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  1. Hello there! Each time sim, The muilt fluid containers will be squeezed together or overlap,instancing already off,How the key points of cluster SOP settings, plz tail containers,do not dissipation
  2. good job!
  3. well done~ alican ,thx share!
  4. 3RD PARTY RENDERING COMING TO HOUDINI INDIE http://www.cgsociety.org/news/article/2320/3rd-party-rendering-coming-to-houdini-indie
  5. thx reply~~marty ,reallly looking forward!
  6. Houdini 15.5 documentation http://www.sidefx.com/Support/documentation/ i have no inside alpha/beta group member,someone tell me the change of Houdini 15.5
  7. I think the first step you must extract the hull collision with the ocean surface
  8. good job bunker~~
  9. i use houdini 13 sky tool to make a nice clouds, but the clouds do animation on noise offset edge jitter flicker occurs, how to solve such problems do
  10. I think this is a free-falling object into the water effect produced Moreover, this object is very heavy, so the spray and the object must be deep enough to produce smashing
  11. Thanks for your reply and help Pradeep Barua, I'll go try it
  12. Thanks for sharing
  13. Scene, simple set emission rate waterbox.hip