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    I made some renders using the constraints on impacts setup I made. The sims are pretty crappy, but the basics of the system seems to work solidly enough. It would just be a matter of tweaking all the settings to get a smoother result. Each pair of RBDs gets no more than 1 constraint. I think it might work better if I allowed a few more, as the RBDs can spin around on this constraint, which looks a bit unstable. I posted the hip files for this over here: http://richardlord.tumblr.com/post/159194692191/crappy-sims-of-a-system-that-builds-constraints-at
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    "Bubbles" Followed Ben Watts' tutorial on sphere packing via the grain solver: Quick Tip 05 - Object Packing In Houdini - very cool stuff! Thanks Ben! Went my own merry way from there :-) Rendered in Thea Render. Cheers, Tom
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    And another one based on the setup by petz here: I extended it a bit and got this: Rhinos Grasshopper had pretty cool field line components, but this is even better - thank you petz!!! Cheers, Tom
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    A quick Houdini smoke simulation done in a day. This was done by using the gas target force microsolver. Hip file attached - feel free to take a look! Cheers, Mark run_smoke_v002.hipnc