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  1. Thanks for your help.
  2. I am a rookie for python . so I have a lot of questions about python. Hope someone can help me because I really want to learn python. i have a simple code : sel = hou.selectedNodes() if len(sel) >== 1: sel[0].parm("px").setExpression("$CEX") sel[0].parm("py").setExpression("$CEY") sel[0].parm("pz").setExpression("$CEZ") is ablout set centroid pivot in transformation.I hope that this script can be used on many transformation node at once. not just single node so i try write this: sel = hou.selectedNodes() if len(sel)>=1: for i in sel: i[0].parm("px").setExpression("$CEX") i[0].parm("py").setExpression("$CEY") i[0].parm("pz").setExpression("$CEZ") I got a Error : 'ObjNode' object does not support indexing. how i can fix this.and how can find simple houdini python simple tutor? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi guys i have some question about skin scale. i use the particle and convert to curve and skin . is possible use color information change skin scale or another way? Cheers. skinScale.hip
  4. Sorry about my language ! I'm just trying to find any way can learn houdini. and thanks guys!.
  5. Hi guys I have a new popular systems. When the old popular system, I can use the popular colors ($ CR) block. But the new popular system, I do not know how to do a number of single color information. Thank you help! Cheers
  6. Thank you for providing the requested information. anim
  7. Hi guys I have a question about the uv transfer. When I have a simple two points arising out of the curve then into skin and transfer uv can be work.but, when I use multi point, and then transferred to the skin, UV rays flashing after the transfer, would like to ask how to solve. Cheers.
  8. hi Rio thank your so much ! i think i fix this problem.
  9. Hi guys ! i try to set up pyro cluster . but i can't fix this bound edge problem. thanks for help!! cheers.
  10. Hi guys , i have a questions about H14 srow system. Houdini can support form maya export action data? if can what kind of format? fbx or abc ..... Where can I find more H14 CrowSystem tutorial? Cheers!
  11. thanks! Shinjipierre
  12. I ask, how do I hide or lock up, I do not want people to see or edit Houdini node. Any help would be appreciated! Greets