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  2. dops

    how different is the "pop vop" from the "geometry vop" in dops? After reading the manual i think there are subjects i dont understand and more i dont know .
  3. Hi, For a game in dev , we have some .fbx characters with multiple animations in them. I use Houdini to poly reduce them wich is working really great ! Houdini import all the animations in differents takes. The problem is when I want to export the LODs , Houdini export just one take at a time in .fbx . Is there a way to export just one .fbx with all the animations/takes in it ? Have a nice day, Sylvain.
  4. snow effects with POP grains

    well you actually do have to play around with the scale kinetic/static thresh values grainSnow_v02.hip
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Maybe the new contexts could be: TOPs - Texture Operators (compete with Substance Painter and Mari) because we already have MATs which competes with Substance Designer. LOPs - Lighting Operators (compete with Katana and Maya). Possibly the Lights and Cameras will be moved from SOPs to LOPs. The guys who want the unified context in Houdini. Please keep those ideas to yourself because it's never gonna happen because it will make Houdini a mess.
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  8. snow effects with POP grains

    hi, I try to make snow effect with grain solver, started from wet sand shell, wetness=1, and changed clump stiffness to 100. After tweaking around parameters, I got 3 main problems. 1 – how to add friction to static object? I set friction 10, bounce 0 , but particle is still sliding a lot. 2 – When dynamic object collide grain particle, it pushes away too much, but should not influence to surrounding particles. I think constrain pushes away in order to keep space between particles. 3 – particle motion is kind of springy or bouncy. Snow should damp velocity immediately. I guess I need to figure out how to control compression or density of particles by grain's internal constraint?! If anyone knows solutions, it would be great, thanks! grainSnow_v01.hip
  9. Hello fellow Houdniks, FMX is around the corner again and of course there will be another user-meeting this year. od-lunch will be on Wednesday April 25 during the official FMX lunch break from 1PM-2PM. I made a reservation for 20 people at the restaurant “Logo” directly inside “Haus der Wirtschaft” (the FMX venue). Please RSVP here: http://meetu.ps/e/F11Q0/vSmyz/f Looking forward to seeing you again! Cheers Oliver
  10. obj movement along the path (curve)

    thank you ! it works
  11. I was using this simple script (with hotkey) for a while, but it is probably not right way to do it. Sometimes the playbar gets "stuck" and play() command doesn't work. Even if I run hou.playbar.play() from the python shell. I have to push the UI play button then. I assume, that a right way is to use eventCallback(), but I cannot make it work, too. Please, do you anybody have working script for that? if hou.playbar.isPlaying() : hou.playbar.stop() else : hou.playbar.play()
  12. Oldie Export

    I know export is old to use within a Wrangler but how can I use it as I'm currently trying to add it to a line of vex code to temporarily export a variable to the spread sheet, and I know I can use @ instead but I want to try export, but I keep getting an error ? export float pControl = [Code here] // Error ?
  13. Also in Vops we have Non-Deterministic Random node, and VEX nrandom( ) function.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Dynamically add rigid bodies to flip sim

    Hello there I am working on a flip/ rigid body setup where I basically have some packed objects gradually being added to the simulation. They are simulated in another DOP and cached out and I need to drop them into the fluid DOP at one point (they leave one simulation and enter the other), which means the amount of rigid bodies in DOP 2 will have to update at simulation time (the first frame there is none, then they pop up one after another). I have a SOP solver and I thought I could just merge and update the geometry in there, which works when it comes to the rigid bodies, but somehow they loose interaction with the flip? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this the right way? Thank you!
  16. Tools forum

    just search for HDA* (no quotes) (or .hda)
  17. obj movement along the path (curve)

    You need to have the obj at {0,0,0} before you do the constraint, here is a fix version test_FIX.hiplc
  18. Hey guys,need some help setting up an emitter movement along a curve path in houdini 16.5.I know is a stupid question and simple,but cannot figure it out what am I missing.Can someone help ! tks a lot test.rar
  19. Wire constrained to two objects

