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  1. Thanks Guys. Sadhu, this solution is so creative. I like it a lot. Thanks
  2. Hi, I attached simple file to illustrate my question. I want to emit particles only once from each point, but later add velocity over time with color animation. I do all of this with pop wrangle from SOP, because initial vel dont work for me in this case. The problem I have is, that this velocity from pop wrangle is constant, it work for all frames. I want this velocity to be only initial velocity. I would like to add vel on begging and later the gravity to take over in natural way. Any ideas. vel_pop_test_01.hip
  3. Deforming object - transform pieces

    I`am sure of it. But it is still kind of grey zone for me.
  4. Deforming object - transform pieces

    Thank you both. Thank you DLCool for your time and effort in preparing this file. Now I will learn from it.
  5. Deforming object - transform pieces

    Nobody knows the reason? Maybe someone knows workaround? Or I do it something wrong? Basicly I need animated object get to DOP and use points from simulation to drive pieces. For know it does not work for me. I have spent 3 days looking for right solution.
  6. Deforming object - transform pieces

    Hi, I worked a bit with your file. I like what you did with restoring the pivot. Good trick that I have to learn. But this does not solve my problem. My problem is after simulation. In transform pieces, points dont drive the pieces properly. They start to do it at the moment when deforming attribute is off, or active attribute is on, or when the orient attribute start to work. I'm not sure. I found that orient attribute is zero until deforming att is on. Does anyone know how to do it? CubeTest_001_1_trasP.hipnc
  7. Deforming object - transform pieces

    Hi thank you for file,and sorry for late respond, but I just moved in to new apartament, and for now dont have internet. I will check this file in home. I noticed that transform pieces dont work properly with deforming objects, and I need this option or other way to drive pieces with points. I will check the file today and will let you know tomorrow. Thanks again for help.
  8. Deforming object - transform pieces

    When I was preparing scene for this forum, I accidently deleted one node. Here version with the this node. CubeTest_001.hip
  9. Hi, This is my first post, I think I have baked animation of the object. Fracured and than as packed geo, send to DOP. My problem - why transform pieces follow only part of simulation from dopimport? It breaks apart, but it does not go up before fracture. Why? If someone can help me. Thanks