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    I wanted to see if I could play a video in Houdini using some python. With this as the result. Don't think it's the first time this is done but it is still nice to see. The result
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    What the... I almost fell out of my chair laughing at this one (not my video).
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    At first i decided to make spruce or Picea Abies, cause think it is the most complicated tree. Current progress presented in pictures. This is half of work on spruce. Next step will be replace curves in long branch with small branches with needles.
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    Also working on some audio driven animation for a music video. We'll need some creatures swimming around! All animation here is procedurally driven by audio and mathematics using Houdini's channel operators. Additionally, all geometry is procedurally modeled (jelly dome is a mix of noises, oral arms were modeled using differential mesh growth, tentacles are noise-driven) The audio is from our band, yesper. Find the full song here:
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    Hello Davide, the only reason for the subtraction was to make the ramp assemble the correct start/end direction. Otherwise (without subtraction 1-length) the ramp (outside vops) will have the Target-position on the left and the Starting-position on the right. Because the ramp has its Min-Value on the left and its Max on the right side. So without subtraing 1 from the length, i would be kinda "flipped horizontally". that being said, the subtraction is only for "convenience" and proper UI and not technically needed at all. you can easily test it yourself: plug the length node directly into the ramp. now go one level up and change the curve in the "Velocity Control" ramp. You will get it immediately what i mean. Hope this helps Fuat
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    Try setting a NormalSop to 'By Face Area' after the particlefluidsurface
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    Hey Guys, Thanks for this I will take a look. I did end up finding a solution to my problem but without the need for POPs. I ended up using a single expression with a modulo function within the creation frame parameter to source my object on specific frames. Here is the the expression I used, if anyone is interested. if($F%20==0,$F,-1) This worked pretty nicely but I am still interested in using POPs as an emitter source to birth the instanced FEM object. I am going to explore this further when I have the time. If I figure this out I will post a Hip file here. Thanks, Clive
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    I'm back to annoy ppl...:) whatabout Partition, rule is: grp_`@ptnum%8`
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    Thanks, that led me to the answer: int psize = 8; int grpnum = @ptnum % psize; setpointgroup(0, sprintf("%s%d","grp_",grpnum), @ptnum, 1); setpointgroup seems to be way to go! Cheers
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    Hey Clive, it's here, check it out. The solution don't use the pop solver but I believe it would totally work for you
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    have a search for a recent thread by @ParticleSkull he's been doing a very similar thing spawning instances of a fem object - i dont think it relies on pops setup tho
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    Works for me on 15.5.595 build. Try to apply some local transform to extruded front and disable bypass flag on primitive wrangle. custom_frame.hipnc