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  1. It's starting to come close with the new ocio support, but it will need a little bit more love, but going through OCIO is definitely the way to go. There are some things to solve like the pyro shader color lookups etc and if you have a neutral grade, I don't think it's possible yet to apply a lut to the background but not to the render. There are probably plenty of other little issues but we got to busy to keep digging. Koen
  2. I think USD is interesting for much more then just going between packages, it seams great for going between departments, or scene assembly in general. You can layer information on top of information to end up with a final composited scene that is ready for rendering. There are some interesting demo video's Cheers, Koen
  3. The $EYE variable is the current view for a stereo camera. If you create a stereo camera, you can control what is used in the 3d viewport. To change the value, you can use menu->edit->Stereo Eye. If you echo the $EYE, you can see the values. Cheers, koen
  4. Houdini is pretty smart about figuring out if a node is time dependent or not. The simplest way to check, is to middle click on a node and look at the bottom line, it will say "Time dependent cook: no" or Yes if it believes the node needs to be recooked with a time change. Cheers, koen
  5. Please take a look at this video starting at 1 min. Andrew explains it very nicely Cheers, Koen
  6. I love the recent topics box, that was exactly the one I was missing Cheers, Koen
  7. The feature i used the most in the old forum was the "new posts" list. Is there an equivalent in the new forum? Thanks, koen
  8. I am not sure about the cases you debribe here, but in the past I have used UT_String::matchPattern to do similar things. All this does is check if a string matches the pattern, so you'll need to build the list and check them. "matchPattern(UT_WorkArgs &) assumes that the arguments contain the components of a pattern to be matched against. The method returns true if the pattern matches, false if it doesn't. This matching process handles ^ expansion properly (and efficiently). If the string doesn't match any components of the pattern, then the assumed value is returned." From: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk15.0/class_u_t___string.html#a158f3b7b5fab18af745f218a8d2fdc68 Hope that helps, Koen
  9. You could also take a look at the target driven smoke tools ( based on this paper http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/labs/cglab/projects/tdsmoke/tdsmoke.pdf). They construct forces to get smoke to form a shapen and stay inside it. If you are only sourcing inside, you should be able to get what you are after without collisions. Cheers, koen
  10. Find attribval should be able to do this: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.0/vex/functions/findattribval Cheers, koen
  11. Guerilla does pre-bake some of the dynamics (using houdini): http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2923&Itemid=68 or http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1454&Itemid=68 Cheers, Koen
  12. Another thing you can look at is the sourcing of the velocity. It looks like the velocities are all just set to zero at one frame. Not sure what would cause this, but if you are sourcing the velocity with a "copy" mode and your source ends up funny, it might overwrite all the velocities in the sim. Not sure if this is still the case, but for a long time houdini did not have a great way to source velocities out of the box, it really pays off to implement an "over" mode and an "max length" mode and they are not hard to do. Hope that helps koen
  13. Can you do it in the shader? If you transform P into ndc space you can easily look up an image. If you store rest-p, you can make it stick to a frame. Cheers, koen
  14. I think you should have access this information, however I would hate to see this getting passed along with the gdp. I love the simplicity of one noodle flowing from node to node, and if you need any data that was used in generating the detail, get it as a channel. If more information gets passed along, eventually we'll end up with way more connections, and we might end up with a graph like maya's which i mostly consider a read only view on the scene ( kind of like houdini's 3d viewport ;-) ) Cheers, koen
  15. I must admit I just chose ncloth for the cloth in my current project, because of the speed and the really nice out of the box air drag behavior. That being said, while looking into using houdini, the "remesh" sop was great to build the simulation mesh (which you can then use with cloth capture and cloth deform). Cheers, koen