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  1. You can use the slicing method to distribute it on 2 gpus, but You have to set it up on Your own. just launch every batch for sim with a differen GPUDEVICE variable
  2. dependency means that one caching node needs to be evaluated before the next one starts. You often have situations, where sometimes parallel processing is possible, and sometimes it needs to be sequential
  3. there must be a mistake, the shadow color is by default black, white shadow color means no shadow.
  4. but You can combine them, by fetching the ficecache nodes with a fetch into rop. If You work in sop, You can write out, if You want to wire dependencies You can switch to ROP network
  5. hello, in the script tab of a otl the is a way to ad custom scripts, but how can I use them for a button in that hda, or even better in the python module. until now i used always the python module or imported addition code with import, but I want to package some hdas together not using external imports and I don't want to have double code on several assets, as some functions are used by all of them thanks Martin
  6. really glad You like it
  7. Hi, I created a operator with a button to submit stuff to farm, but I want it to act different if many objects are selected. right now for example when I query pool with several objects selected, the query runs for every objects individualy. is there a way to query once, and use them for all objects? thanks
  8. Hi, this is my current showreel. Hope You like it.
  9. thanks a lot, works great !
  10. Hello, let's say I have a node called io::caching::2.1, where 2.1 is the version, and io is the namespace. but the scene has many nodes of this type, but with different versions, is there a way to get all the nodes with all versions, without looping over the complete scene? thanks Martin
  11. You have to add a restSop in the network before they are moving. depends on You setup, but either before they are used in the dopnetwork or before they are transformed by transformepieces. the rest data prevents the displacement from swimming when used in the displacement, in stead of P
  12. thanks, was hoping to use per point mode, as it is a iterative process and looping through points will take some time
  13. I want to iterate over point positions in a attribute vop, modify them in dependency to neighbor points (the edgelength), and continou the loop on the modified point positions. I want to avoid the sop loop way, and keep it in vex, but not sure if it is possible at all. First idea was to create a detail vector array attribute, where I can grab and store the results in a per point attribute vop, but it seems a per point attribute vop can not share a array with other points. as soon as You write out, the detail attribute entries are all set to zero, just the last one has the right value
  14. ok I had some more coffee and it worked thanks, man!
  15. in 14? Seems not to work here, I will try again