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    Hello, I AM DYSLEXIC - a very nice student project I worked on back in 2015 just got published, I did FX for it, all in Houdini, then handed over caches to lighting and rendering guys (rendered in Mental Ray in Maya). I really like visual style and it was really interesting to do some effects for this style of animation. Enjoy Short breakdown: 00:48 - paper (cloth) sim, a proxy collision geo of hero character was animated and used for interactions 03:22 - RBD simulation advected by hand-drawn guide curves and underlying FLIP simulation, some VDB meshes for hill filling, procedurally generated pages between books with fake dynamics (even though they got totally lost in the renders)
  2. Juraj's playground

    I wrote a guide on writing simple node operating on OpenVDB volumes in HDK: Creating simple C++ OpenVDB node in HDK What it does is basically: the node will take a VDB volume as an input and point cloud, then at position of each point it will activate matching voxel in VDB volume. You can also check repository with the code: VDB Activate from Points
  3. Juraj's playground

    Compiling DreamWorks OpenVDB C++ nodes for Houdini on Linux and another guide - how to add DreamWorks OpenVDB nodes into your Houdini
  4. Juraj's playground

    Compiling C++ OpenVDB Hello World example using Houdini precompiled libraries on Linux - a quick guide, might be useful to somebody
  5. über slow

    I was just wondering about the same thing, it is quite slow from my side as well.
  6. Juraj's playground

    adding project files, it is a bit messy because it contains all my nodes for exploring the techniques and testing out things, but still might be helpful for some some paths are hardcoded but with a bit of fixing you can get it running gridless_selma.hipnc
  7. Juraj's playground

    added project files, note that in interaction_forces.hipnc I used a technique for calculating eigenvectors which was a bit overcomplicated, I updated the technique in curvature.hipnc but did not update the particle sim setup yet interaction_forces.hipnc curvature.hipnc
  8. Juraj's playground

    k_means.hipnc obb.hipnc
  9. Juraj's playground

  10. Juraj's playground

    Project file for OpenCL and VEX raymarching. raymarcher_ocl_vex.hipnc
  11. Juraj's playground

    Inspired by couple of papers and Houdini tutorials I started playing with fractals and raymarching. Here are some of the results so far. EDIT: see the following post for the project file
  12. Hi, I tried to update to latest build 16.0.736 (linux), but it isn't working. I can simply select files, but when I select folder and click accept, nothing happens, selection is accepted only if I select a file. In 16.0.557 it works normally, but not in 16.0.600, 16.0.633, 16.0.736
  13. Selectively load volume from VDB file

    So, I just found out, that OpenVDB's Houdini implementation has a node for exactly this purpose From node's docs:
  14. Hello, now when I am loading VDB volumes with File SOP it sometime takes some time, especially with big volumes stored on network. I was wondering whether it is possible to load only specified volumes from a VDB file, for example to load only heat, to keep loading times slower. This would save a lot of time in situations where I am blasting all other volumes which I do not need directly after File node. I quickly checked docs and found that it is possible to firstly read the header to find out information about stored VDBs and then to load needed volume (in Reading and modifying a grid section). Any ideas if it is supported right now in Houdini implementation / or if there are any plans to add this? Juraj
  15. Pulse of Life

    Thanks, we also appreciate your feedback and help during the production