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  1. You're using Maya 5? Damn... Not sure how important is this, but Maya's not the only or the first to have "tear-able" menus. My point being "tear-able menus" is enough to get the point across - no need for "like Maya". p.s. Yes, I miss no opportunity to crap on Maya - the shit standard of CGI industry. p.p.s Houdini doesn't rely on traditional menus as much as maya or other s/w does (it's all about the tool bars and the Tab menu) so this feature, while not damaging in any way, is not extremely useful either in the current state of affairs.
  2. I'd very much like to see the new Hair system continuing to be improved in both performance - reduce the lag of brushes, decrease cooking speed, etc - as well as features. Regarding features for example, the new system no longer allows the user to use a texture-map or a paint sop for using as a multiplier for the thickness ramp, might be possible following Jeff' suggestions (on sidefx forums) but it's akin to masochism as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking for high-level tools to help do the thing quickly, while also allowing for going in depth to low-lvl for TAs that like tinkering, but Houdini's already good at this. The old Hair system also had a feature called "guard hairs" which is no longer present as far as I'm able to figure. Might be able to achieve the same effect by randomizing length, don't know, but the old method felt a bit more straight forward. I've started working on a model with which I intend to "drive test" the new system so that I'll be able to give a more detailed feedback while learning more about it. Something else I'd like to see in the very next H version, is a foot on the gas pedal regarding implementing modeling and viewport features. If the current speed is maintained, 2023 seems like a realistic ETA for when I'll be able to use Houdini as proficiently as XSI for modeling and other viewport centered work. Speaking for myself here obviously.
  3. @Atom Try again in Houdini but with no wireframes on meshes. Also, deselect everything and uncheck "show material" from the right viewport toolbar.
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks John, the answer was so close
  6. Thanks John. Is custom geo muscles currently possible or in plan for a future version? I have a few suggestions regarding muscles deformations, would you be interested in taking a look? I will of course also file RFEs if necessary.
  7. Well, front limbs have to be also IK by default with foot rolls Either way, great news
  8. I can't help you unfortunately, but I stopped by just to say that this looks pretty sweet. If your intention is to release the system when it's finished, either as a free or paid asset, I wish you to succeed all the more.
  9. I'm actually anxious to get my paws on that quadruped autorig. I plan to do a deep dive into the new hair system and work on an animal while i'm learning and experimenting. The rig would help me with posing and using an auto-rig instead of a simple skeleton is preferable but not paramount to what I've set myself to achieve. Any word on when will the quadruped be available - in a future build or major release (or a .5)?
  10. Hey all, There's something inside a muscle object that got me intrigued. The selected ctrl null seems to modify a muscle's shape, but there's that line in their viewport display icon that implies that its rotation is meaningful in some way. It doesn't seem to be, so my question is, am I missing something or there's something planned for a future muscle version and that's just waiting there for now? Michael?
  11. @jonmoore Awesome. WOuld like to see this in a future Houdini version.
  12. Interesting. Do you have to select the digit you want to increment first or is it based on the cursor's position? If it's the latter like it appears to be, it's quite useful.
  13. Right. And maybe then, I'll see those dreaded handle glows replaced with a simple color change.
  14. I for one would like to see all the points from this thread solved: https://sidefx.com/forum/topic/42294/ Without ALL those and a few others, trad. mod. would still be a downgrade from XSI to H for me. The new H16's booleans is awesome, but very situational for trad-mod. If "auto set-pivot" means that the viewport orbits around the point where you click, it might be a good feature for some situations, but for modeling "orbit around selection" (objs, points, etc) is the most useful. Perhaps option toggles to have both behaviors enabled, just one or none at all would be best.
  15. Just a simple suggestion: move Art and Challenges right under General category. Work posted in wip&finished is often a source of motivation for others, a way to get feedback for your work and can also be a retreat for relaxation, since that's one of the purposes of art. Upon a moment of introspection I've learned that I'm visiting the Art and Ch. section rather sporadically because of its positioning on the page. It's laziness, I know, but I have a suspicion I'm not the only guilty ape on this.