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  1. Hey all, There's something inside a muscle object that got me intrigued. The selected ctrl null seems to modify a muscle's shape, but there's that line in their viewport display icon that implies that its rotation is meaningful in some way. It doesn't seem to be, so my question is, am I missing something or there's something planned for a future muscle version and that's just waiting there for now? Michael?
  2. @jonmoore Awesome. WOuld like to see this in a future Houdini version.
  3. Interesting. Do you have to select the digit you want to increment first or is it based on the cursor's position? If it's the latter like it appears to be, it's quite useful.
  4. Right. And maybe then, I'll see those dreaded handle glows replaced with a simple color change.
  5. I for one would like to see all the points from this thread solved: https://sidefx.com/forum/topic/42294/ Without ALL those and a few others, trad. mod. would still be a downgrade from XSI to H for me. The new H16's booleans is awesome, but very situational for trad-mod. If "auto set-pivot" means that the viewport orbits around the point where you click, it might be a good feature for some situations, but for modeling "orbit around selection" (objs, points, etc) is the most useful. Perhaps option toggles to have both behaviors enabled, just one or none at all would be best.
  6. Just a simple suggestion: move Art and Challenges right under General category. Work posted in wip&finished is often a source of motivation for others, a way to get feedback for your work and can also be a retreat for relaxation, since that's one of the purposes of art. Upon a moment of introspection I've learned that I'm visiting the Art and Ch. section rather sporadically because of its positioning on the page. It's laziness, I know, but I have a suspicion I'm not the only guilty ape on this.
  7. Those env. shots at the beginning are amazing. The meteor part could use some improvements - beside what Marty said, I'd say a more detailed smoke trail and there's something off with the big water splash... I can't put my finger on it as I'm not a "sim guy" but there's something about it that makes it look not at the scale one expects it to be. The underwater golden liquid sim&anim are also great.
  8. hauntingly beautiful
  9. So Houdini's a (simulation) plug-in for Maya
  10. Probably not as an option for you right now and certainly not a website suggestion, but the best to get what you want is to hire a modeler
  11. Okay, so I've followed this great tutorial but it seems that the cylinder is translating when using the foreach method. Also the vopsop method is not displacing the faces in a way I'm expecting, i.e away from the center of the tube. Was taking a break from my modeling/sculpting and I thought I'd look up some ways that will help with displacing pieces of geometry in an interesting way.
  12. Regarding MMB dragging/clicking on the time bar: I'm not sure I understand what's being discussed exactly, but in Softimage this does a pseudo-move of the time cursor, in the sense that time is updated to the current position of the cursor moved with MMB, but the animated scene remains at the frame from where the time cursor was moved. This allows you to set keys to animated objects w/o updating their transforms/properties (keeping animated values) to other frames. Is this what's being discussed/proposed here? Cause' if that's the case I raise all of my four thumbs (hands+feet) .
  13. BTW, the bug of selecting chains along with the one you intend to select is back. If it was ever squashed. Will submit a RFE
  14. How do you guys select bones inside geometry? Seems like an impossible task short of using the Netview. Even though I'm in wire framemode, the geometry will still highlight and select. In Softimage there's an Xray display mode (which is different from Houdini's in concept) and bones, nulls, curves are drawn on top of renderable objects (Sub-D or NURBS surfaces) and are given priority over the geometry underneath when selecting. That's apart from being able to simply select through wireframe when in wireframe mode with Xray off. Now, I don't expect Houdini to have XSI's Xray mode, but at least a way of being able to select bones through geo at all.