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  2. For houdini I think as much ram as possible is good. And if you want to do simulations, 2 TB HDD can be a bit low. I'd recommend at least 32GB ram and 6TB HDD.
  3. Can you share to us? Thanks!
  4. Use Performance Monitor for proper testing. It's a great profiling tool. Press "Record", make something to cook, then stop recording and inspect what was going there. It's very artist-friendly, you can learn it in five minutes. For quick looks, press MMB on any node and see Last Cook timer. For simple comparisons, I usually Merge nodes and make a non-critical change in common upstream node, like, rename it. So, all Merge's inputs will cook in same time and with similar conditions. For some reason, Houdini shows node' own cook times, which usually a fraction of milliseconds for non-atomic subnets and assets. You need to dive inside. For example, to see actual cook time of Wrangle, dive inside it and MMB on it's Attribute VOP node. Always make computationally heavy tests. Seconds or even minutes. Comparing milliseconds is prone to temporary anomalies and caching stuff. Also, it's good practice to do several tests with different conditions. Changing load in linear way can affect cook times in non-linear manner. By the way, sometimes drawing heavy geometry in viewport takes more time than actual cook. Performance Monitor shows viewport statistics too.
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  6. Yeah, as i said, i got the point. Its a waste of time and resources with not much flexibility. Its better to vex the point and use copys or instances. How do you measure all that performance, I dont belive you take a stopclock for that..?
  7. it seems, now in .557, I have to toggle Texture OFF to regain viewport performance, while in .540...I had both Texture/Material ON and it was still fast.
  8. Can you upload your file - if you 'freeze' the file node that geo will come with the .hip, if that's important
  9. hmm..ok thanks...I'll try to record a video soon... I simply installed .557 this morning, with no 'customisation' whatsoever...(pretty sure I did that for .540 awhile ago too)
  10. all fine on Linux, no problem with the Materials too.
  11. (Apprentice) has anyone noticed 16.0.557 has very sluggish viewport ? compared to .540 ? also, in .557 the Display materials on objects button no longer does anything..(toggle)
  12. Hello all, I'm on the Houdini special ed. bus after years in Maya. Attached is not pretty but after two days I've rolled all attempts back to a baseline. Illustrated I've got VDB tubes running through a body and VDB spheres denting the same VDB body. Simply I can't get both spheres and tubes to effect the body at once and control their smoothness independently. One or the other works perfectly on the body, not both at once. The end result is convertVDB to poly. Probably over complicating this, any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. tab key - "bind" then in the Name field - type "height" - then you'll need to expose the parameter on the RS_ColorCorrect- click the 3 little lines icon - then connect the output of bind to the Hue Shift parameter.
  14. not sure what I am doing . just started with Houdini recently . can you tell me how I could do that?
  15. Why do you use the @ symbol? You always need to import an attribute with a parameterVop.
  16. How can I use an attribute that I have created on a Detail level to drive a specific parameter in the SHOP network? Right now my Attribute create gives me a height attrib for this unit which = 180 and should make the hue shift turn my object blue... doesn't seem like it is working because it is still the red/purple color... any idea on how I can fix this ???
  17. Yea i've watched this a billion times and when he sets up the proxy animations he doesn't really explain the whole process that comprehensively. How do you get the geo to loop back into the FEM animation? Is there a way to animate my OG geo positioning and still utilize that as a cue for the import into the solid node? It seems like it should be so much easier and less steps than the program is having me do, I feel like it's super simple and I'm jumping through hoops.
  18. Hello I'm new here just trying to figure out how Erik Ferguson is doing these FEM solvers with these little tugs on his meshes like so/ Been trying to figure out for about a week and also trying to incorporate some rigged elements into same pipeline. Anyone have a clue? Everytime Import the Geo or trail into the solid node nothing happens or houdini crashes Thanks again.
  19. If you are into procedural modeling, I would highly recommend Anastasia series. https://gumroad.com/anopara
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  21. Then go through these, I'd say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTNrT-sAVu0&list=PLShEm1_z6_cyBOAKQSH2ck-enGSnovMjD http://www.gametutor.com/live/tutorials/houdini/
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  23. Hi! I have finally decided to start using Houdini. My computer is: - 16 Gb RAM - Nvidia GTX 460 - Intel i7-2600 3,4GHz - SSD 500 GB + HDD 2TB - Windows 10 - Monitor is running at 2560 x 1440 resolution, not sure if that can damage the perfomance I was thinking to upgrade the PC, buying 16Gb RAM, and maybe change the graphic card. But maybe I should buy a new computer and re-use the SSD.
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  25. For some reason I despise editing animation with value plots, like the Animation Editor, and much prefer using 1st and 2nd derivative graphs, like velocity and acceleration. Those can easily be viewed in chops, via the slopeChop, but is there a way to directly edit the handles of those created graphs? Looking for something like AfterFx's Speed Graph editor: Thanks!
  26. Yes, thank you for your answers. I have seen the replies in the video, but as Marty said, there is no critical feedback. I was hoping that anyone in the forums had done the course, or could recommend another one.
  27. @lukeiamyourfather I'm trying to figure out how the 128 PCI lanes help OpenCL and CUDA. Do you mean you can run more 16x GPU cards? thx!
  28. Sorry for the delay, i'm sure you resolved this already. I'm working for the firt time with bullet, and from the little i understood, you could just add an "active" attribute on the "border" pieces of your wall (as they are packed, each piece is just a point right?), and set this active attribute to 0; So they will stay in place, but as they are still glued to the other pieces, all your wall should stay in place.
  29. I don't think there is any OpenCL code in RBD or Bullet IIRC, yet. Houdini requires only OCL 1.2. Nvidia provide very nice OpenCL support as well as Cuda, which is great for Redshift and Octane.
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