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  1. Setting particle attributes in a pop vop

    Gah... Bind. I was using attr import. That's what it was. Thanks for the catch!
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding setting particle attributes. I believe I'm overlooking something simple but I cant figure out what it is. I've created a particle mass attribute using a pop property, then in the pop vop I try to multiply that value using a ramp. I then bind export the attribute. When I do this, my mass is set to 0, and I'm unsure why. Could someone take a look and let me know what I have done incorrectly? The goal is to drive the mass of the particles through a ramp so I can control the amount of heavy particles to lighter ones. Thanks pTest.hip
  3. Quick Update. I built out a shader that does pretty much what I'm after. I can switch between any of the fields I need and render their values as greyscale. It still receives lighting contributions however. Thoughts?
  4. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if someone could provide me with some suggestions on the best way to export heat/temperature/density/etc maps from Pyro. As an example I'm assigning a new pyro material and setting the smoke field density to heat and colour to white. This sort of gives me the correct results, but the intensity seems incorrect and its still being affected by lighting. Thoughts?
  5. Saving Keys in an OTL

    Perfect! I figured it was something easy like this! Thank you
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm making an OTL tool for some artists here at work and I've run into an issue. I have some default keyframes applied to certain fields that I would like to save with my OTL. Unfortunately when the OTL is placed these keyframes are removed. Is this possible? Thanks
  7. Ahh.. I see what you are doing. Thanks!
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a quick question that I was hoping someone would be able to help me with. I'm trying to fracture a wall, and follow the brick pattern, rather than standard voronoi shapes. Part of this process is to generate a brick wall, fracture each brick, then cluster the results in a meaningful way. Currently cluster is being controlled using the P attribute, but I would like to cluster based in the primID, so that whole brick pieces will be contained in the cluster and not just individual points. Does anyone have a suggestion? My test files are attached. Thanks wall.rar
  9. Hello Everyone, I have a two part question I was hoping some Houdini gurus might be able to chime in on. I'm in the process of setting up a dam break using flip fluids, and I would like those flip particles to drive the active state of my voronoi simulation. The problem I'm facing is exporting the simulated data. I can simulate and export the flip first, but it doesn't react accordingly to the RBD, or I can try and simulate the RBD, but they wont be driven by the fluids. I'm a little perplexed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about exporting both the fluids and the RBD simulation at the same time? Another question I have is about RBD and active points. I'm currently driving the active points of my RBD using the fluid simulation, but sometimes the RBD pieces become inactive based on the water location, causing them to freeze. Its not the best solution, can you recommend another? Ive attached a simple test case that should highlight the issues I'm facing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks p.s. I should note that the final simulation needs to be run over a farm, not just locally. RBDFlipSimulation.hip
  10. Hello Everyone, I have an issue with a current scene I'm trying to break up into passes for comping. I have an avalanche that is flowing down a mountain side and only want the cast shadow to render. My setup is: - shadowmatte material on the mountain obj - vm matte is on for the pyro obj - shadowmasks on the lights are * ^mountain When I render a single image in the render view I'm left with an alpha of my cast shadow, as I would expect. When I export a sequence from my mantra output to disc I get no alpha. I've tried jpeg and tiff formats. Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere? Thanks Mike
  11. I managed to get the farm working. Not sure what was wrong, but it was definitely a config issue. I just set everything up from scratch again. server, clients and map drives. For whatever reason it appears that everything is working now. I really appreciate the help everyone!
  12. Sorry for the late reply, our studio was closed for the holidays. we are running all Windows 7 PC's. When I checked the environment variables they are indeed not set. Running "hconfig" from the command line tools fails. Where would I set the env variables for the client machines? Hqnode.ini or would I need to create a houdini.env file somewhere that points to the host machine? Here is the contents of my HQnode.ini file, you will notice the job_environment is blank. [job_environment] [main] server = rwcwrk7006750 port = 5000 sharedNetwork.mount = \\rwcwrk7006750\HoudiniShare
  13. Actually I cannot run mantra from the client machines via command line. I wonder if this is due to the shared drive hosting the houdini distributables?
  14. I was wondering if any Houdini guru's would be able to help me with a render farm problem we are having. Each farm client (5 total) has HServer installed, access to the HQueue license server and the shared drive with Houdini distributables. Additionally we have 100mantra rendering licenses, and 5 batch licenses When I submit a job and only leave one client enabled (doesn't matter which), the render will be successful. If I include all clients I receive this error and the job fails. mantra: Network Error[RWCWRK7004374] HServer was unable to start mantra mantra: Network Error[RWCWRK7004876] HServer was unable to start mantra mantra: Network Error[RWCWRK7004560] HServer was unable to start mantra mantra: Network Error[RWCWRK7004369] HServer was unable to start mantra mantra: No remote hosts are available for rendering Does anyone have any ideas to what might be causing this? Thanks