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  2. orientation not matching

    ah of course. Thank @toadstorm
  3. orientation not matching

    The problem is that you're transforming the coins pre-pack using copy stamping. You want to use template point attributes so that the coins are all identical going into the copy SOP, and the transforms are defined entirely by the packed intrinsics.
  4. orientation not matching

    Hi guys. I have a simple sim with a tube which I steal the points from and want to instance another model onto those points. for some reason the orientation is not lining up. What am I overlooking here? shot_Coinery-Coinery_mod_Modeling_v0008_nocomment_jra_.hiplc
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  6. Help with Building my PC

    Thank you all for helping me out! You've given me a lot to think about. @lukeiamyourfather would you mind expanding on the advantages of the Xeon Scalable processors over the i9? From what I can tell the scalable processors support higher max memory. Is there anything else? Thanks again
  7. you seem to complicate things quite a bit... 01) the boolean should treat the cutting surfaces as.............SURFACES.....not solid 02) the boolean operation should simply be intersect...no need for any seams so if you keep it simple and logical as that...it 'just works' winding_polyextrude_simple.hipnc
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  9. Help with Building my PC

    That's a previous generation processor model. Unless you're getting a really good deal on it I'd pass and go with current generation models (Xeon Scalable Processors). The Core i9 series is limited to 128GB of memory which isn't enough for heavier scenes and simulations and it's limited to a single processor configurations. It's cheaper but I don't think the value is any better given the limitations. The i9 series is a good fit for some uses and not for others. Everything should have ECC memory and it's unfortunate that so many devices don't. It's marginally more expensive but it provides huge benefits. This blog post from James Hamilton sums it up much better than I could in a forum post (he's a Vice President and Distinguished Engineer on the Amazon Web Services team). https://perspectives.mvdirona.com/2009/10/you-really-do-need-ecc-memory/
  10. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

    if it is not sims or anything but to reference setups and be small in size as possible you do not need a $1,200 notebook. I have a $250 asus E200 that I travel with and keep on my desk on studio floor. I can open setups and do whatever you would assume. its .98kg (2.1 pounds) and 11'. I wouldn't worry about not being able to see the view port because of a GPU the vast majority of integrated graphics will support and as for a tablet well that's a completely different architecture..
  11. Baking Indirect Illumination

    Hi, The title says it all - it seems like it should be a very simple thing (or widely used at least) and yet after two evenings of trying and failing and googeling I'm nowhere closer to a solution. I want to bake the indirect illumination of a scene into a texture - which later I want to add to the diffuse channel to save some rendering time and cut the diffuse bounces. The Houdini help mentions baking indirect illumination, but in the "bake Texture" node there are no options on number of bounces like I have in a normal Mantra. I never see the effects in the generated map - there's only the direct lights - and when I extract just the indirect channel it's always pitch black. I tried using a gilight - but that also doesn't seem to work. I can use it fine rendering with a normal mantra (there I see it's effects with using a prerendered photon map that I load) but it has no effect on the baked texture. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Marco
  12. How to Stop Jittering Particles

    sometimes it happens if you use jitter in the source. Try uniform distribution of points
  13. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

    Razer are very compact and powerfull but noise + heat are invevitable if you want a 13-14 inch gaming laptop https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops MSI Phantom / Asus ROG / Gygabyte Aero are good series for compact laptop with good perf. I personnally love asus ROG serie because their cooling system design is great , ( few noise / few heat )
  14. So this is a focus related issue but haven't worked out a good callback to use. But have worked out a slightly dodgy solution. Instead of inheriting from QWebEngineView directly I inherit from QWidget and then add a QWebEngineView. I then listen for the timerEvent event on the python panel and call QWebEngineView.update() every 0.5 seconds. This works well but probably not the best solution.
  15. Emission from cached geo opposed to animated

    I believe I have had similar problem and I fixed it using time blend.
  16. CloudFX to Pyro

