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  1. Did you ever figure this out? I have run into the exact same problem.
  2. I am doing an experiment (research) where I want to save some simulation data to disk so I can run it through a machine learning algorithm, but I am hoping I could get some guidance or suggestions as to how to approach this. In the end, I want to save out training examples to disk which include: Value at a cell and 6 neighboring cells from a scalar field at time step t -- (pressure) Value of the gradients/divergence between the center cell and the 6 neighboring cells from a vector field at time step t -- (velocity) Value of a cell from a scalar field at time step t + 1 -- (pressure) In a previous project, I wrote a new SOP Operator in the hdk and used ofstream to write to disk, but it was painful and the lack of an IDE made it a slow to code. I am left wondering if there are functionalities of houdini that would make this task easier that I just don't know about. Basically, I want to do some simple math, save out scalar and vector field data as lines in a text file ("[a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h...]\n"), and also save cell data from the next timestep, all presumably in a SIM node attached to my Multisolver after the "gas project non divergent" node. (The data will then be loaded into a separate python program to train the Machine learner, but that's not important.) Any, and I mean any, guidance or suggestions on how to best utilize houdini to get this data out would be much appreciated. Thanks