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  2. Hi Mikelyndon Thank you so much for reply. Sure I post here, Plaese put this "Projects" folder under your D drive.(sorry they are messy) and also I am still trying, I posted images about current status about this project looks I fixed FBX problem when I make houdini sim another way,(D:\Projects\waterfallA\Houdini_work\Breaking_Bricks_B.hiplc) but rotation is not correct.. Projects.zip
  3. Can you post your hip file?
  4. I have the 6900 i7 and a Titan X pascal GPU and 64GB RAM Also running Linux(Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS) Informal tests(I'm running a dual boot setup) show roughly 15 -30% sim & render speed improvement on Linux over Windows, all other things remaining identical. YMMV. Testing Redshift and has been mentioned, particles require instancing. Also for any custom shading, rendering volumes can be a pain as the RS volume shader is somewhat limited. Redshift has a LONG way to go before it will match the versatility of a CPU renderer like Mantra, but it IS much faster with a good GPU and keeps getting better. Support fairly decent. I would suggest looking into alternatives to i7 CPU for CPU rendering...AFAIK, even the previous generation of Intel chips were much better at overclocking. I'm still very much a novice, but looking forward I can see using GPU rendering for personal work, testing locally, and cloud based renderers like Gridmarket for production work down the line...
  5. On attempting to wedge a single frame I get a zero byte .exr.lock file. So files have the ".lock" are being rendered. But how can you view the rendering progress?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I had the idea to look up "deformation" motion blur, as I wondered whether SOP-level animation is actually "deformational"... That was it; found the answer here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/20849/
  8. Op Yes BIOS. I get CSM and Secure boot confused. I needed to disable Secure boot . But now 16.0.597 launches and 16.0.600 does not, no splash screen:( Anyone know if latest 16.0.600 is supposed to be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04?
  9. Hi all, I have a helicopter rig from Steve Knipping's Rigids III which uses an animated transform node to set up rotation on helicopter rotors prior to going into a rigid body sim. For reasons I can't figure out, this type of animation doesn't show the correct rounding in motion blur. As seen in attached pic, the geometry animated at scene level (in light red) has the correct rounding, but the white one animated at SOP level with Transform does not. What am I missing? rotationalmoblur.hiplc
  10. My system Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial Nvidia driver 378.13 I upgraded from Houdini 16.0.597 to 16.0.600 but I also upgraded my BIOS to a more recent version so I am thinking likely a BIOS setting?? I see the splash screen then a fatal error crash message. I've submitted a crash report to SESI but thought I'd post here to get feedback. I also tried using a more recent Nvidia driver 381.22 but downgraded when it didn't make any difference. And also reinstalled the older 16.0.597 Houdini build but no difference. It won't even launch to the splash screen. At least with 16.0.600 I see the splash screen before a crash:) Any feedback appreciated!
  11. This is exactly what I needed , thank you !!
  12. Yes, you need to multiply density by the inverse of the scale being applied. Density in Houdini is kind of like smoke per unit area, so you need to compensate the density if you are enlarging or shrinking the area (scaling the volume).
  13. check out the help card for the wire object. it has all the information you need "You can create attributes on the wire object’s RestGeometry to influence its behavior. Most of these attributes allow fine-tuning of the wire by scaling values set in this node. Point, primitive, or detail attributes of the same name will be used if the vertex attributes are not present." if you want to multiply Angular Damping with that width attrib from the lsystem node, you have to do it before going to dops like f@dampangular = f@width, then in DOPs set the value to 1 (to use raw attrib data) as you attrib will act as multiplier. I think you get the idea. cheers
  14. this should do it Cheers dm_isolate_resampled_lines.hip
  15. Hello, I have a quick question. I have a resampled square. I want to isolate only one side of the square in a foreach. When I try to do this, the foreach only detects a fraction of the line. I understand that I can isolate the line before the resample first and then resample it in the foreach, but my current situation doesn't allow for that. I need to isolate the line after the resample. I'll attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look . Thank you. isolate_resampled_lines.hip
  16. It all depends what you wanna do, but just doing a quick, unsophisticated method in SOPs, here's one way to do it... And you could easily apply a wire solver sim in the middle instead of my faux gravity setup there... sticky.hiplc
  17. Might have been "OnCreated.py" from 2010: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/12280-colour-codes/?do=findComment&comment=81304
  18. Unfortunately I think at this point you need to recompile the source code for it to get it to work. The last time it was compiled with the binaries provided was for a version of Houdini you can't access anymore on an older version of Max. For people who have a computer sci degree this should be pretty simple, for those with art degrees it's a bit more of a pain. If you are working with peers pin down a co-worker that can help you recompile for your version. Inform SESI that you would like them to support the max plugin internally if this would be a common workflow for you, so they can allocate resources if enough people ask. Best of Luck.
  19. hello, do you know any direction to do something like this effect? maybe something like plexus setup?
  20. Hi, I remember a thread here about a script to auto colour nodes but I can't find it ? do someone remember it ?
  21. ver 1.04: Now with continuous patterns !!! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvgNse7E8aaygmpHTfIeHlG0O4nN
  22. Thank you for solution.) Guys,i am not skillful in python or hscript.( Anybody can help with simple shelf script which is add Null node on selected Dot or even for all selected dots. I think it will be very useful for all. Thanks!
  23. Today
  24. Hi, Im a Realtime VFX artist. I'm trying to make it sure that pipeline Houdini to ue4 now (about vertex animation texture). And First I made Rigid body animation, but it didn't work well, Problems and question here ↓ ・I couldn't Import FBX to UE4, sometime I could but I don't know why. ・Vertex animation is looks broken Even import success. (maybe texture doesn't render correctly) ・Which node should set geometry path? Im using "Houdini16 Indie" and "ue4.14 SideFxSamples" Project (Sorry I lost Dates of succeeded Import FBX to UE4) probably those information is not enough, Let me know Please what you need, I'm sorry for random questions. Thank you.
  25. Last week
  26. oh yeah, the method on the right is to unify normals...great...thanks alot
  27. According to the houdini documention: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/geo [www.sidefx.com] For correct matte shading of volumes: Add the vm_matteshader property to the object. Create a Volume Matte shader. Set the density on this shader to match the density on the geometry shader. Assign this shader to vm_matteshader. Does any one have an example of a volume matte shader? I want to hold out particle renders with a volume hold out matte. i.e. where the density of the volume = 1, the particles are not visible in RGB and A. Where the density of the volume = 0, the particles are visible in RGB and A. And the particles are correspondingly partially visible for all values between 0 and 1. I'm trying to make particles partially visible behind a translucent object. Any pointers would be much appreciated. thanks
  28. I was having a problem with unstable fluid sim, after reading this thread just want to say THANKS! :D
  29. It will return hou.parmTemplateType value, which is not exactly "expression/string" information. I think you can use this to get same result: parm.parmTemplate().type() Not sure if there is a better method, but you can check for expression like this: try: parm.expression() except hou.OperationFailed: print('Not expression branch.') else: print('Expression branch.')
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