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  1. The boxer

    Great thanks to share
  2. Hello, Is there a place that I can see and practice old-school methods and techniques,I mean mostly purely node base techniques or with old method of applying expression?, the reason I am asking it is I see most of the time, and quite recent years, in most of tutorials and examples masters share, there are heavy using of point wrangle and math, which I am not good at them never and sometimes it is disappointing to watch them:P I think I am brave to express this without shame and I believe for people coming from other software it also can be disappointing if not able to follow examples. so most probably I am not alone. I know it really needs a lot of study at math to be good in Houdini but there are also other parts in this software that can observe users of other software to Houdini. Thanks
  3. moving

    Thanks for the input I found something if you look at frames 1 to 10, the point number 89 is not moving , and moves after frame 11. then point 0 stops between frames 11 to 21 and this cycle continues.
  4. moving

    OUCH,...that's right Noobini, it is like cycling every each 11 frames. I my self have no idea how it happens.
  5. moving

    That's amzing for me fencer, I am very excited to learn houdini deep but just my mind is not good for math, sorry for nob question how can I reveres the motion or spead up slow down it abit, I appreciate man
  6. moving

    @AntonieSFX , yes carve is an option, but I am looking for doing it in real 3d space. Thanks anyway @fenser, thanks for you input, is there any way we can do this without the solver ?
  7. moving

    Thanks for your opinions, Actually I am looking for a way so they move in 3d space rather than changing their point number, mathematically if I want to move a point from one position to another position I should multiply its initial position to a vector (a direction) please correct me if I am wrong. but how can I do it ? moveit.hip
  8. moving

    Hi I have a closed nurbs curve, then resample node, now how can I for example in frame 2 say point1 go to point 2 , p2 to p3 p3 to p4 ,...and again in next frame this continues? so basically every next frame every point goes to its next point position ?
  9. How to create curves from particle fluid?

    Hi, That's a nice method, but the problem is it is recreating points instead of using simulated points and so it will lost the natural look of the fluid looking stream, I am instead looking for a way to group our simulated points in a way we can then produce curves from them. _ I am thinking this way but am not sure how to achieve or if it gives the look I am looking for, first by making a regular particle simulation and using the volume of previous fluid simulation to advect particle simulation. but the ideal way could be grouping simulated points. have any idea?
  10. Hello, I have a simple scene, by sourcing a sphere and particle fluid simulated from it's surface down. at the end I have particles_fluide simulated. Now I want to group these points and using an ADD sop to make poly curves,..but how to make them grouped nicely so they don'nt be connected together randomly? Thanks,
  11. Urgent: How to get Very Soft Splashes

    Thanks, to achieve a still image the method you mentioned will work, but for a sequence, if we could tell vdb to look at a specific shape and it tries to get to that shape at all frames it would be a solution. Does it make sense?
  12. Hi Friends, May I ask if you know how to achieve this kind of look that liquids are so soft and blobby shapes, please point me to a good direction, Thanks
  13. Could someone expert help me on this, In 3D max and maya we have a option in material editor to choose a material/shader and select all objects in viewport which that material/shader is assigned to them. so my question is how we can do this in houdini, Thanks
  14. wrap like in maya

    I think you could make bones from that curve (from the shelf) then add follow Curve kinematic then append capture geometry the mesh with these new bones.