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  1. Best approach for cloth ?

    So far I am getting this with the volume curl noise of a fluid source SOP : I miss some of the very specific little wrinkles from the silk. thnx a lot.
  2. Best approach for cloth ?

    Hello, I am also trying to achieve this kind of cloth effect : a simple cloth square of silk, going from flat shape to this kind of distortion, without any attachment. I tried with wind force and fan force but as said before, maybe the model isn't really suited for FEM solver. I tried to import some vector volume and log it into the drag tab of the cloth, it works nicely but I can't configure a volume field that gives that sort of pretty sharp folds. Any thought on this ? Is there any volume noise that would produce this kind of distortions ? Thank you for your help. Jerome
  3. NURBS point order

    I will try this thanx a lot.
  4. Hello, I am trying to morph between two nurbs surface generated by a polypatch. It works quite well until I try some specific output divisions because the two different polypatch give me a very different point distribution (the point number is the same on both polypatch nurbs of course). I tried to sort them but nothing seems to solve the problem, the difference in distribution can't be just compensated with some shifting or reversing the order. So is there a way to force one nurbs point order to conform to another ? The shape isn't similar enough to use "proximity to point" or "from Z" options of course. Many thanx.
  5. bend falloff

    oops never answered this, thank you guys.
  6. Very Nice Martjin, thanx a lot, But the time information comes only from the hit time attribute generated by the pop collision, cleverly transferred to stamp or any other way of applying it. I wish I could 'get' the time info of any point appearance, not just particles. I guess I can't avoid Chops… Many thanx anyway, nice file.
  7. thx a lot Dominik and Martjin, So is there a vex function that returns the 'point existing' information ? Martin the expression in the delete is just something like @Cd.b < 0.1, is there anything returning the time of a delete action ? I just need the points birth frame to trigger some other stuff. Sorry if it is a bit confused. Many thanx. J
  8. Hello, I am making points appear in a scene with an inverted delete (based on color) and I would like to store this appearance time. Is there any way of doing this ? I guess I could use some kind of trigger in CHOP but I don't know where to 'send' it from chops in order to create a new attribute. I tried in vop with age but I guess it is related to particles age attribute only, not to simple sop deleting action. Many thanx. J
  9. Attach cloth sim to wire sim

    Hi, In case someone is looking for this, it is quite simple, you just have to import the wire into the cloth dopnet even if you don't need any collision relationship. The constraint needs it inside the dop in order to refer to it. the point selection though can be just a group in sop. SBD constraint et SBD pin constraint are working fine, not in soft constraint mode though. SBD spring and all king of soft constraint doesn't seem to work, even with a huge strength, the constraint are not resisting to any force. Thx to Olivier Jeannel for this explanation.
  10. Hello, I tried pretty much all constraint configurations in order to attach a cloth to a wire sim without success. Nice guys from the Houdini slack have advised me to simulate the wire then attach the cloth afterwards, but I can't find any constraint that "read" the wire points anyway. What would be the constraint nodes I need ? Should I absolutely transform the wire to polywire to get proper polygons ? To be clear I am just trying to attach a flag to a thin rope and get some realistic wind movements on both. Many thanx.
  11. cloth initial state UVs

    Thanx Atom, of course it works, sorry for this.
  12. cloth initial state UVs

    Thanx Atom but the purpose of the initial state is to use a very different position of the points, the attrib transfer would transform the uvs a lot. I might just copy attributes then ? without any position reference, just point number ? Thx a lot, I will try this.
  13. Hello, I am using an initial state .sim for a simple cloth simulation and I lose the vertex uvs attribute on the dop object. I guess it is logical since .sim can't really carry any attribute ? But is there any way to get back the uvs even when working with an initial state active ? Many thanx
  14. Yes it works fine, I just had to activate the export flag sorry. Thanx so much for your help.