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  1. Need help on Tornado simulation

    cool bro, you can enhance the detail using arnold i think, displace the shader using noise. hope it help.
  2. HARD CONSTRAINT not stick to animated HELLICOPTER

    solved ++ thanks
  3. hai, im following tutorial from applied houdini rigids III, got trouble when on hard constraint. i got the hardconstraint not following the animated object, here the look can someone help me, big thanks
  4. Particle blow effect?

    really admire for this fx, and really great to if there any hip file.
  5. inner RBD object Inheriting Outer RBD object??

    thanks man, this is what i'm looking for. you save my day.
  6. hello houdini guru, may someone help me, how to inheriting same movement on 2 fractured geo (outside fractured geo and inside fractured geo that stack each other) , so they both has identicaly movement or inheriting with same movement. for now, my fracture on outside and inside was move differencely. here the capture and also the file RBD_Pack_2 layer_test1.hipnc

    yes, this should make saparate dop as you suggest. thanks jhonny. ill update the progress on here about my self project.

    great suggest farmfield, i really appreciate it. here finally i got a works setup about cloth to particle conversion here'some hint about my personal project looks like.
  9. and how about a random speed time, where should i put multiplication of random id of point to do speed random time?
  10. its really rare, i was developed like this and just finished 5 minute before you upload, and you have done similiar with my approach, and more advance than mine because has a ramp on the solver, thanks moneitor..its really help me alot.

    thanks for hip, yes i want to achieve fragments blow by wind of some force with scaling to dissapear at @age > 0.8 or above, but i dont know how to use pscale by age on bullet , cloth or spring so i convert fragments into prim point, then converted to particle, then drive back using primitive node. so i endup with my setup. if there's any simplified setup or the correct way, i'm very pleased to see

    hello, i have finished my learning about fracture drive by particle, here's the looks and here the files really welcome if someone can improve my setup. fracture_explodeTest2.hipnc
  13. ok, ill try. maybe ill try using $SF too, because my substep sim on 10, and frame setup on step was 0.1. i will confirm when it finished. but for now im still setuping the other element for completing the FX.
  14. hello all, is somebody has solved problem like this, when i substepping the simulation into 10 substep on the dopnetwork, then setup the step playback frame into 0.1, then i write the cache with step 0.1, i got error number sequence. i had try with freeware for batching rename, but still didnt get the patern number because every 10 frame, the lenght of the filename was difference. its okay if the range under 100 framets but my frame above 3000 fame, its paintfully if i manualy rename the file. is there anyone ever had solve this case? thanks all.
  15. cloth fracturing - trouble with sop solver

    ok, just playing with geometry wrangle on the dopnet, and import cd attribute, then bind to pintoanimation, done thanks after all.