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  1. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    Since they don't mention anything about why they're no longer developing, I'd say they were bought out.
  2. Wire Sim with Changing Point Count Source

    Thank you! After a few more adjustments, this is working great.
  3. Wire Sim with Changing Point Count Source

    Thanks for the file! The latter option of a sim with grains & constraints sounds like the best possibility for what I'm after (something akin to a spider-man web-sling effect), but would still present a similar challenge. In my original setup (attached), a pop emitter shoots out initial particles, a wrangle draws wires from each emitted particle to their sourceptnum, the wire is resampled as it gets longer, and the result is fed into a DOP wire solver. But, with multiple wires being resampled simultaneously, the point numbers change, and the solver is no longer sure where one polywire end and the other begins. I'm guessing I'd run into a similar issue with PBD. WireSim_Letellier.hipnc
  4. Wire Sim with Changing Point Count Source

    Oh gosh, if you don't know, then I don't think anybody does!
  5. Wire Sim with Changing Point Count Source

    I'd like to perform a dynamics simulation on a wire that I'm growing in length via SOPs, but the wire solver doesn't appear to be built to take in a changing-point-count polywire as an input, as everything goes haphazard very quickly. Is there a known work-around to this? Thanks, Luke
  6. Object Buffer/Alpha Matte/Object Id

    Did you find an answer to this one?
  7. H15 Pyro Now Broken

    Thanks; it seems to be related to the source volume for temperature & fuel; by scaling them down from 1 to .2, things look much closer to what they did before. Still some tweaking to do (isn't there always?) but it's looking a lot better.
  8. H15 Pyro Now Broken

    I need to re-use a pyro scene I had created about a year ago as part of a project; here's a test render I had done on 5/19/16: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9tih2vxd2w2pce/PaperBurn_02.mp4?dl=0 I found an old autosave from that day (and the surrounding days), and when opened in either H15.5.863 or H16 .0.633 I get a test render looking like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/68dw58zxa6pno8m/PaperBurn_02_today.mp4?dl=0 For some reason, the temperature and heat fields completely balloon out within 20 fames & fill the entire grid. It's the same exact scene file from that day, but with completely different behavior - and I can't figure out why. The shader feels out of whack too, as it looks incredibly overexposed. The only thing that comes to mind is if there was a change to the pyro solver in H15.5/H16 that needs to be accounted for. Thoughts? I can strip the scene file of client content if need be. Thanks, Luke
  9. Saving H16 geo with H15.5 Compatibility

    Apparently, there's a bug in 15.5.632 that's causing this to hang. The recommended fix is to: 1. Save out the Geometry from H16. 2. Open up the geometry in H15.5.717, and save it out again. 3. Open up the geometry in H15.0.633 / use geo in C4D HDA. :(
  10. Saving H16 geo with H15.5 Compatibility

    Thanks; I added "HOUDINI15_5_GEO_COMPATIBILITY = 1" to my H16 houdini.env file, but this doesn't seem to have fixed my issue. So it might be something else I'm dealing with. Will talk to SideFx tech support.
  11. I feel like I missed a memo - and I can't find the right words for a search to find it in the forums: While in H16, how can I save out points to a cache that can be read by H15.5? I know that bgeo.sc doesn't work, but I thought that .bgeo would, but when I try to open the attached cache in H15.5, the whole program stalls & I have to Cntl+Alt+Delete. I'm doing this because the C4D Houdini Engine hasn't been updated to H16 yet (really Maxon?), and if I want to try to use it, then my source geo files need to be compatible. Thanks, Luke Points_H15.zip
  12. Vray for Houdini Alpha

    Best to ask your questions on the GitHub page, as you'll have a better chance of getting an answer from a developer (i.e- someone who knows the answer)
  13. Issues with VDB as RBD Collision Object

    At this point I think it'd be good to talk to SideFx support.
  14. Issues with VDB as RBD Collision Object

    Sorry that you're having issues! I notice that you're using an early version of H14, so I'm not sure if this will line up 1 to 1 with what I have. In your hq_Render node, see where there's the option that currently says "Render Current Hip File"? Change it to "Render Target HIP File", and then type in the direct path to the file, similar to how you typed in the direct path in the "Target HFS" Field: "H:/MyProject/Houdini/myHoudiniHipFile.hip" <--- or whatever it'd be. On this particular field, be sure to use the full path, *not* $HIP. But be sure that every other external file reference node in your scene (Alembic, ROPs, Read/Write nodes, etc) are all using $HIP paths. Since you're still on H14, I'm guessing that you're on the full version of Houdini rather than Indie? If you are using Indie, be sure to go into the "Mantra Options" tab of the Hqueue render node, and uncheck the "Generate IFDs" box. With any luck that'll work!
  15. Issues with VDB as RBD Collision Object

    Thank you for your help & clarifications! To be honest, I wasn't even aware of the drop-down menu that distinguished between RBD & Bullet (I was also using the two terms interchangeably, due to my use of another app. Oops.) Bullet appears to be more stable for my current sim (or at least, it doesn't require me to go through and change a lot of parameters). I also didn't realize that VDBs only worked with the RBD solver; I'm used to using them as obstacles for FLIP and smoke sims, so I just assumed that it'd migrate over. "Never assume..." Learning every day!