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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    WTF?! I take no responsibility for the font above! Ha ha!
  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    @Alexey VanzhulaWhat do you meant at 11? You can already do that in Houdini if I'm not misunderstanding your request.
  3. Tread Creator

    Very nice! Stellar example of how procedural modeling would be used in conjunction with traditional modeling because of course, it would be optimal, for texturing/animation purposes, that the treads themselves be modeled by hand with nice topology. Your setup is well suited for that too so again, great work! p.s. In the future, be sure to put a relative path $hip/ for the external files, for convenience.
  4. PolyBevel NOT working

    Submit a RFE along with the geometry and those images.
  5. PolyBevel NOT working

    @astrofalconMake sure the rotate gizmo (handle) is aligned to World instead of the default Object. So you see all the axis? Can you please share a printscreen?
  6. PolyBevel NOT working

    Almost forgot - in your case, best for getting rid of those unwanted edge is to use Edge Collapse. And since one hand washes the other, I'd appreciate it if you'd also take a look at: https://sidefx.com/forum/topic/49956/ and tell me if you experience the same issues I've described there.
  7. PolyBevel NOT working

    @astrofalconIt's because you've unchecked "Allow Vertex Splits". I'm not saying that it's expected or desirable, I'm just pointing out the cause. You might want to file a RFE with your attachment. For a better result check that option along with "Split over all Incident edge" and then collapse/fuse the points of the unwanted edges. You're going to be in a lot of pain since currently there's no fuse between two points and have them meet halfway. The current workflow for achieving that would be to use two Fuses - one with Snap>Average Value and the next with Consolidate activated. I don't know what your goals are, if you're versed with modeling in other apps and wanna dip your toe into Houdini waters or just want to learn Houdini in general, but be aware that currently, Houdini is far from being the best option for modeling.
  8. PolyBevel NOT working

    @astrofalcon Separate that part from the rest of the body so that the .obj file becomes smaller and include it along with the .hip file in a rar/zip file. Sometimes just pics won't do.
  9. Random link of interest

  10. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    @Infinite Rave No problem. Feel free to improve upon it and share it with us.
  11. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    @marty@Infinite Rave Here's an attempt at creating convincing white hair. Funny trivia: polar bears are "actually" black - they have black skin and their fur strands are transparent. Multiple passes of light diffuse and refraction when it passes through each strand, makes the polar bear's fur look white. Inspired by this fact, that white hair IRL is actually transparent hair without pigment, I went and set the transparency (opacity tab of the hairshader) to a very low value. Also enabled "transparent shadows". Keep in mind that these will increase render times. A lot. The scene is lit with one direct light and an env. one. As soon as you add an hdr map, it will tint the color of the white hair. Ideally one would keep the original env. map for the entire scene and use a desaturated version of it (B&W is unrealistic) just for the hair. THis could be achieved in Houdini with light exclusions, but ideally one should be able to plug an env. map just for the hair material instead of using multiple lights. If this were Mentalray I'd tell you how to do that, alas it's Mantra and I don't know how or if it's at all possible. If Houdini wouldn't keep me way with its poor viewport and traditional modeling tools I'd probably be a lot more competent with Mantra too. In the image to the right is the default hair shader with colors set to white only and to the left with all the other adjustments. The lighting and all other settings are identical. Make sure you don't miss the attached .rar file - I've included the .hdr map so you'll get exact same results and if after your own experimentation you get better looking results and render times, don't forget to post them here. white_hairball.rar
  12. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    @martyThat works for viewport grooming, but there are cases in which I'm better off, for keeping a tighter control over guides, to apply process nodes to the hairgen instead of the groom node, like for example a Frizz. And then things get truly hairy... Lowering the number of genhairs is a solution for improving performance, but you wouldn't want to work with a vastly different number from the final version, as you'd have the unpleasant surprise to end up with something else you had in mind. @Infinite RaveNormally I'd suggest using a black/white version of the same hdr map just on the hair shader, but I don't know how you'd do that in Houdini. Google it up, maybe you'll find something. I'd do that now, but I'm turning in. So tomorrow...
  13. H16 Hair shader issue - fur is always gray

    Hi, Why does the Houdini's hair system blow your mind? I'm not implying that you're not justified to think so, I'm genuinely curious. I too like Houdini's hair tools, my past experience with a hair system being Softimage which I think is based on, by now infamous, Joe Alter's Shave&Haircut. What I like Houdini's hair tools is the versatility. What don't like is the performance - half the time (if not more) I'm waiting for chef Houdini to cook. Regarding your issue - white hair is notoriously hard to simulate in 3d. I'm not an expert in Mantra shading/rendering, but as a general rule, you want to lower hair's transparency as well as influence its reflection (by not allowing it to reflect much of the env. map, but a white color) and use a more colorless HDR map. Try these until you'll get a more edifying answer.
  14. You're using Maya 5? Damn... Not sure how important is this, but Maya's not the only or the first to have "tear-able" menus. My point being "tear-able menus" is enough to get the point across - no need for "like Maya". p.s. Yes, I miss no opportunity to crap on Maya - the shit standard of CGI industry. p.p.s Houdini doesn't rely on traditional menus as much as maya or other s/w does (it's all about the tool bars and the Tab menu) so this feature, while not damaging in any way, is not extremely useful either in the current state of affairs.
  15. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I'd very much like to see the new Hair system continuing to be improved in both performance - reduce the lag of brushes, decrease cooking speed, etc - as well as features. Regarding features for example, the new system no longer allows the user to use a texture-map or a paint sop for using as a multiplier for the thickness ramp, might be possible following Jeff' suggestions (on sidefx forums) but it's akin to masochism as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking for high-level tools to help do the thing quickly, while also allowing for going in depth to low-lvl for TAs that like tinkering, but Houdini's already good at this. The old Hair system also had a feature called "guard hairs" which is no longer present as far as I'm able to figure. Might be able to achieve the same effect by randomizing length, don't know, but the old method felt a bit more straight forward. I've started working on a model with which I intend to "drive test" the new system so that I'll be able to give a more detailed feedback while learning more about it. Something else I'd like to see in the very next H version, is a foot on the gas pedal regarding implementing modeling and viewport features. If the current speed is maintained, 2023 seems like a realistic ETA for when I'll be able to use Houdini as proficiently as XSI for modeling and other viewport centered work. Speaking for myself here obviously.