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  1. Hi ragunaikvfx, I just had a quick look at your scene. You can fix the problem by increasing the min substeps on the popsolver to 2. Then you might also want to change the expression on your particle source impulse activation from "$F%3==0" to "$FF%3==0". Cheers
  2. I tried the Amazon EC2 cloud and have to say that I wasn't very thrilled with the experience. The instances were low powered and naturally rendering was really slow. The instances with more CPU-power caused problems and couldn't be started even though they are included as options in the submission ROP. That was H14 though, maybe this has changed with the current release. Another thing that really bothered me is that you are charged by the hour. With EC2 your renderings are downloaded automatically. While this is a nice feature I had the problem that my home machine crashed during the loooong rendertimes. Thereafter I couldn't reconnect and my renderings were gone. Take this experience with a pinch of salt though as I didn't look for a solution. Maybe there is the possibillity to reconnect, get your files via ftp or so. I also tried out the Gridmarkets solution which I found much more user friendly. You are charged by the minute, you are not charged for up- and download times/bandwith, render machines are faster and you have ftp-access to your renderings. Another thing that happened to me was that I didn't set my output paths properly (because Gridmarkets didn't support $JOB at that time) and therefore rendered into 'nothingness'. Still I was able to access each frame through their web interface and download it manually. Not very professional but better than to rerender everything. I didn't do any cost comparison between EC2 and Gridmarkets though, as Gridmarkets offered some free credits for beta testing
  3. When using GridMarket you don't have to pay for file transfer. Thought that might be of interest.
  4. Hey Talen, you're probably right. I was a bit tired when I read this yesterday and posted my reply. Sorry about that . You can use the "intersect_all" vop to get the farthest distance. It stores all your hit positions in a vector array and also gives you the number of hits. You can then use this "hit number" (-1 because an array starts with 0) to get the last and thereby the farthest hit point. For this use a "get element" vop. Take a look into attribvob1 of the attached file. Hope this helps. intersect_all.hipnc
  5. Hey there, just now I was wondering why the farthest option isn't there anymore as well. After some fiddling around I found that the distance is now included in the Ray Direction parameter. Thereafter (stupid me) I had a look at the documentation and surprise, surprise ... it's all there http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/nodes/vop/intersect .
  6. @hmy911: sure, no problem! @fuat: nice approach, probably the better solution.
  7. Hey, reviving this old thread. Did you figure out a way to do this? Especially how to export sop level animation to Unity? Cheers.
  8. Thanks eetu, that's great!!!
  9. Digging up this old thread. Did you ever get this to work? I am trying to achieve something similar but I can find almost no information about these nodes. Cheers.
  10. Hey Michael, thanks for your suggestion. I actually found an easy way to handle my problem in this thread (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18365-normal-to-angle-how-to/). I've attached the solution. Cheers particleRings_02.hipnc
  11. Hey all, I'm trying to generate a circle of particles around each of my collision points. This I got to work but what I can't get my head around is how to align these circles to the Hitnormals. I tried several things but my math is not the best and I couldn't find a solution. Can somebody please show me the correct approach? Cheers particleRings.hipnc
  12. I Found my own solution and attached a file for those interested. bevel_chops_1.hiplc
  13. Hey all, I'm working on this test where I want to animate the polybevel of several cornerpoints through CHOPs. When you scrub through the timeline you can see that there are several points that are bevelled simultaniously but I can't get it to work so that each point is bevelled on it's own. Does this make sense? I'm kinda tired I hope someone can shed light on this. Oh and I just realized that one of the bevel operations creates a hole, don't know about that one either. Thanks! bevel_chops.hiplc
  14. I found a solution or rather two. One is using a popvop and the other a popwrangle. I attached the scene file. It's Apprentice edition though. stopPopAttract.hipnc
  15. I am also interested in a solution for this. Anybody?