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    Hello Guys, Saber Jlassi and Igor Zanic are glad to announce the formation of REBELWAY CO, an online school that will focus on producing the most high-end online training. Our goal is to teach Sidefx Houdini primarily along with high-end renderers like SolidAngle Arnold and realtime rendering technology like Unreal Engine 4.0. We are proud to announce our very first workshop aimed at teaching Procedural Assets Creation In Houdini. This workshop is for all 3d Artists who want to dive into Houdini and use it for environment creation for VFX and Games. Promo video: https://vimeo.com/sabervfx/rebelway Course link: https://rebelway.net/advanced-asset-creation-in-houdini-for-vfx-and-games/ Note: all the renders are straight from arnold I hope you guys like the content and find it interesting.
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    HI FRIENDS! So over the past year I've been doing far too much Houdini in my free time, and I noticed that all of the people I look up to in the community have their own cute ODForce threads. So with the release of my latest blog post on Voronoi Diagrams and Remeshing, I thought it best to make one of those threads, to avoid flooding the Education section with tons of new posts... Anyways here's a link to my new blog post: https://medium.com/@jakerice_7202/voronoi-for-the-people-60c0f11b0767 And if the link itself isn't enough, here are a couple of GIFs from the blog post, including one that didn't make the cut. All credit for the post title goes to @mestela <3 Big thanks to @toadstorm for editing my grammar as well, and the whole ThinkProcedural discord for putting up with my insanity
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    Performs PCA (Principal Component Analysis) on a point cloud.
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    TOPs = Topology Ops based on the photogrammetry push mentioned in the games vimeo and where SOPs 2.0 with looping and compiling will be properly unified. LOPs = LookDev Ops - GPU based rendering and texturing. EDIT 2: my second guess is TOPs is procedural textures in the viewport - this will be the same mechanism to make the thumbnails too
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    Within a couple, probably one, minutes of the end
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    Great, thanks! I actually did various searches trying to find the answer, but clearly I was not phrasing my question right to turn it up. I only ever post on forums as a last resort, but thanks for the reminder nonetheless
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    in SOPs: intersect() in surface: rayhittest() or trace() Just a friendly remainder, that it is generally recommended to use docs page before asking basic questions on a forum
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    If you explicitly cast chramp to a vector first, the 'create spare parameters button' will create a colour ramp. Eg @Cd = vector(chramp('myramp',@P.x));
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    you can use the old polyBevelSop in point mode for this. please take a look at the file. hth. petz divide.hipnc
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    here's another one ... CentroidTrippling1.hipnc
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    TOPs => Texture LOPs => ??? Light / Logic / Layer (guessing) Touchdesigner has TOPs => https://www.derivative.ca/wiki099/index.php?title=Operator
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    ver 1.02: correct a bug that previously, faces that exactly match the X/Y/Z axis/slice plane would disappear (ie. the faces of an ortho box) vu_quick_slice.hdanc
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    And, from Magee's talk, two new contexts, LOPs and TOPs, next year.
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    Ah I see, so you want to layer the spectra. If you construct the correct motion and shape for each layer you can then simply use a merge before the evaluate. Hopefully this scene is what you mean, obviously you will need to adjust the settings and possibly make a hero wave. waveLines_02.hip
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    I did again something quick in my part of the setup, nothing fancy but is to give you an idea, I didnt did this in your part of the setup because I dont think with your current setup would be posible to create nice motion on the particles, unless you sculpt some forces, because basically you dont have a nice initial velocity for your points. regarding the floating particles, I am using an intersect, for sure a VDB would be faster, but in the office I have limited access to H16 so I had to do something very rough and quickly to give you an idea. It got lots of errors, but maybe serve as an starting point. WaveDeformerTestQuickMask_edit2.hip