    If your scene file has cached geometry in it you need to either upload that file or lock the node, otherwise the scene is empty. I think its referencing a file on your desktop. Can't you justyour cloud it a pyro source but add no velocity. You can set source to copy so you density doesn't keep adding up over time. When ever you want your clouds to be dynamic just animate what ever velocity you want to turn on.
  17. Glue Constraint Gravity

    any news here or updates?
  18. Emission from cached geo opposed to animated

    Hey, It probably is due to lack of subframes on the animation.
  19. Hi I came across this older tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPupRqb58FE And I know you use the mcbiovision utility to convert to cmd and bclip files, but having problems running it There are 2 files, an mcbiovision script and a mcbiovision-bin binary. If I try simply double clicking the binary a terminal window opens for a fraction of a second, then closes. If instead I try running the script with $ sudo sh ./mcbiovision inputfile.bvh output I get errors ./mcbiovision: 14: ./mcbiovision: source: not found ./mcbiovision-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libjemalloc.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  20. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

    Hey, look at what MSI is doing on laptop workstations, with nvidia cards. I have one since 2015 and it is working like a charm. Hope this helps.
  21. Hi Sam, Polyextrude makes the extrusion, based on normals. Add the direction you want using a Point Sop, and inside Poly extrude choos Point Normal/Existing. sorry for my english. winding_polyextrude_01.hipnc
  22. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    @Noobini I found the bug; it's in Apply Attributes. It's incorrectly combining the existing group mask (group1) with `@mops_falloff>0` via a Python script, and it was doing it with bad syntax to boot. If you disable "Ignore zero falloff prims" it will work in the meantime. I'll have this fixed in the next build.
  23. Hello! I'm an advanced beginner in houdini and in cg at all. After 6 months learning i feel that i can help some beginners to start. Or we can just exchange information if you the same lvl as me (i know well sop/chop vex, cameras, lighting). For me it's a good possibility to consolidate my knowledge while explaining, and maybe improve my English lvl(if you English speaker of course:)) For you it's a possibility overcome the threshold faster or get new knowledge. Email me or add me in skype: 333robert3337@gmail.com
  24. Hey forum! I'm attempting to create a boolean/slicer function, where I can slice up the geometry of an object (https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/building-the-slicer-setup-in-houdini/ this sort of thing). However it seems that I'm having an issue with the way that the primitives are being 'winded' by the boolean operator. When I try and polyextrude the slices created by the 'boolean' they go up and down randomly rather than just 'up'. It seems that no vertex/point/primitive attribute is affecting the polyextrudes understanding of 'UP' - i've read its calculated from some kind of ordering of vertex? Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? I have attached a very minimal houdini file and an image of the problem. Thanks! <3 Sam winding_polyextrude.hip
  25. CloudFX to Pyro

    Hi i created an animated cloud with cloudfx and cloudnoise node. At a specific frame i want to switch to a pyro sim and use the exact same volume as a starting point/and source - to initiate an evolving cloud. (I applied on both the cloud material) Is it possible to append to the cloud the same resolution as the pyro sim and to have no glitches when playing the change from pure cloud sim to pyro sim. What do i have to consider - or what would be the workflow? Thank you for ur help testhip.hiplc
  26. VEX: get attribute values into an array

    If one wants to run it in Detail mode, one should indeed use the npoints(0) function that returns the number of points of the first stream of geo incoming in the Wrangle node. That being said, I don't see the point of running that code on Points, as it basically process the same thing npoints times :-)
  27. VEX: get attribute values into an array

    Do you run this wrangle in Detail Mode ? I'm pretty sure not if you can access to the @ptnum variable...
  28. Hi!! I have subdivided the primitives of an icosaedron. What I want is for each primitive, to select a random number of subdivisions (the small black triangles) , extrude them and control their density with an attribute. How can I do that?? POPULATION -HAPPINESS.hipnc
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