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  1. pyqt5 on houdini

    thanks stalkerx777
  2. pyqt5 on houdini

    I am trying to run pyqt5 on houdini I am using a mac OS can some one tell me what is the "/path/to/site-packages" I cannt figure out this path # Modify search path import sys sys.path.append("/path/to/site-packages") # Now you can import PyQt5 from PyQt5 import QtWidgets
  3. setting the dop io preset

    gr8.. works gr8 ! .. thanks Jeff
  4. vertical alignment of nodes

    hey guys, here is quick tutorial about vertical alignment of nodes http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/network/layout i really dig the vertical alignment that they talk about in this videos "press A and drag up" any one has an idea how to implement this in python so i select the last node of my network and align nodes vertically
  5. setting the dop io preset

    in DOP IO node i am trying to set the preset as PYRO using x=hou.node('/obj/geo1/dopio1') y=x.parm("presets") y.set("pyro") but this doesn't set the preset really.. any ideas?
  6. dynamic resize issue

    thanks a lot bunker..works perfect thanks
  7. display msg at the bottom

    perfect thanks bonsak
  8. display msg at the bottom

    thanks bonsak, i want to give a msg to the user to select a node. once selected i want to store the resulting node in a variable. how do i do this? import toolutils scene_viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() positions = scene_viewer.selectPositions(prompt="select a node") x=hou.selectedNodes()
  9. display msg at the bottom

    what is the class i need to use to display the msg at the bottom while prompting the user to do something before the program runs
  10. dynamic resize issue

    Ok, I am kind of stuck with this one, I have a character.. lets say on every 10th frame his feet touches the ground and i want to emit dust on this frame when i setup the dop sim, the gas resize just doesn't seem to work for me, (I trying to base my resize container on density) I have a simple test case test.hiplc
  11. geometry node in python

    kind of a basic question.. how to create a geometry node in scene context in python I know i can create a sphere inside a geometry node using x=hou.node(“/obj/box”) y=x.createNode(“box”,”mybox”) but how do i create a geometry node?
  12. Cloud noise with rest field

    awesome! thanks for that eko..
  13. Cloud noise with rest field

    Here what is working for me: 1.I store rest field of points scattered on a sphere before moving it around with a simple transform 2.I then convert the scattered points into a vdb density and apply some noise on it using volume vop 3.Since I base my noise on the rest field inside my volume vop, my noise does not float This is all good ---- But i just cann't get this to work with a cloud noise Although I am trying to use a rest field inside the volume vop of the cloud noise, the noise still seems to float I have attached a scene file showing both above rest.hiplc
  14. rgb ramp in wrangle

    Oh ! thanks Noobini...
  15. rgb ramp in wrangle

    can any one tell me how to create rgb ramp in wrangle? @Cd.r=chramp("myramp",rand(@ptnum)); would give me a spline ramp not an rbg ramp