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  1. Displacing displacements for curly paper

    I have been playing around with a displacement shader that is supposed to make polygons look curly (see picture 1 and HIP file). Would anyone know how to make them actually peel off so they dont fully cover their initial surface (picture 2)? I think Kai Stavginski mentioned in his shading masterclass that its possible to displace displacements in shaders.. paper_roll_shader.hipnc
  2. XSI ICE Get Set Average

    The attribpromote node has an average function running across all points. avg_pos.hipnc
  3. Brick tunnel

    // CONVERT PLANE TO CYLINDER vector bbox = relbbox(0, @P); @P.x = sin(@P.x * $PI * 2); @P.z = bbox.y; @P.y = cos(bbox.x * $PI * 2); https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/48058/ Also google for cartesian to cylindrical coordinates.
  4. When to care about topology?

    It´s entirely possible – and recommendable – to not build your modeling workflow around booleans or VDBs. I would only use booleans in simple and unambiguous situations. I attached two ways to do holes one with and one without booleans. Also here is a tutorial that might be helpful: https://vimeo.com/112114913 If you feel like you could need some more information on how subdivision modeling is done, check: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ2NYo3MqqKi96TqQyl5_jQ hole.hipnc
  5. Sampling positions from UV map using uvsample()

    Hi Atom, thanks for checking! I will update to the latest build then.
  6. Sampling positions from UV map using uvsample()

    I am trying to place a point on a uv-unwrapped mesh based on its UV coordinates interpolated position and normals using uvsample(). float uv_x = chf('uv_x'); float uv_y = chf('uv_y'); vector uv_pos = set(uv_x, uv_y, 0); @P = uvsample(1, "P", "uv", uv_pos); @N = uvsample(1, "N", "uv", uv_pos); While this kind of works, it unfortunately jumps from one row to another instead of smoothly running across the surface. Is this a bug or my fault? pos_from_uv.hipnc
  7. Rotate object based on oriented bounding box

    @f1480187 Okay, then let´s assume I took two or three vectors along the edges of my oriented bounding box like this: vector scan_x = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 3) ); vector scan_y = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 1) ); vector scan_z = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 4) ); Whats the most direct way to turn this into a matrix that actually rotates my object back in place?
  8. Rotate object based on oriented bounding box

    I put a slightly oblique scanned object into an oriented bounding box and picked two points that are supposed to be straight. Now I am struggling to counter-rotate my mesh according to the bounding box´s orientation. vector scan_orient = normalize( point(0, "P", 0) - point(0, "P", 3) ); vector straight = {0, 0, 1}; matrix3 rot = dihedral(scan_orient, straight); rot = invert(rot); @P *= rot; What am I missing?
  9. CmiVFX - hair Grooming course

    Even older:
  10. Animated polar noise texture

    Take a VOP COP2 generator, feed X and Y image positions into a to-polar node and plug it into a noise. polar_noise.hipnc
  11. (SOLVED) Mirror in vops?

    Just set the position coordinates to abs() before you feed them into noise. mirror_noise_odforce.hipnc
  12. VEX - Variables/attributs in vectors

    use set() instead of curly brackets: addpoint(0, set(0, height, 0) );
  13. Wireframe and UV Distortion with mantra

    Hi Daniel, you could create a wireframe shader based on the s and t values in /mat VOPs, which stand for each primitives individual UVs. wireframe_shader.hipnc
  14. Understanding Ray VEX

  15. Suggestion: Extend recent replies

    Thank you ! There was a lot you can miss overnight from here!