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  1. Thanks! For those following along, on the camera: Render Properties --> Mantra --> Rendering --> xform_motionsamples
  2. How does one do this in H16? I can't seem to find the "Transform samples" parameter to add.
  3. Bingo. Thanks so much Adam! RFE is submitted.
  4. In the H16 Principled Shader, how does one reduce overall specular intensity? Reducing the IOR changes the spec intensity at different angles, and adjusting the roughness will change how spread out the spec is, but even with those properly adjusted, my spec highlights are still super bright in a particular scene shot - and I'd like to use a parameter similar to the Vray param that allows you to adjust the overall specular intensity for a material - but I can't seem to find it in H16. Any ideas where it might be hidden in the material settings (or perhaps deep within the nodes)? Thanks, Luke
  5. AFAIK, you need to be caching .sim files in order to restart a simulation. The compressed cache files are geometry based, and in order to compress them to the small size that's desired, H removes a lot of the critical data that would be needed to restart a simulation. I don't have it open in front of me, but right on your DOP node you should have the option to passively cache sim files during the simulation process, keeping only the most recent ~5 frames worth of data, so if a crash does occur, it can pick up where it left off.
  6. Imagine a situation where an artist discovers a notable bug in the middle of production that prevented further progress. If they were using a 3rd party solution, they'd have to wait on hold for the developers to uncover the source, fix it, and send out a patch. With in-house proprietary software, you send an email to the guys down the hall, they stop everything, find the bug, and get you a fix by dinner time.
  7. I work remotely as well, creating product & explainer videos in the relatively lower budget realms, essentially creating clean and refined visuals that are very simple. Make a pretty scene, animate a camera around it, add some animated text. Done. But I'm also doing all the producing work as well: writing pitches, making bids, discussing projects with potential clients (so many emails...SO MANY), writing scripts, finding voice artists, directing the voice over, searching through hundreds of music tracks for the right tune, all the client communication & negotiations during the project itself (A great many more emails)...and then, after all that... I do the art stuff. 95% of my work is entirely C4D, but I'm slowly moving into H now that Vray for H is gaining a bit of traction.
  8. Great idea; definitely worth a shot.
  9. Is there an easy way to do this with a lot of points, along with (perhaps) a random offset from the spline? In C4D I can set this up in about 20 seconds, but it looks to be more of a complex problem here.
  10. It'd be worthwhile to make a thread about it on the GitHub page to see if a texture slot can be added right on the light.
  11. What kind of quirks are you discovering?
  12. Thanks so much for the info! I'll ask around on the GitHub page & see if they've added some functionality in that area over the last few months.
  13. What's the general workflow for rendering on a farm? @pclaes, in your wiki I noticed you had some specific code that you used to make this happen; are there any other ways such as using Hqueue or DR?
  14. Every company says that their most recent release is the best & biggest release yet; it's standard marketing hyperbole, and usually worth ignoring. Always good to see the actual feature list, as the proof is in the pudding. And according to 3D world, this pudding is thick and juicy.
  15. WAT.