    Here is one way to do it using wire constraints. See attached. wire_constraint_example.hip
  20. well this is simple - you are trying to manipulate a "name" attribute after the merge, but not all the primitives coming into merge have the name attached. that is what the attribute mis-match warning is telling you - branches coming into the merge node don't have the same attributes. the mis-matched ones are even listed there: "name" and "path". that also answers the question why, for the most part, your "name_orig" comes up blank: simply there is no "name", so the result is "empty".
  21. Tools forum

    yeah no worries. If you come across something then feel free to flag it, I wouldn't spend too much time on it :). We can build it slowly..
  22. Hello all, noob question here: I'm trying to follow along with the Steven Knipping tutorials (Rigids II - Structure Destruction). In video 4a he talks about adding primitive wrangles to re-name the points generated by packed geometry, while at the same time adding a variable inside that primitive wrangle to preserve the original name of those points (see the first image I've uploaded). Problem is, I'm using my own setup / model to try and follow along. I can get that technique described above to work just fine for individual sub-sections (walls, floors, windows) of my building, as you see below ("name" and "name_orig" attributes working as they should). However, as you can see in the second image, trying to apply this technique to the entire building, I'm still able to get new name attr's for all the pieces / fragments, but no original names ("name_orig" comes up blank). Plus the error msg from the merge node just above, "A mis-match of attributes, etc." Most of what I've googled so far is along the lines of "It's just a warning, don't worry about it." But for these particular tutorials, I should probably see this issue handled before I continue. I've tried a few attribute wranglers, but they don't bring back the "name_orig" attr I need. What to do? Hopefully I explained things somewhat clearly, tell me if you need more details before posting an answer. Thx in advance
  23. I'm trying to sim waves lapping up onto large rocks jutting out of an ocean. The sim appears to be working. However, when I write out to a bgeo sequence, some of the files have low byte counts, and are correspondingly missing when you play them back. This was simmed on a machine with 24 processors and 20GB of ram. I'm going to try to increase memory to see if this fixes the problem. But it would be helpful if the hip file could write out more informative diagnostic information. How would one go about doing this? As the geometry rop doesn't inherit any log info from the source DOP. thanks devilsRock.waveSim.h16p5p378.v007.hipnc
  24. Tools forum

    There are more thread about tools and HDA's in them I've looked at, but with the three letter search issue they are surprisingly hard to rediscover.
  25. Dandelion Wire Simulation

    Lets bring back to life the Dandelion question with the new spring coming here! Did someone had more try doing this recently?
  26. Flip mesh artifacts

    Thanks for the tips and tutorial! @Atom the vdb colision is good but i think the other parameters might work, ill run some tests and post the result Cheers!
  27. Wire constrained to two objects

    Hi! Having some problem here with wires eheh. I'm struggling for some time now to achieve something that first seemed so simple, but i'm really lost now! I'm animating an old style phone, with a cable quite rigid, and i just want to constrain one end to the phone (animated) and the other end to the base (fixed). I have it half working, but i can't figure out how to keep the cable semi-rigid... It just "break" were the wire points are constrained. And want the cable to "leave" the base nearly rigid, then deform, and be rigid again when joining the phone... Keeping the base and phone's orientations... (hope it makes sense, sorry for my english) I've search a lot, read and downloaded examples from tokeru wiki, tested all the constraints, but i must be missing something important... It works perfectly with gluetoanimation when one end is contrained and the other is free, but as soon as i try to make the base's end to be also constrained, it doesn't works... Does anyone have some kind of directions? (You can see in the attached video that the base is "breaking" while the other end seems good...) tel_cable.mp4
  28. yeah, IOR affects reflection and refraction in the same way. what you want to do is to enable Thin Film Refraction option under Refract tab in Classic shader. That basically sets refraction IOR to 1 while keeping reflections untouched. removing diffuse component is easy, just untick Enable Diffuse in the shader diffuse tab. if you need even more control you can mix two shaders with use of Mix Layers VOP (mixing PBR Reflection VOP and PBR Refraction VOP works just fine for situations like this - no need to use complex shaders like Principled or Classic)
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