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  1. Juraj's playground

    Hello community, I am creating this thread where I will be posting links to my tests, experiments, RnD's and other uncategorizable stuff. Also often I will include scene files so feel free to explore them and to learn how not to do things ...hope it will help somebody, somehow. Juraj
  2. Juraj's playground

    New Houdini tip: Using HOU module in Visual Studio Code. https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/houdini-tip-using-hou-module-in-visual-studio-code
  3. pluralize vex

    Seriously? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pluralize Can we get a function that will translate things into another language? Or maybe a spell check?
  4. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip: Camera auto-focus using Python expression https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/02/06/houdini-tip-camera-auto-focus/
  5. Hello, I wonder if it is an intention to have social media icons at every site here to point to web design company pages Juraj
  6. Juraj's playground

    Feel free to check this tutorial / collection of VEX snippets I prepared. I tried to cover many different areas of VEX scripting, mostly stuff I found useful.
  7. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Faster saving of scenes on network drives Simple houdini env var which will speed up saving of large scenes especially notable on network shares.
  8. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | sRGB preview inside Houdini and Mplay Here I show how to set up a sRGB preview color space inside Houdini which will match Nuke's default preview color space
  9. Juraj's playground

    Houdini tip | Taking advantage of environment variables In this post I show some examples of using environment variables to set up multiple configurations of Houdini for both windows and linux.
  10. Hello, I'm playing with bullet dynamics in Houdini. But I'm having quite often one problem - strange motion in e.g. small shards on ground plane. They don't stop moving even after few seconds after they fell on the floor. They are not changing position but just slightly rotating. This motion seems to go on and on... According to docs Linear/Angular Treshold parameter in RBD Packed Object should fix it, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Have you experienced this type of error and if - have you solved it? Thanks

    Hello, I AM DYSLEXIC - a very nice student project I worked on back in 2015 just got published, I did FX for it, all in Houdini, then handed over caches to lighting and rendering guys (rendered in Mental Ray in Maya). I really like visual style and it was really interesting to do some effects for this style of animation. Enjoy Short breakdown: 00:48 - paper (cloth) sim, a proxy collision geo of hero character was animated and used for interactions 03:22 - RBD simulation advected by hand-drawn guide curves and underlying FLIP simulation, some VDB meshes for hill filling, procedurally generated pages between books with fake dynamics (even though they got totally lost in the renders)
  12. Juraj's playground

    I wrote a guide on writing simple node operating on OpenVDB volumes in HDK: Creating simple C++ OpenVDB node in HDK What it does is basically: the node will take a VDB volume as an input and point cloud, then at position of each point it will activate matching voxel in VDB volume. You can also check repository with the code: VDB Activate from Points
  13. Juraj's playground

    Compiling DreamWorks OpenVDB C++ nodes for Houdini on Linux and another guide - how to add DreamWorks OpenVDB nodes into your Houdini
  14. Juraj's playground

    Compiling C++ OpenVDB Hello World example using Houdini precompiled libraries on Linux - a quick guide, might be useful to somebody
  15. über slow

    I was just wondering about the same thing, it is quite slow from my side as well.
  16. Juraj's playground

    adding project files, it is a bit messy because it contains all my nodes for exploring the techniques and testing out things, but still might be helpful for some some paths are hardcoded but with a bit of fixing you can get it running gridless_selma.hipnc
  17. Juraj's playground

    added project files, note that in interaction_forces.hipnc I used a technique for calculating eigenvectors which was a bit overcomplicated, I updated the technique in curvature.hipnc but did not update the particle sim setup yet interaction_forces.hipnc curvature.hipnc
  18. Juraj's playground

    k_means.hipnc obb.hipnc
  19. Juraj's playground

  20. Juraj's playground

    Project file for OpenCL and VEX raymarching. raymarcher_ocl_vex.hipnc
  21. Juraj's playground

    Inspired by couple of papers and Houdini tutorials I started playing with fractals and raymarching. Here are some of the results so far. EDIT: see the following post for the project file
  22. Hello, in Houdini 15 I was using hou.ui.selectFile() dialog to get user's input and I would process it further in python. I used the same function to let user select files or folders, based on the needs of a tool. Now I updated to 16 and the function does not seem to enable user to select a folder, it works only with selecting a file. Does anybody know if there is a way to select a folder in 16? I want to batch process files in a directory and I would like to use file browser dialog to let user set it. In worst case I could use hou.ui.readInput(), and to ask user to enter a path there, but this is super user-unfriendly Thanks, Juraj
  23. Pulse of Life

    Hello, now when it is finally published I would like to share you something I was working on during my first semester at the university. It is an university project done at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and my role was Technical Director. Enjoy watching with loud sound and in HD Big thanks goes to our cool team, who did their best to finish this piece: Concept/Design: Alex Berweck Technical Directing: Juraj Tomori Film Music: Alexander Wolf David Sounddesign: Robin Harff Animation-­/ VFX-Producing: Vincent Waltan, Tina Vest Modeling: Mitja Öhm Director and Layout: Caroline Kießling FX & Simulation: Aleksej Skrypnik, Justin Braun Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH Pipeline was centered around Houdini and Mantra and we really enjoyed the production of it. I did short breakdowns of a tools and workflows I developed for this project, you can check it here: https://vimeo.com/album/4471569 We used a lot of assets and relied heavily on instancing and I really liked how well Houdini suited into our pipeline, from fast viewport preview of packed disk primitives, to lightweight IFDs being constantly sent to renderfarm Also using digital assets enabled us to efficiently collaborate and transfer setups to the shots. Also big thanks to awesome people here at odforce, it was really great learning/help resource for our project. If you have any questions feel free to ask Juraj
  24. Hi, I tried to update to latest build 16.0.736 (linux), but it isn't working. I can simply select files, but when I select folder and click accept, nothing happens, selection is accepted only if I select a file. In 16.0.557 it works normally, but not in 16.0.600, 16.0.633, 16.0.736
  25. Selectively load volume from VDB file

    So, I just found out, that OpenVDB's Houdini implementation has a node for exactly this purpose From node's docs: