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  1. Space Suit

    @amm thanks a bunch for sharing this. I'll certainly study it.
  2. Edgedivide

    For that kind of divide you'll want to use "edge loop". Not very interactivity friendly, but it works; you have to input '1' in the number of loops option before drawing your loop if you want it to divide exactly on the midway.
  3. Space Suit

    @amm That ground looks great. I'd love to take a peek inside its SOP. And maybe at the shader network too.
  4. Space Suit

    Very cool showcase of procedural modeling. I especially dig the hair braids and the boot generation. Have you created the ground also in Houdini?
  5. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    It's customary to refer to physical cores when talking about hardware, because... ah screw this, you know why
  6. 16.5 drums

    Does anyone else experience edge display persistence? Edge highlight doesn't disappear after deselecting. Problem seems to be solved in the latest build.
  7. OK, then we can both agree that it's not fundamentally wrong, it just needs one or a few improvements, right? We should probably file a RFE rather than debate semantics. Will you do it or shall I?
  8. The algorithm doesn't know - I'm not making a case for whether it should or not - what is a "hole". Topology wise, there's no difference between what we humans perceive as a hole and other types of borders. One can easily imagine wrapping a grid with a hole in the middle around a sphere in which case you'll end up with a sphere with two holes. Should polyfill deal with both or only with "the border" and which is which? My point is, topologically everything is a hole, even the outside border. In the case of a grid and other "regular" (as in, mostly quads) meshes, the outer border will have the most # of edges, so maybe the algorithm should evaluate these "holes" by counting their edges (or points if Houdini doesn't think in terms of edges) and discard the most numerous "hole" or rather the user should do that with a toggle.
  9. @old school That is cool stuff for the academically inclined, but for those that are not or when you have a model to deliver by the end of the work day, it all becomes info noise in a modeler's eyes and ears. I hope that by know the devs in charge of these modeling tools have taken notice regarding the need of a interactive poly create tool and they've started the work on a shiny new "polyknit" tool. Or extend the current polyfill's capabilities to be usable as such. And then add even more, like for example the ability to draw polys on "screen space" and even creating polys as new separate objects by invoking the tool with nothing selected. I use the "polyknit" equivalent in Softimage for all these things and it's an invaluable tool for quick object sketching to act as a starting point for more detailed work. @Noobini How do you mean it's fundamentally wrong, as in buggy or badly written or the wrong tool for this case? If you specify the group of edges to be applied to (select the edges before calling teh polyfill) it works flawlessly. This probably goes to show that even this node doesn't stand the test of proceduralism, so to speak, even though that was probably its intended usage.
  10. über slow

    @marty Yep, terrible responsiveness on this end as well.
  11. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    @marty Methinks I should do less testing in the viewport and more reading on that preferences tab. Again, thanks for the info! edit: it appears that translating an object will fail to update the pivot. One has to deselect and reselect in order to update. This time I've looked in the prefs but found nothing related. Will check with support to see what's what.
  12. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    @marty That seems to do the job. Works well on components, but for some reason is ignored for objects. Maybe it's the intended behavior, either way, I can love with it. Thanks for the info! p.s. I have a RFE for this and for some reason I haven't been informed about this feature being implemented. Will check with them soon. edit1: seems like it's working for objects too after a framing (space+F) on one. edit2: I think I've figured what's casing the tumble pivot to become "unfocused" - it's after a camera panning; I think it should re-update the pivot on selection after every camera action, which currently it fails to do. Will file a bug report.
  13. 16.5 drums

    @julcaMake sure your mouse cursor is over the viewport. Otherwise, I have nothing; it works flawlessly for me.
  14. 16.5 drums

    @julca indeed, the lag is only a display issue There seems to be no problem with pressing '1' for going back to object mode here.