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  2. Add Name Attribute Via Python

    Thanks alottttt.
  3. I'm trying to understand how loops and Foreach works, but need some help on how to iterate over primitives with different offsets and angles in my cuts. Here is an image I found online to explain what I want to do...or something similar. 1. Use clip to cut a primitive once 2. Loop over the new primitives and cut again, but at different positions and angles.
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  5. Memory speed, DDR4 2666 vs DDR4 3466

    Gain is here but minimal. Unlimited budget ? Go for it.
  6. Apologize I don't have anything handy at the moment. The test I did is at work . The setup is quite simple though. I don't have any complicated graph Just few nodes because Pop Grains alone itself does the trick. I made a small geometry patch on the ground plane. Then used pointsFromVolume & Added another AttrWrangle node for randomizing pscale & mass. f@pscale = chramp("pscale", rand(i@ptnum)) * 0.015; f@mass = f@pscale / 0.55; These points were fed to Pop Network as First Source Input. Now inside the Pop you put a Pop Grain Node. The settings for PopGrain to imitate Foam behaviour are : Particle Separation : 0.05 Constraint Iterations : 60 Behaviour Friction : With Colliders : 0.2 With Particles : 0.1 Accurate Friction Checked Static Threshold : 0.5 Scale Kinetic : 4.5 Internal Collision : Weight : 1 Stiffness : 1 Enable Mass Shocking Scale = Local Shock Scaling Power = 100 & Shock Axis : 0 1 0 Clumping : Weight : 2 Stiffness : 0.5 Explicit Constraints : Weight : 0 Stiffness : 100 Target Pins : Weight : 1 Stiffness : 0.5 SOLVER SETTINGS : Max Neighbors : 35 Neighbor Query Scale : 2.75 Max Accelaration : 5 Velcoity belnd : 5 Over Rlaxation : 2 & Open CL is checked ON Just by these settings it should give you the foam behaviour & clumpiness. Add the ground as static collider. I also Added a bit of Gravity : -9.80665 * 0.3 & Pop Wind : // Pass Through wind = wind; airresist = smooth(0, 1, fit(v@P.y, .02, .22, 0, 1)); Amplitude : 0.25 , Swirl Size : 0.5 , Pulse Length : 20.. Just by these few nodes..you might get the foam behaviour. Reference :
  7. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    1.- A BETTER DOCUMENTATION have you seen the new docs? some nodes only have 2 poor lines of explanation. 2.- FAST INDIRECT ILLUMINATION WITHOUT NOISE the great weakness of houdini is not organic modeling neither animation, the great weakness of houdini is rendering second bounces and indirect illumination, we shouldnt go to redshift for a decent FAST render WITHOUT noise
  8. Hi, during the work with my maya alembic reader, I discovered a problem with alembic files written by houdini. Obviously Houdini exports an additional point geometry together with my mesh. If I load the alembic in Maya, I get a mesh shape and a particle shape. In houdini I can see two packed objects in the alembic sop. This only happens in certain situations. e.g. if I create a box and deform it, only one packed object is created in the alebic export. Only if I export my flip mesh an additional packed point geometry is exported and I get a warning in the exporter: "Renaming node to /geo1/file3_1 to resolve collision". Does anyone know what's going on here? It seems not to be a new phenomenon, it happens the same way with H16.
  9. Detection of open and closed surfaces

    Always glad to be of help! Cheers!
  10. Maybe try renaming the "agents" subdir to something else, like "agents_bak", or removing it (it's in the same dir as your hip file). It sounds like one of the cached agent files is causing the crash.
  11. Considering this mobo upgrade https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/product/pgDzK8/asus-rog-rampage-vi-apex-eatx-lga2066-motherboard-rog-rampage-vi-apex to marry with a i9 7900x HUGE variety of 16GB simms to choose from Should I save a couple hundred 4 and go with slower DDR4 2666? Or with this CPU will I notice any performance increase with faster RAM?
  12. System Upgrade Thoughts

    From what i had read, you have a better cooling with the new noctua NH-U14s TR4 than watercooling (i don't remenber the brand). I know it sound weird...but i saw different temp benchmark who confirm this. The only down side is the Noctua coolers are beast...you can loose one PCIe port because of the size according to the motherboard you use. Second thing i can't remove from my head is : a compagny where i'm working sometime trash 4 Titan with a leaking watercooling system after 6 months.... Was using Noctua cooling system in a previous setup and i'm really happy with and silent is a important thing to me. You should maybe take a look on it.
  13. Juraj's playground

