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  1. Cloth Simulation for Crowds

    Hi all, I am trying to get this working but I don't know enough Houdini to get a working scene. I have some agents, from the Stadium preset. I have used the python script from the jointPositions.hip to isolate the hand position of some of those agents. So, now I have 20 or so points waving around in space, where the agent's hands are. I want to loop through each of those points, adding a cloth object each time. Can that be done in a for-each loop? Thanks for any advice. stadiumPreset_v002.hipnc
  2. Varying Wire solver along L-System ?

    I can see that you can generate point attributes when the L-System is created, which gives a couple of useful sounding attributes: gen and width. How would it be possible to feed these into the Wire solver? Let's say I wanted to multiply Elasticity or Angular Damping by that width attribute. Can that be done? How can I do that? Any help at all would be very gratefully recieved. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I am still working on a shot where trees bend due to a rocket exhaust. I have tried FEM but I think it will not do what I want (too 'chunky'). I would like to try the Wire solver. What I want is the trunk of the tree to bend very slightly, the branches to bend a bit more and the twigs to bend a twitch a lot - bend angle proportional to branch thickness, basically. How can I vary the wire deformer strength or bend angle along the length of the L-System branches? I suspect this is a VERY simple thing for a Houdini TD to do, but I am not sure how to approach it. Please help! I enclose a simple setup where I have a L-system, converted into a Wire sim, with a hard pin constraint on the base of the trunk and I made a Wind force pushing on it. Many thanks l-system_wire_test_02.hip
  4. pushing FEM object using pyro

    yes, Yes, YES !!!! Thanks Paul. I had to modify a bit, but your setup has shown the way. Thanks a lot!!!! Inside the SOPsolver, I reversed the velocity vector. Here is a test render and scene file. l-system_test_05.hip l-system_test_05_H264.mov
  5. fem flip interaction

    How about pyro interacting with FEM? I want to push a FEM object using a pyro sim. Can I use the velocity of the pyro sim to affect (or advect or whatever) the FEM ? Is that possible? I have version 15.5.607 Many thanks
  6. pushing FEM object using pyro

    Thanks for your help, Atom. I suppose sometimes the simplest solution will be good enough! Is it possible to connect those simulations, though?
  7. pushing FEM object using pyro

    Hi everyone, I am trying to bend some trees using a rocket exhaust. I have created a pyro sim for the rocket exhaust, which I have cached cached. I have also created trees in L-systems and made them in to FEM objects. I have been able to use a magnet force in the FEM simulation to deform the trees, but I want to use the pyro sim to force the trees to bend. I assume this is possible, but I do not know how to connect the cached pyro sim to the FEM simulation. I have been trying to use the FieldForce DOP with a SOPvetorField plugged into the data, but I have no idea how to configure these nodes. Can anyone help me with getting this to work? Thanks! Dan l-system_test_04.hip
  8. Never mind, I got it! Yes, it's in Stylesheets. I found that it works if I use 'sub-target' with a condition Primitive Name = *card Always learning...
  9. Never mind, I got it! Yes, it's in Stylesheets. I found that it works if I use 'sub-target' with a condition Primitive Name = *card Always learning...
  10. Hi, I am just starting to R&D a shot with a stadium crowd performing a 'card stunt' (http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-amazing-colorful-flip-card-propaganda-mosaics-of-n-1051426231) So, I have made some agents with a card assigned as an Agent Layer. I have got the agents animating, transitioning and with random textures applied. So far so good! I am having difficulty assigning random material to the cards. Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to find a way for stylesheets to isolate the cards. Many thanks for any help with this. Dan
  11. YES!!! Thanks very much!
  12. Hi, I am still not clear how to find these textures. How do I access that "mocapbiped otl/hda" ? I have created a mocapbiped, but where is the otl/hda? Thanks !
  13. That's it! Nice one Sasho. Thanks very muich! Thanks Atom too, I learned a lot!
  14. Absolutely! You can have this little alembic file (1.6MB) It has a couple of hundred particles, each of which should have lifespanPP (single float), rgbPP (three floats). I have been trying to wrangle the data, but I'm not quite there yet. I don't know how to access arrays in VEX and get the data into a three-element array, for example Cd. I got this far: i@index = 3 * @ptnum; f@red = f[]@rgb_PP[@index]; f@green = f[]@rgb_PP[@index + 1]; f@blue = f[]@rgb_PP[@index + 2]; v@Cd = set(@red, @green, @blue); and I think I'm almost there. However this gives three attributes @red, @green and @blue but all are getting set to 0.0 I'm obviously not accessing the rgb_PP array properly. I am grateful for your help, I think we are almost at the end now... Cheers, Dan particleTest_v001.abc particleTest_v001.hip
  15. Hi Atom, Thanks very much for your reply. Now, I have applied the attribute promote node to the alembic file, now I get a massive array of Cd on each particle. This is getting out of hand! Hopefully you can see from my screen grabs what is happening. In the spreadsheet, the Cd[n] columns go on and on until n = 3 * number of particles. What would you suggest I try next? Many thanks, Dan