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  2. Juraj's playground

    New Houdini tip: Using HOU module in Visual Studio Code. https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/houdini-tip-using-hou-module-in-visual-studio-code
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  4. Exporting options for Indie users

    Thanks. Yes, apparently you are correct. Was mislead by the error message generated
  5. spray particles acting weird

    Yea, I have just been messing around with depth and iso surface, only thing that seems to fix it.
  6. spray particles acting weird

    I don't know what kind of look you are going for doing a whitewater setup with a flip sim like this but, if you want to get it working you are gonna have to mess with the Depth and iso surface values under the foam tab of the whitewater solver. The Iso surface value will expand the surface field if you go positive values (something like .05 would probably work in your case).
  7. houdini non-circular gear (no teeth)

    Thanks for sharing, Guu!
  8. Flip fluid fill

    the problem is with your collision geometry. on the first extrude node you need to turn on output back. if you look at the cylinder the bottom is open. After fixing that it worked for me.
  9. Pyro velocity field question

    Similarly, you can also scale velocity on your source volume node inside your DOP net.
  10. Thank you Konstantin, I will take a look to it. Naim.
  11. Flip fluid fill

    Sure flipfilltest.hipnc
  12. Exporting options for Indie users

    There are no FBX export for NC - Noncommercial (Apprentice). As the chart you link to says, you can export from indie.
  13. Hi Am I correct in assuming that NO FBX export options exist for Indie users? Is there any other way to export an animated mesh without having to purchase a full FX license? There is no mention of export limitations under the feature comparison chart for File Formats https://www.sidefx.com/filmtv/compare/
  14. Flip fluid fill

    could you post your scene?
  15. Flip fluid fill

    Hi! Why flip fluids filling container volume normally, but with geo static object (volume or surface method used) dissapears? I tweaked particle separation, collission separation with no gain.. flip.mp4
  16. All FEM scenes broken in 16.5?

    Still can't understand how it was working with "targetv" for you. Share an example.
  17. I'm trying to create a shelf tool that needs to select a single primitive in the scene. If I activate my shelf tool while I'm already in primitive selection mode, it works, but I'd like to force the selection method to use primitive selection. I've tried looking at the documentation for sceneViewer: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/SceneViewer.html I think the key might be the setPickGeometryType function, but the documentation doesn't have a good indication of what I should feed it. Has anyone worked with these view options before? Any help is much appreciated
  18. spray particles acting weird

    Hi, In my flip sim, I used the white water shelf tool to add foam, spray, and bubbles to my sim. The foam and the bubbles are functioning as I would expect, but the spray has strange behavior. It seems to be confused to as to whether or not a particle should be foam or spray. This results in spray particles getting stuck and not moving for a bit. When the particles become spray, they go from white to green. The faulty particles go from white to green, then back to white and back to green. It looks like they pile up against the floor (starting around frame 30), as show in the photo. I saw that someone had the same problem here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45041/?page=1#post-201381 The fix the guy posted at the bottom did not work for me. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks spray.hipnc
  19. ? Radeon Rx 580 8gb ?

    It will work fine. Any modern gaming card will work fine.
  20. All FEM scenes broken in 16.5?

    Thanks, Luke. But sometimes the know how from yesterday needs to incorportated in today's scene. Point is, I need to find an alternative for the stuff I need to do. If targetv doesn't work anymore, than SESI should come up with a page and document why this is so and what workflow replaces the former one. Right now it seems I can save myself with targetP, but not knowing what's going on disables you in recreating your workflow properly.
  21. All FEM scenes broken in 16.5?

  22. best way to model this texture

    Here is a start: leather.hipnc
  23. Python Question

    If you print an object in Python it'll show human readable text describing the object. The text you see isn't comprehensive and the data of the object often isn't human readable. There are lots of things you can do with the object. See the Houdini documentation for more details. Reference for the hou module - http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/index.html Reference for hou.Node - http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Node.html You probably want the relativePathTo method shown on the hou.Node reference page. If you're new to Python and/or object oriented programming I suggest checking out more generic Python training material along with these Houdini references.
  24. All FEM scenes broken in 16.5?

    Major releases have changes that break reverse compatibility. Especially on parts of the software being actively developed. If you need to work with scenes created in older versions the best thing to do is install that older version and work there.
  25. Hi guys, I need some help, i'm looking for the parametric way to model this kind of texture. Can Someone point me in the right direction. Thank you for your time. Naim
  26. Shortcut - run script in network view

    Most owesome, big thanks
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