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  2. snow falling from tree branch

    hey I need to put some snow on top of a tree branch - see attached image - and then after a shake of the branch the snow has to fall down I found some tutorials on how to place snow on top of objects but I'm not sure what's the best way to simulate the falling pieces any help would be great!cheers
  3. MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane

    Looks good! Maybe next time you could screen record your polymodeling, just to show that classic modeling can be done inside Houdini just as well. And perhaps also to convince people that are still too lazy to fully make the switch (like myself ).
  4. Today
  5. Hey Ben, some of these threads might lead you in the right direction: And just in case you plan to use particles as points to copy onto: I hope this helps!
  6. Hi Can anyone suggest some methods for being able to copy stamp a filecache node ( 10 frames, for example ) but then setting explicit frames for each copy ? for example , setting the frame to load based off point ID ( assuming there’s at least 10 points ) i dont want want to use multiple filecache nodes but rather copy it multiple times with different frame inputs thanks
  7. Stereoscopic cameras from scratch

    Stereo panos only really work if you look flat at the horizon. As you look straight down or straight up the left/right separation is broken, because the stereo shift you apply at the horizon can be seen at the poles as a 'twist'. Most stereo pano cameras allow you to fade out this twist at the poles, so essentially looking straight up and straight down the pano is mono. More info here, scroll down to 'pole merging': http://pedrofe.com/oculus-camera/
  8. Hey guys, I'm doing a blood seeping/absorbed on a tissue. Have done one with AttribWrangle & Solver based of a tutorial. The logic is a. points selection, b. blood starts to grow from selected points by choosing neighbors While it works with a point selection at the Solver StartFrame, I would like to improve the point selection step, with a dynamic selection like where a newer bullet[animated sphere] touching the surface should start spawning the blood. New to Solver & need your help on this. Thanks in Advance Arun bloodSeep_v01.hipnc
  9. MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane

    Looks pretty nice! I've always liked that particular plane design. Any chance of getting a shot with the wings swept back too?
  10. here's another one which is using rigid transformation similar to "extractTransform" but in sops. works also an geometries with points in arbitrary order as long as the pointcount is the same. if that's not the case you could try to use the file in this post: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/28907-wrapping-geo-like-wrap3/?tab=comments#comment-164108 hth. petz pc_match_001_1.hip
  11. MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane

    Low Poly MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane I made using Houdini 16. I made the High Poly, Low Poly, and UVs using Houdini 16. I baked material ID and high to low normal map using the Games Baker ROP. Additional Normal details like the panel lines were in Substance Painter. It was exported from Houdini to Unity. Let me know what you think. Render is from Substance Painter. Currently there is no glass shader for Substance Painter, that is assigned in Unity. Thanks. Waiting on screen shots in Unity. Will post as soon as I get them.
  12. Calculating / matching orientation

    Thanks @moneitor - That is exactly what I was trying to achieve, done in a way I would have not even thought about. I'll spend some time this evening/over the weekend going through it & trying to better understand the math that's going on in there. Plus some VOP stuff that's pretty new to me. Thanks for the annotations as well, they're always very helpful!
  13. Hey. There's no Sidefx support on this forum. You can report a bug here: https://sidefx.com/login/?next=/bugs/submit/ Thanks M
  14. Calculating / matching orientation

    I just tried another approach building the transformation matrix itself, the transform contains the transformation values of the set of points B pc_match_001.hip
  15. Cloth Simulation for Crowds

    Hi all, I am trying to get this working but I don't know enough Houdini to get a working scene. I have some agents, from the Stadium preset. I have used the python script from the jointPositions.hip to isolate the hand position of some of those agents. So, now I have 20 or so points waving around in space, where the agent's hands are. I want to loop through each of those points, adding a cloth object each time. Can that be done in a for-each loop? Thanks for any advice. stadiumPreset_v002.hipnc
  16. Calculating / matching orientation

    Essentially I am trying to access the results to whatever calculation(s) the 'extract transform' SOP does at object level... If anyone has any idea how to do that?
  17. Houdini FX Version 16.5.268 Platform: Windows 10.0.10586 Operating System: Windows 7 Professional x64 Qt Version: 5.6.1 Number of Cores: 32 Physical Memory: 63.93 GB Number of Screens: 1 Screen 0: 2560 x 1440 at 0,0 Work Area 0: 2560 x 1400 at 0,0 OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Renderer: GeForce GTX 980 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 378.66 OpenGL Shading Language: 4.50 NVIDIA Detected: NVidia Consumer 6144 MB 378.66.0.0 Instead of RGB handles pointing to the positive directions for each axis, Y is pointing towards negative Y, and Z is red and pointing towards negative Z
  18. Ahhh I see. That works much better, thanks! Just FYI, here is where I found the info about paths in the documentation: http://www.sidefx.com/ja/docs/hdk/_h_d_k__intro__creating_plugins.html#HDK_Intro_CreatingPlugins_HOUDINI_DSO_PATH
  19. Stereoscopic cameras from scratch

    Hi Matt, thank you very much for your answer, so no I can be more sure about my result. Only one question, if I can: what do you mean with "apart from the usual reducing stereo towards the top and bottom"? Do you do something about top and bottom part of the image? Thank you.
  20. Calculating / matching orientation

    Hey @jkunz07, That's great, and super lightweight. Thanks! However I'm still trying to calculate how to extract XYZ translate/rotate parameters from this process. Any ideas on that? i.e what XYZ translate/rotate is required to get from geo A > geo B. Being able to morph one to the other is v useful, but my poinclouds are *very* heavy, so being able to just apply a transform to the .fbx would be a lighter fix in this case, If I can get that data from a sample of 3 or 4 points. Thanks again!
  21. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    Another method of string concatenation is to use the format() function. name = "piece{0}".format(point.number())
  22. Calculating / matching orientation

    Here's something you can try using the blend pose CHOP pc_match_002.hip
  23. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I want all the hscript and expression scripts as listed in the help, to have the equivalent python hom version referenced next to them, perhaps an example script if something is just a few lines of code. Might as well have the vex one's too where applicable. Also maybe have the new hom/vex references point back at their old counterparts, too. I'm not saying depreciate expression and hscript at this point, but it is really test my googling skills when I want to find the equivalent python/vex version. Sometimes you have to do something silly in one language that may not be optimal in a certain case, but would simplify the whole operation otherwise, instead of you jumping in and out of multiple languages and context to do it.
  24. Glass rbd based on baked sim

    Let me rephrase what I mean - So you do your simulation of the Window frames - cache it out - take that and use it as deforming colliding geometry within your Glass Simulation and you can also constrain the glass to the collision window frames as you wanted - I think this should work (Although it maybe slower (or a lot slower) than more complex methods)
  25. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    Always go for 1 higher-end card over 2 mid-level cards. The compatibility issues and restrictions of SLI, not to mention the VRAM issue, only make 2 cards an option if you're pairing 2 top-end graphics cards together.
  26. Optical Mocap Solutions

    Hi Guys, I would like to know what would you recommand for optical mocap solutions. I need a solution that connect to IKinema LiveAction and UE4 so this restrict the choice between Vicon and Optitrack. If anyone has some xp with those system i would be happy to get some feedback. I just need a 5*5m capture area and the ability to capture fast movment I was hesitating between: - Vicon Vero 2.2 - OptiTrack Prime 17 Both looks to have good res / good price / fast FPS Thanks for your lights ! Cheers E
  27. Help With Speeding Up Render

    I'm taking a brief look now, but have limited time. This looks promising at best, and something I should know about anyway at worst
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