should ideally always have a destmin and destmax of 0, and 1 accordingly. * I forgot to re-attached the Turbnoise VOP. I detached it as I was just checking out the setup.. you may re-connect is as before for added variation. 5. Lastly, I adjusted the Add Sop point animation to just fit the temporary geometry the I created (the subdivided box with moving noise). I think that is all that I updated, plus the spelling correction you already found.
  14. FLIP Stick on Mesh

    man i need to get on h16 asap - so much cool stuff on it from what i can see! is this possible in 15.5?
  15. Re-timing Caches

    timeshift with key on channel is way to go! or you can use timeshift with a expression $F with a multiplier by a spare float parameters, it is easy to control if you not need exact frame control.
  16. Rendering light & shadow

    Thanks for the effort, Unfortunately I could not open your hip file with H15.5 but I tried to set this material up but no success so far. I'm not sure if the constant type is correct (or any other value)
  17. Hello guys! I'm trying to get different $WEDGE variable to filename, the problem is... my setup has 2 WEDGES wired, 1 linear values, other random, and each Wedge node have a unique wedge prefix.. when i call $WEDGE in file writer, or even on "Font" node, i see only first prefix on variable... what causes all subsequent random interactions overriding files on disk. same problem using $WEDGENUM on wired WEDGES the setup on OUT context is: WEDGE_Linear (prefix wedge_lin) | | WEDGE_Random (prefix wedge_rand) on $WEDGE call i see only: _wedge_lin_parm_0 _wedge_lin_parm_1 _wedge_lin_parm_2 _wedge_lin_parm_0 (this overwrite filenames) _wedge_lin_parm_1 (this overwrite filenames) _wedge_lin_parm_2 (this overwrite filenames) but i need unique concatenated names: _wedge_lin_parm_0__wedge_lin_rand_0 _wedge_lin_parm_1__wedge_lin_rand_0 _wedge_lin_parm_2__wedge_lin_rand_0 _wedge_lin_parm_0__wedge_lin_rand_1 _wedge_lin_parm_1__wedge_lin_rand_1 _wedge_lin_parm_2__wedge_lin_rand_1 Any ideas how to get a unique name for writing with WEDGES wired together?
  18. Peeling Effect Houdini 16

    Hey Galagast! I rerigged up my pieces of the file and it worked perfectly! I had changed the typo myself soon after posting. I didn't notice beforehand, however, other than that what did you change?
  19. I updated it a bit since you wanted to still have control for the thickness scale: Houdini 16.0.731 Indie - extrude_falloff_2b.zip
  20. Peeling Effect Houdini 16

    Hi I had a quick look at your scene.. I'm not really sure the setup is intended for actual peeling, it looks more like some sort of per-primitive-detachment setup. Inside the Sop Solver, a wrangle was setting the pintoanimation attribute, but it was misspelled. I also did a few tweaks to the scene because the original geometry (arm_anim) was not included in the hip file you posted. Is this close to what you were after? Houdini 16.0.731 Indie - shot_48_02_B.zip
  21. Hey thanks Jeff! that's a clever solution, the problem is that the extrusion is a little funky now, it doesn't extrude along normals since it's trying to interpolate points based on the color amount. hopefully there's an easier way to do it with Vex...
  22. It's a bit of a hack, but this might work: Houdini 16.0.731 Indie - extrude_falloff_2.zip I created two poly extrude states set to 0 and 1 thickness scale. Then use a wrangle to lerp the point positions based on the color.x amount.
  23. Rendering light & shadow

    I'm not sure if this is the proper way to do this. Only works with Raytracing. VIEWPORT: RENDER: MATERIAL: (for the ground object) FILE: Houdini 16.0.731 Indie - light_shad_only.zip
  24. Subdividing of skin mesh

    post a .hip and you might have more luck getting people to help you.
  25. Re-timing Caches

    alright, thanks, I will check this out
  26. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Thank you! updated the scores spreadsheet...
  27. Another example where multiple sources of @P and @Cd are interpolated. https://streamable.com/sbzod Cheers
  28. affect rbd object by pop wind in dops?

    oh I see! Thanks a lot Sepu!
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