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  1. Solved. Thank you for your help Ahmed. I got it to work now, by updating the version.
  2. This is now solved. It was not related to mplay but instead to temporary regtrans-ms files being created every hour because of a Ndvia 3d vision driver. Got back 72 gbs.... thanks for you help
  3. 416 is vc11 and 419 is vc9. Strange, maybe it does not work on my version. I'll keep trying different things but thanks so much for your help.
  4. Ahmed what version of houdini are you on? Could it be that this was not compiled for 13 419? i also tried on 416. I make new scene, create a geometry node on OBJ level then I dive inside and create a rop output driver and search for prt rop driver using TAB key but cannot find anything there. not sure what I am doing wrong..
  5. Great thread! One more question, I added the DLL to my DSO folder but cannot see it in houdini? Anything else I need to do to get this to work. What is the name of the operator? Krakatoa ? Prt? thanks a lot!
  6. Open GL I left everything default. On the render flip book settings window it says memory usage: 4351 images at 1194x868 (16.7 GB).
  7. Im running version .419 hopefully i can get it to work. I just found the instructions!
  8. Thats a good idea! How do I export .PRT from houdini? Are you using this exporter? How can I get it to work? https://github.com/ThinkboxSoftware/HoudiniPRTExporter
  9. Hi Everyone, Every time I do a flipbook it takes about 4GB of space on my HD. I have searched the whole C drive looking for those heavy file/s. I looked at the TEMP folder but that folder is very light. I looked at my C drive for latest modified files and no trace of any large files being created but I see the HD space going lower. I've tried restarting houdini and my machine hoping it was some sort of temporary cache but to no success. Can someone help ? thanks, Fred
  10. Hi Everyone, I am doing sand like particles in Houdini and need to render it in 3ds max using v-ray. Can anybody give me some hints as to how I should go about bringing thousands of particles into 3ds max effectively? At the moment I am thinking of exporting to .abc (using alembic crate exporter) and then applying spheres to my points using frost. Would that be the way you do it? Or maybe I should output .bin from houdini. Could someone link me with a stable version of this rop? Should I use the realflow one? Is there any way to "cheat" and increase density in max? sort of like how you would use partitions with a slight offset when dealing with krakatoa. Just trying to think of the right way to get this many particles to go smooth on my machine. I saw this example online and its similar to what I am doing and rendered in 3ds max. Thanks a lot Fred
  11. Could you please include cache_fly.obj? seems to be missing. thanks fred
  12. Quick question, How do I get from image B ) to A ) or vice versa? I would like to have naming abbreviated so I can use it as a guide for when im writting vex - but I cant seem to find this option. thanks a lot Fred
  13. Thank you so much. This exactly what I was trying to do. have a gr8 day!