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  1. hauntingly beautiful
  2. So Houdini's a (simulation) plug-in for Maya
  3. Probably not as an option for you right now and certainly not a website suggestion, but the best to get what you want is to hire a modeler
  4. Okay, so I've followed this great tutorial but it seems that the cylinder is translating when using the foreach method. Also the vopsop method is not displacing the faces in a way I'm expecting, i.e away from the center of the tube. Was taking a break from my modeling/sculpting and I thought I'd look up some ways that will help with displacing pieces of geometry in an interesting way.
  5. Regarding MMB dragging/clicking on the time bar: I'm not sure I understand what's being discussed exactly, but in Softimage this does a pseudo-move of the time cursor, in the sense that time is updated to the current position of the cursor moved with MMB, but the animated scene remains at the frame from where the time cursor was moved. This allows you to set keys to animated objects w/o updating their transforms/properties (keeping animated values) to other frames. Is this what's being discussed/proposed here? Cause' if that's the case I raise all of my four thumbs (hands+feet) .
  6. BTW, the bug of selecting chains along with the one you intend to select is back. If it was ever squashed. Will submit a RFE
  7. How do you guys select bones inside geometry? Seems like an impossible task short of using the Netview. Even though I'm in wire framemode, the geometry will still highlight and select. In Softimage there's an Xray display mode (which is different from Houdini's in concept) and bones, nulls, curves are drawn on top of renderable objects (Sub-D or NURBS surfaces) and are given priority over the geometry underneath when selecting. That's apart from being able to simply select through wireframe when in wireframe mode with Xray off. Now, I don't expect Houdini to have XSI's Xray mode, but at least a way of being able to select bones through geo at all.
  8. http://microsculpture.net/
  9. That's very good to hear. Here's to seeing those improvements soon.
  10. Oh, thanks for the quick reply. As someone that likes to know, at least at a superficial level, what's going on in my scene, I noticed that a captureoverride node was created inside. Now, I was expecting that selecting that node would provide me with the Spreadsheet button. Not only does that button lacks in that node, but it seems that the tool works only at scene level and it disappears as soon as you dive into a SOP. Is clicking the toolbar Edit Capture Weights the only way to access that spreadsheet? This is a bit confusing, but more important than that (confusion can be easily lifted after a period of getting used to) is that being unable to work at SOP level denies the user the chance of using the selection methods already available (rings, loops, selecting polygon regions and converting the selection to points, etc.) In Softimage one has to simply go in point mode and select a few, via any selection method/trick, open the Weights Editor and if the geometry has any ops associated with weight editing, editable values are displayed. Hopefully something can be done about this in a future version of Houdini. Until then, I'll stay with Softimage for this too.
  11. Hey folks I'm investigating something that would help in my new venture of specializing on character work and I've realized that posing tools in Zb are not quite as good for me as I was hoping. So now I have the choice to scrape another layer off Softimage usage and possibly use Houdini for posing base meshes. So far I've not been able to find in Houdini the tool equivalents in XSI I regularly use and frankly couldn't do without. The main problem I'm facing is that I can't seem to figure out how to edit point weights, per bone, manually, aka numeric input. I've attached an image from XSI's skin editor where you'll see 4 points selected in viewport and one point to be edited in the editor with the bone1 as the influencing one also activated (bone1, bold text). Houdini Geometry Spreadsheet seems to only display those values, no editing. Am I missing something?
  12. Very interesting. We need tools like these in Houdini for non-technical artists, not only the means to create them. I submit to you that there would be a big influx of new users if that were to be the trend in the next versions.
  13. muh betta
  14. White font for the page numbers when in a sub-forum is