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    Straight VEX based volume deformation with no geometry conversion in between.
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    You may have accidentally changed an internal HDA definition. I did this the other day and got a similar message. The solution for me was to simply delete the new definition in the otls folder under the Houdini 15.5 folder which shows up under user documents on the system. example C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\houdini15.5\otls. Close Houdini and move the otls folder to the desktop. Launch Houdini and see if the message goes away.
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    Some node networks can be very complex like hundreds or even 1,000+ nodes. When networks get that complex it's important to stay organized using network boxes and subnetworks. Documenting things and leaving notes can make or break a job especially if there are others touching it. Simple is better but that's not always possible. Hopefully it goes without saying but don't do something with a dozen nodes that could be done with one or two nodes.
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    Ah yes! It works nicely just copying and pasting the automation into the MIDI. Sweetness
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    I did it!! stamp("../copy1/","sizecolor",0) I love this program
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    Ah thanks Tom, that's it. I now have my lovely Automation running through into Chops. One problem is that I really don't know DAW stuff so now I don't know how to use that Automation to map to what I want in Ableton although I assume it's easy. Sure I can link... somehow... And hey Jon, yeah I've got Andrew's book. It's where I've learn pretty much everything audio related. Some of it is still somewhat over my head but I love it!
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    Hey! Yeah, look at the hip file I've attached. I'm using a sop solver with a single wrangle that gets piped into the rbd solver, post or pre solve, doesn't matter. If you are calculating mass in the rbd object, then you should have a good range of values to use in that wrangle. I'm just doing an animated float channel to determine whether or not a piece is active. Hope this helps! RBD_Active_By_Mass.hiplc
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    i don't think it would be a problem. usually old nodes are hidden but they are still available for backwards compatibility, at least for a couple of years. to see older versions of nodes you can turn on "show all operators" in preferences->shelves and tab menu. for hidden nodes check out the hscript command opunhide. but in case you're feeling uncomfortable using old nodes, i've attached an alternative method. divide1.hipnc hth. petz
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    Here`s my latest houdini sims. In May 2017 will be my first year working as fx TD
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    Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the replies! I'll soon make a test and let you know the new (hopefully) working version. Alexey, thank you really much, the start point for my code is your! Tanks!
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    You need to check if the folder/item exists before you blindly create a new one. If it does exist, fetch the existing one instead of creating a new one. Otherwise default name management will haunt you and multiple copies will build up. For instance, you should examine group before you append to it.
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    Generally you should not care about folder names, only Labels are important, 99% of the time working with parm templates. Houdini manages those names automagically somehow