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  1. Ok I was able to auto-solve this by creating an orient attribute and a rest orient attribute to maintain the original noise flow. The orient attribute is created from a polyframe with N and up followed in a wrangle matrix3 m = maketransform(@N,@up); vector4 q = quaternion(m); p@orient = q; p@rorient = q; v@rest = @P;
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get the same thing but working with deforming geometries. Rest SOP has the rest normal too but how exactly I can use this rnml attribute to orient the noise ?
  3. Can't Bake CHOP in H16

    same here
  4. houdini theme

    Yup, I was using it blue for some times, but now I think Houdini don't deserve the same accent color than Maya ;-)
  5. houdini theme

    Hi, Here's an orange varient (because the accent color of Houdini is orange right ?) plus various adaptations where the original theme fails (audio waveform display, frame sequences number and menu readability) Slate_Orange.zip
  6. Hi, I remember a thread here about a script to auto colour nodes but I can't find it ? do someone remember it ?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to put an houdini.env file in the $HSITE folder but the file isn't really picked up... Where exactly can i do that ? the goal is for setting basic houdini env variable for every computer
  8. how can I inflate cloth ?

    Hi, The inflatee.hip file do inflate if we change vertex to point but the balloon is going up in the air... ! What's happening exactly ?
  9. houdini theme

    Hi, Anybody know what entry has to be changed to better see the frame number with this theme ? cheers
  10. Emit Flip fluids from particles

    Hi ! I can't find this option, could you be more precise ? Just like you i want to emit from pop particles ;-)
  11. ok sorry to intercept this guys but, i was searching this for a long time now, how on hell you can fiund "delete edges but keep boundary ones" in "Divide SOP" ??? 50% of tools in houdini are spreads over toons of SOPs with not so desciptive name. Do someone ever wrote a SOP Visual Guide or something ???
  12. That's not a Mantra secret feature of cropping !!! you are just using exr and photoshop and after effect don't read them correctly and that's adobe fault ;-) // seem the last adobe after 2016 is correct now
  13. Hi, I saw Guerilla guys integrate a great denoising tech from InnoBright. Seems thought that require some special aov to perform a correct denoise Did you guys ever tried that tech with mantra ? http://www.guerillarender.com/doc/1.4/User%20Guide_Rendering_Denoising.html http://www.innobright.com/ Nono
  14. Best approach to Object ID Pass

    Hi, About that, did something equivalent exist for mantra to the latest "cryptomate" (from psyop) https://vimeo.com/136954966 & the paper http://www.psyop.tv/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/psyop_IDmattes_poster.pdf would it be cool ???
  15. Make Human Workflow

    did you get weights and bones too, ready to apply some mocap data ?