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  1. Since there is the new biharmonic capture in H16, is it possible to compute biharmonic distance from any point on a surface ?
  2. Improve auto layout network. I never like to hit 'L' key in network view unless I'm sure it won't mess up the network setup. If there is branching or complex wiring, it's highly that the command will not sort nodes as I want.
  3. One way is when particle hit surface save its collide direction (may be N or v) relative to surface orientation, then, each frame, compute normal vector from the relative direction and current orientation. Here the hip file. It's not perfect, it doesn't handle space transform so will work incorrectly if there is transformation at object level. Though, it should work with deforming object. (Is there a way to transform quaternion between object space?) Edit: Just use transform vop to transform direction vector to collider's space. This should now accept object transformation arrow_0_reorient.hipnc
  4. Hi wick3dParticle, That's exactly what I want ! Never know before how to use "op:" in Dop. That syntax is pretty convenient. Thanks for help
  5. Hi, I am trying to do a simulation in DOP using fields. In Gas Field Vop, is there a way to read data from another voxel by index? In Vop Sop there is a node called Volume Index that do this kind of thing but I can't get it works in Gas Field Vop. Thanks