    Compiling C++ OpenVDB Hello World example using Houdini precompiled libraries on Linux - a quick guide, might be useful to somebody
  14. Detection of open and closed surfaces

    It works great, but ofc, you know that. Big Thanks galagast! This helped me a lot as i am still picking up on Houdini and learning things. Cheers!
  15. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Honestly, I couldn't been happier with my TR choice. It was obviously a huge leap from 2600K which is a glorified file server and render manager now. But with my TR I can render and do comp at the same time whooaaat. It's not the fastest CPU out there but for it's price range it's the damn best IMHO. For an fx td
  16. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Performance comes at a cost! And not talking just dollars. Anyone else examine the power requirements of these guys? Even at idle the TR is pulling around 100W, and on peak load both are drawing in the 200-250W range. Go ahead and OC the 7980xe to 4.3ghz and you're going to see almost 500W...thats INSANE! If AMD or Intel were to come out with 'power efficient' versions of these that were maybe 90% as powerful, but only required half the power...that is something I would throw my $ at!
  17. How to create a custom deep channel

    The default Pz pass will give you this information
  18. Thank you for your input. I finally had time to implement your feedback and it worked out really well.
  19. System Upgrade Thoughts

    Im guessing your liquid/water cooler is for when you plan to overclock? seeing as your temp's are reasonable with a stock cooler
  20. System Upgrade Thoughts

    I have indeed. I decided to go for the 7900x. I chose it because it seemed to be a good all rounder (which I can confirm it is), the stability/compatibility concerns with TR, and because I was able to save $150 and put that money towards more ram. So far it's crushed everything I've thrown at it (Mostly just Houdini stuff so far), and it runs at cool 75 - 80 degrees under load (stock speeds with a Hyper 212 EVO). Other than that, 32gb ram, 980ti, Liquid Cooler (when it arrives), and regular hard drive for Main Storage
  21. Hi all,I wonder is anyone else is having the problem I am experiencing:I have a simple crowd sim: 1. I have one agent defined from a FBX. The agent is generated in a different hip file and baked out. In my simulation scene, I am accessing the agent from ‘disk’2. I plug this agent into the crowd source node.3. I simulate my crowd source, using the shelf tool. All good so far.4. I have some geometry (waving flag) saved out as a bgeo sequence, which is brought into my crowd system as packed primitive sequence. It is then attached to my simulated agent with the Agent Relationship node.5. I save the scene.6. When I press play or try to cache out my geometry, I get ‘segmentation fault’, Houdini bombs out and I can not load my scene any more. Not only that, I cannot load the backup scene or even any other scenes I have ‘saved_as’ along the way. As soon as I try to load a hip file, I get a segmentation fault again and Houdini bombs out. Weird.I have remade my agent (with new name) from scratch and remade my simulation scene multiple times and this crash keeps happening.Has anyone seen this kind of problem? What can I do to recover my hip scenes
  22. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Thing to consider. Here in Europe, 1950x just get 20% price drop. It's 799,90€ instead of 999€. Dont know if it's a discount for the Black Friday stuff only or something who's gonna stay. I'm looking threads and benchmark about TR and I9 since 1 month. Still can't say the one is the best as results are differents from the task. With this price drop TR looks like the perfect deal for freelancer. Always in the blue team since almost 20 years..I'm think i'm gonna switch now for the next 5 years. If you see anything who's bugging you in this setup please tell me...i'm gonna push this order button soon. :-) Rest in peace my good old overcloked i2600k.
  23. Any chance to have a sample file to give it a try?
  24. Cloth attach constraint jump

    Simple way scale it down after sim. If you want sim in new scale you need to change all params inside dop, because it depends from scale...
  25. Deform Groom curve stretching

    Hey Ray, I had the same problem actually. I had wire simulation and collision with vdb. Didn't solve it really, but if you'll try to use 'ray intersect' as a collision method increase substeps check scene scale and all parameters. it could work
  26. Procedural robots

    Hey Ezequiel, really cool looking designs and thanks for sharing a bit of your process in the video. Very inspirational! I had to think of the cool micro-detail subdiv stuff that Simon Homedal built (there is a tutorial doing similar things here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXhKjB6-ENc). That might provide some cool fractal texture that's fit in nicely with the overall structure of your bots. Cheers, Felix
  27. Deform Groom curve stretching

    I'm not following how you've set this up. A deform would be needed to lock the curves onto a RBD simulation, then the wire sim adds the dynamics to the hairs.
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