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  1. Some Looping RND Animations

    Nice work! Also that website is great, really helpful! Thanks!
  2. Some Looping RND Animations

    I'm not working in a studio setting anymore, so I've been doing random little houdini experiments to challenge myself, and keep learning new techniques. It's been a lot of fun. https://www.instagram.com/rycofx/ Hey does anyone know a better way to present these than instagram, or have a suggestion for a good GIF converter for linux?
  3. houdini gear

    Cool! I did something like this when I was starting in houdini, but I like your method better. My setup never could support the larger gear rotating slower, which is the entire point of gears. haha Nice work.
  4. Does anyone know of a way to enable this checkbox via python?
  5. export from mplay with naming convention

    Does anyone have a simple solution for exporting with a naming convention from mplay? I'm always using the export > ffmpeg feature. But it always is defaulting to untitled.mp4. I'd like it to use the .hipname or something, but I can't figure out how to change that output file name preset. Perhaps another option would be to use the ffmpeg command and grab these images from there tmp location but that seems like overkill.. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks hive mind!
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Diff Function for the Node Network This would highlight nodes that have changes, similar to how the performance monitor colors the network. - This would allow you to compare 2 subnets or tree selections to find what single variable or node has changed. - This would also be a great feature that could be enabled automatically inside unlocked OTLs, so as you unlock and start making minor changes you can easily find them later. It's always scary opening up another artists hip file and wondering what they have changed inside a very complicated unlocked OTL. Drag and Drop Swap - In Nuke you can Ctrl+Shift drop a node on another and it swaps them out. I keep forgetting you can't do that in Houdini.
  7. Scale based on scattered points

    In case that is what you are looking for here is the setup. goosebumps_example.hiplc
  8. Scale based on scattered points

    Like this?
  9. Hey, yeah that totally works. I don't know why I thought that didn't work in the past. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Konstantin, I pretty much ended up doing that. I just encapsulated the network into a VOP OTL so that they will both pickup changes. The only trouble now is that I have a ramp parameter on my shader and on my point vop and I can't get them to stay in sync.
  11. Transfer deformation between objects

    This sounds like a job for "point deform." transferDisplacement_02.hip
  12. I've run into this issue a few times now. I have a shader that generates several output variables for extra image planes. The variables that are generated would be really useful in SOPs. The only thing I can think of that would allow me to run the same calculation on each point, is to collapse the SHOP network into an OTL that I could also exist inside a VOP. But the parameters are being driven on the shader and it seems a bit messy to channel reference all the ramps and other parameters. Is there some way to apply the shop_materialpath and then compute and export a variable on a per point basis? Thanks!
  13. Sticking moving particles to a deforming surface

    If the geo is too complex or thin for VDBs you can try using xyzdistance inside the solver to pull the nearest surface position. You'll need to recalculate your velocity vectors afterwards though, so not as elegant as the VDB solution. Nice example Sean the volume gradient idea is really clever. int primID; vector primUVs; xyzdist(1,@P,primID,primUVs); // get the primID and primUV of the nearest prim on input2 @P = primuv(1,"P",primID,primUVs); // move the P to the position on that primitive
  14. When I create rest using the rest SOP if I do a transform down the chain it will alter the rest position as well. But, if I create the rest attribute using any other method it won't be altered, maintaining it's value, as expected. Why does a transform SOP edit the restP? restTranslateTest.hip