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  1. Bumping this becouse I just had this exact issue. Thanks for the fix!
  2. Jumping on the GIF train, all created with Houdini: https://boaringgifs.tumblr.com/ Cheers, Nick Deboar www.nickdeboar.com
  3. Hey, Sorry for the late reply. TargetV: Makes sense Deflate: The old position vector, that should do the trick Nick
  4. Hey, See attached. I found this example in another thread (totally forgot which one, sorry!). I have some questions about this setup: - This is the first time i have seen targetV used rather than just v. What is the advantages of targetV over v? - How would you go about "deflating" the balloon? I tried just negating the targetV, with little success. Cheers, Nick inflate_01_a_012_fix2.hiplc
  5. Makes sense! Cheers.
  6. I was noodling with something today, and got a similar effect. See attached. noooodle.hip
  7. Hey, See attached. How would I get the particles to stick to the surface of the deforming tube, while still flowing over it? The volume gradient & cross product vector works nicely when it's static, but falls apart when I add deformations. Ta, Nick noodle_v3.hip
  8. Hey, I ended up doing something similar, and it works pretty well. Thanks!
  9. Hey, I have a POP simulation that I need to loop. I am interested in peoples thoughts/experiences with doing this. In my head (i have not tried this yet), I need to store the P of the particles at frame 1, and then somehow force them back to that position with out it looking too 'forced'. Ta, Nick
  10. Hey Vijay, A scale of 1 would = 1 m. That is a pretty big tap! I am trying to work in real world units. Are you saying I shouldn't work in real world units? Ta, Nick
  11. Hey, I am trying to do a simple "water pouring in to a glass" sim. From my understanding, Houdini works in meters, so I am making sure everything is the correct scale. I watched some tutorials that used particles to emit flip fluids, but it seems the particle system has completely changed from the version they where using to how it looks now in H15. So, as a starting point, I tried using the shelf tool "Emit Particle Fluid", and that doesn't seem to work. The fluid does not fall. See attached hip file. Can someone point me in the right direction? I am not sure what the best learning path is. Thanks, Nick sim_v01.zip
  12. Hmm, fixed it again (sorry for all the spam). Just moved the convert vdb to the end of the node tree. Odd though, is it a bug? Edit: Annd its gone again, at a later frame now.
  13. Hmm, happening again. After frame 6 my density = <empty> Attached hip file. forMatt.zip
  14. It seems to be related to the 'VDB Vector Merge'. For some reason, that causes everything do disappear after frame 10. For now, I am converting the 3 vector floats to a vector in a volume wrangle: vector vVel = set(@vel.x,@vel.y,@vel.z); Seems to be working??
  15. Hey, I am simulating a cloud puff. The first 10 frames sim fine, then on frame 11 my sim disappears, which isn't quite what I was going for. I have attached the hip file. Any ideas a greatly appreciated This is my first day with Pyro (been thrown into a the deep end on a job), so I might be missing something obvious. Read on if you interested, but the above is my first concern of the day...... I don't expect anyone to do my work for me, but if anyone has any top tips on achieving an effect like this: I am all ears! Currently I am emitting density from particles, using a heavily borrowed/stolen version of this: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Advect_smoke_with_particles In my initial tests, before things went wonky, the smoke 'moved' too much compared to this reference. What is a good way to calm a pyro sim down? Thanks in advance! Nick cloudPuffOD.zip