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  1. Jitter based on age

    Hey ejr32123, It is certainly possible to do that with a wrangle or a point vop, but I'd rather suggest doing it in DOPs instead to give a more dynamic effect. Simply drop a Pop Force node after your particle source. Adjusting the amplitude will change the amount of noise that is introduced to the particles. By default this is uniform across the particles. Check the use vexpressions box at the bottom, and a vex box will pop up. You can use something similar to the following to get your desired effect: amp = @nage; This will set the amplitude to the normalized age of the particles. I chose @nage over @age as it's simpler to get the effect you're looking for with the normalized 0-1 of @nage. Also you'll note that in the vex box in dops for effecting channels you don't use an @, but just the channel name instead.