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  1. You select your "Pop Object" in your dops network and tweak "Bounce" under the Physical tab, to your liking. :-) EDIT: Or you can add a POP Property operator.
  2. Thanks! I'll give it a try, and let you know how it all works out. All suggestions are much appreciated! :-)
  3. I'll try it out next week and keep you all updated
  4. It looks promising, I'll definitely give it a look! Cheers :-)
  5. Hey, thanks for the reply! I want my ragdoll sim to behave as it does, but with FEM on top. Perhaps it's just a matter of taking the ragdoll sim and then simulate as FEM? Or am I over-complicating it here?
  6. Hi all, I have a rigged character from Maya from which I did a Ragdoll sim and all is good. However now I want to do it as a FEM sim instead, to get some bulging when the character gets hit by an object. How would you go about doing this? While still having constraints on arms, etc. Thank you very much in advance. Cheers, Jonas :-)
  7. You can group the particles with a POP Group. And then do something like if(length(@v) >= THRESHOLD) { ingroup = 1; } And then just only apply the POP force to the given group. :-)
  8. I just needed to look under the presets for the individual operators. There's presets for mocapbiped1-3
  9. Hi all I'm trying to make a bunch of people run/jump out from a cliff. However, trying to follow some video tutorials. Every time I have baked my agent and want to setup "Collision layer" and "Configure joints" something goes wrong. I'm using an off the shelf Mocap biped 3, and as soon as I do the collision layering and joints, nothing gets selected automatically as in the videos. If I select and setup the joints myself, as soon as I simulate, the head, legs and what not pops right off and everything is chaos. Can anybody explain me how to do this properly. Never worked with Crowds before. Thank you so much in advance
  10. You can just create and manipulate the pscale attribute for the template points.
  11. Thanks Marty, I'll consider it! :-)
  12. Just Middle click upstream. Then you'll quickly find it
  13. So would the Fury X be a good "upgrade" or Replacement? I know the limitation would be the VRAM as it's only 4GB. But FP32 is theoretically over 2x on the Fury X compared to the W8100.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm considering changing out my FirePro W8100 and was offered a R9 Fury X, which on paper looks better for Single Floating Point calculations, however I am unsure of whether this is useful for Houdini or if I am to look for something that performs better with Double Precission Floating Point? Budget is very limited, so unfortunately no money for Titan X or 1080, etc. Would a Fury X be a viable option over the W8100? Cheers
  15. void functionX(int var) { var = 5; } int y; printf(itoa(y) + "\n"); //printing out the current y value (0) functionX(y); //we're now passing on the y variable into the function. printf(itoa(y) + "\n"); //y should now be 5 int functionX() { return 5; } int y = functionX(); printf(itoa(y)); Here's 2 methods of doing so.