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  1. The scene is very basic: I have randomly sized, randomly positioned boxes. Some of them are intersecting, some do not. I want to stack them one after another like books on shelf. This is what I have now.
  2. sop solver works only during animation right? So after every change I have to re simulate again. I don't think that that's the way I want to go.
  3. @Follyx thanks for reply. as far as I know metadata gives current iteration and number of iterations and I want position of primitive.
  4. Hi guys, is it possible to get an attribute value from loop before current in foreach loop?
  5. VEX compare attrib values to each other

    @petz @f1480187 Thanks again guys. Much appreciated.
  6. Radial Joiner

    Thanks for sharing. Great tool.
  7. VEX compare attrib values to each other

    @ikoon @petz Thanks for reply guys. One quick question here: how is it possible to create array from numbers I marked in the first post's screen? Right now it's irrelevant, but in future it would help me.
  8. I would just copytransform bricks, then isolate ones near window and then boolean them so that boolean will calculate small amount of data and it will be faster. After that I would fracture bricks with foreach loop so that every brick is fractured differently. If you fracture bricks before copying, every brick will be the same.
  9. VEX compare attrib values to each other

    @konstantin magnus @f1480187 Thanks for help guys
  10. Hi guys, how do I compare to each other and get max and min values of attribute for different elements. Basically I want to compare these guys and get min and max.
  11. normal to angle : how to ?

    Hi Guys, I am wondering how it is possible to do the opposite - convert an angle into a vector?
  12. Poly Bridge

    I think you need to consolidate points. Try adding fuse node after bridge.
  13. Hi guys, How do I make a knife always be perpendicular to grid it is cutting?
  14. Sweep SOP problem

    wow that helped perfectly Huuuuuuuge thanks
  15. Sweep SOP problem

    Hi, I'm trying to create geometry with sweepSOP. I have this curve with normals after sweep, geometry somehow flips how can I make section follow the backbone?