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    My God! I was again years ahead of time.
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    More and more studios write their own pathtracer. Vectorization is key these days. Pretty much everybody also has/uses a denoiser. Time to have one for Mantra? Dark beer is the next big thing after IPA. edit: Oh, and of course deep learning is making all sorts of inroads into the 3d world.
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    I think there's too many different types of tasks to have one coloring scheme that works well for everything. Usually, I use colours to group nodes that do similar tasks, or mark nodes that contain important parameters. The only standard color I use is green for inputs and outputs.
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    Hey, you should have reply this to your other thread. If your mesh was like that right after you meshed your particles - and you did not do it yourself post-sim, you need to increase depth of your flip tank. That thin mesh with holes should not be fixed, it should never exist.
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    Before any new serious COP features though, SESI needs to fix some core bugs that are as old as the system itself. I reported many but I get the feeling that there are no plans to address any of them. There are threading issues, deadlocks, round trip (COP to SOP to COP) limitation, GPU image artifacts, anti-aliasing issues using the exact same code in VOPs vs VEX, etc. Otherwise I really like COPs too. I made an OpenCL Wrangle COP recently that proves to be very useful for image filters.
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    I use this international standard
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    @symek just a small erratum . I think it was Chalice and Rayz. http://web.archive.org/web/19990127211724/http://www.silicongrail.com:80/ Silicon Grail Corporation is a joint venture between Ray Feeney and Side Effects Software, with involvement from Richard Hollander, Greg Hermanovic, Kim Davidson and Wyndham Hannaway. Silicon Grail is dedicated to creating software solutions to meet the needs of the film professional. The first product from Silicon Grail is Chalice, a 2D image composition and adjustment product. The product was buy and kill by apple like shake ... http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/5933 Back on topic i agree with you guys some cops love would be nice ! - 2d tracker - ofx plugin support - better RGB curves - better HSV curves - good / fast defocus basically something that give us the exact same feature as shake 2.5 would be good enough.
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    howdy! using the vdb advect sop in conjunction with the solver sop would perhaps give you the result you're looking for. the vdb advect sop uses the velocity volume to push around a vdb, which can be averaged over arbitrary timesteps to give you a blur effect. streaky_volume_bb.hip
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    Attached a project with hip file containing a motion blur aov, your alembic (in abc) and a nuke script (in comp) with a working vector blur setup. (credit to the guys at work for figuring this out) moblur.zip
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    Thanks rdg, that solves it. I had to include "math.h" in case someone else finds this thread.
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    LOL!! i just noticed your auspicious joining date to the odforce. 3-14-10 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi_Day it should help you to remember at least 4 digits.