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  1. Cloud noise with rest field

    Here what is working for me: 1.I store rest field of points scattered on a sphere before moving it around with a simple transform 2.I then convert the scattered points into a vdb density and apply some noise on it using volume vop 3.Since I base my noise on the rest field inside my volume vop, my noise does not float This is all good ---- But i just cann't get this to work with a cloud noise Although I am trying to use a rest field inside the volume vop of the cloud noise, the noise still seems to float I have attached a scene file showing both above rest.hiplc
  2. Cloud noise with rest field

    awesome! thanks for that eko..
  3. rgb ramp in wrangle

    can any one tell me how to create rgb ramp in wrangle? @Cd.r=chramp("myramp",rand(@ptnum)); would give me a spline ramp not an rbg ramp
  4. rgb ramp in wrangle

    Oh ! thanks Noobini...
  5. camera image plane in refraction

    does any one know how to get camera image plane to be visible in refraction?
  6. camera image plane in refraction

    works! thanks Atom.
  7. camera image plane in refraction

    thanks atom.. i will try and let u know
  8. houdini ocean slow down

    what is a good way to slow down houdini ocean in post I like the frequency and height of waves i have but if reduce the speed parameter the entire look changes. Is there a way to slow this down in post? here is a sample hip file THE_WATER_V002.hipnc
  9. animated objects switch to rbd

    I have some animated spheres that simply roll forward slowly .. I have a box that is also hand animated..the box goes through the rolling spheres currently.. what i want is: when the spheres gets close to the box i want the spheres to become dynamic and collide with the box the spheres need to loose their animation cache once the hit happens any tips! note: spheres (to be replaced by characters later)
  10. once active always active

    using sop solver "attribute transfer" i am trying to make an rbd object active as a sphere approaches it but once the sphere passes the rbd object i want it to continue to be active how can i do this? any tips?
  11. peaks in flip tank

    I am using particle fluid surface to mesh flip particles in a flip tank i added some wave like velocity into the tank for the water to behave like waves but when i mesh using the particle fluid surface i tend to loose the sharp peaks of the waves it looks more round and soft. I need the waves peaks to look choppy and sharp.. but increasing the resolution of flip sim or the mesh is not helping.. any tips?.. here is a simple hipfile fliptank.hipnc
  12. peaks in flip tank

    thanks rbowden, Yes this is a low res test.. but making particle sep/mesh high res was not helping as i mentioned earlier I was thinking on the lines of using voracity attribute to define the sharpness or smoothing of the mesh but peak works just fine.. thanks again.
  13. Freeze Particles In Space

    thanks a lot skybar!
  14. Freeze Particles In Space

    can any one tell me how to to do this in the new pop dop? there is no pop state node in there any more
  15. Fractured Jello

    here is some quick jello tests i had done with just a simple box

    I am trying to use gasimpacttoattributes to create some hit impulse attribute for flip but it seems like it doesn't work because i have no impact data.. does anyone know how to generate impact data and get hitimpulse to work for flip? the only thread i found online was https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/37420/?page=1#post-170605 here is a simple scene file to test hitimpulse.hipnc if you check the spreadsheet u can see that the hitimpulse is 0

    hitimpulse records strength of collision. The values of hitimpulse depends on the force with which flip impacts the collider I put together a quick test and noticed that: if you increase flip incoming velocity and hit the collision object with more force the hitimpulse will have a higher range

    ok i got it.. I used a "gasintegrator" to solve this issue.. here is a quick way to create impact data and there by create hit impulse for flip hitimpulse_and_impact_data_solved.hipnc
  19. Here is a scene file where I am trying to UV the inside pieces of my fractured sphere. But I am not happy with the result. Can somebody point me to the right method to do this. Thanks. SETTING_UP_UV_FOR_FRACTURED_PIECES.hipnc
  20. how to uv inside pieces of a fracture

    Got it, thanks a lot !
  21. how to uv inside pieces of a fracture

    here is the snapshot of the uvs I am getting after I unwrap UV
  22. I want to export geometry from Houdini using alembic rop output In my Rop Alembic Output SOP I have these settings : - Build Hierarchy From path attribute But it seems like it finds name clashes and is not able to export.. any one knows why? if I unpack (with transfer path attribute) it works fine.. but that means the file size is way bigger. I have attatched a simple scene file packed_alembic_export.hiplc and here is the alembic file ALEMBIC.abc
  23. alembic export with path attribute

    here is the alembic file ALEMBIC.abc "yes", the path attribute is a primitive attribute in my file already
  24. Flip Fluids & RBD

    1.give some thickness to your collision object 2.dont have the collision object intersect with flip on first frame 3.i have changed the way you call the volume inside collision object aswell here is the result Water_Test_03.hiplc
  25. Multisolver. Add new dynamic object

    thanx rayman