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  1. Ingenuity Studios seeking FX artists

    Wanted to update Since my last post there have been multiple additions to the team that are thriving and doing great but we are still seeking additional houdini FX artists!! Never enough houdini people more experience is preferred but all are welcome to apply, there are 2 very simple well thought out "fx tests" for an applicant to set up. Feel free to contact me or jobs@ingenuitystudios.com to get the ball rolling. Thank you!!
  2. Hey, I found your ghost in the shell intro on youtube and after seeing the peel effect I've spent the last several hours trying to replicate it in Houdini. (I'm working on a project for uni and I thought it'd be a great addition)   I noticed you posted a hip file of this effect a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, the download to the cached files is long gone. I know I'm being really cheeky, but would you mind sharing some pointers?

    Also, goes without saying, but great work.  

  3. Ingenuity Studios seeking FX artists

    Since its been a while I wanted to update, the position is still available! If you are in the US and are looking to work full time in Los Angeles, just send me a PM or email. Tons of cool projects coming up, lots of room to grow as an artist technically and creatively. All it takes is a link to your demo reel. Thanks!
  4. Determine if fracture piece is broken off or not..?

    Can you compare the velocity of each piece vs the whole? So if the velocity is different then we know something must have changed and it broke off. I guess it would also need to then remove that piece from the "whole" calculation. Was messing around with it but I haven't used non packed stuff in forever, don't see a v attribute. Failed at the first step smh. Connect adjacent sounds better though, think thats the right way to go.
  5. New foreach loop loses animation??

    Awesome, thank you!
  6. File attached should clarify my issue, I feel that I am doing something wrong but can't see the difference. In the new for each there is no animation, so I can't use the point deform inside! It works in the old one. Is there any way I can get around this? Ultimately I would like to use an animated line to deform a branch in a loop, so its important that this happens in a loop so one line does not deform a different branch. forloopanim.hip
  7. Hey, we are looking to hire some houdini people so I wanted to put it out here since I love this community. Feel free to PM me or email me at xk0be3@gmail.com and I will immediately pass your reel along! ------------- http://ingenuitystudios.com/ Our FX Artists work along side the other members of CG department and collaboratively with compositors on a variety of traditional and complex particle and dynamics based fx work: rigid bodies, smoke, fire, liquids, and lightning to name a few. Ideal candidates will have an excellent knowledge of Houdini, strong problem solving and math skills, and experience building digital assets. This position is considered entry level, with major growth and development potential within the FX team. All qualified candidates are required to take and pass our FX Artists Test. ------------ On a personal note, its awesome working at this place and anyone who is either already experienced or looking to grow can very easily fit in. Great environment and you'll just get better both technically and artistically from working within the team on the amount of varied interesting projects we do. Feel free to contact me with any questions
  8. Forum upgrade

    Hey, how can I see which posts I've "liked" ?
  9. Hey old school, I am back with another question. Perhaps this can also be made clear to me.. Lets say I have an object that is also rotated, in this case it is just in the transform node but hypothetically it can also be rotated from say a noisy particle sim that trails lines going in all directions.. And I want to be able to figure out that rotation angle and then when its brought back to the origin, have that rotation inverted and thus aligned in such a way that its now always pointing up in Y. Such as this diagram: the file I attached isnt necessary to do it in there or anything, its the same as your example. I just wanted to avoid the expressions so it will just pack to get the centroid. I think this rotation thing would be super useful, scale doesn't seem like it would be necessary ever but perhaps if I have translation and rotation explained then scale is a good challenge to try on my own. edit: and the reason I bring up the particle sim is so this can work on an all case basis, I can easily link the rotation in the transform node to the make transform vop rotation. But thats not as cool as it working for non transform'd rotations off the origin. Thanks guys! matrix_v2.hip
  10. Gonna necro this, ive basically used pavel's example in some thread to move stuff back to origin.. So it can move the object based on the transform, i have 2 questions 1. Is this the proper way to do this? It feels like it can be simplified at least with connecting all those float to vectors.. Maybe a few lines of wrangle that can do all this easier? Pavel was doing more complex things so maybe theres additional steps i accidentally also copied. 2. Its obviously not a great solution to have to manually transform to the new (origin) position, I have the simple line thing built in the file which can easily be measured so no matter how many pieces there are you can just have a vec to the origin. How can that be used to bring the object back to the origin? matrixv1.hip
  11. Voronoi Fracture "filter" tiny pieces during fracture

    Seconding f14's way, but it may be more convenient to use fuse instead of relying on the scatters relaxation. Esp when you also do vor fracture points which doesn't really have a proper relax. The voronoi fracture is begging to be a better HDA with the fuse threshold already built in and vor frac points built into it plus options for wood splinters and radial spreads and such.. one day I shall make it..
  12. You can get the smoke itself with an AOV, see attached. This has the combined shadow of smoke and ground, but perhaps you can mask out the smoke from that pass. untitled.hip
  13. Connections have been good to have the direct email and personal recommendations, but I've gotten replies from just applying through website also. Just get a dope reel imo
  14. I like the idea of splitting the difference and having 3 or so computers at home for simming with HQUEUE and use cloud for the rest, at least for now. I think it makes the most sense, you will always want to take advantage of overnight sims and then when it comes to rendering you can use the cloud for a boost, it saves download time at least if you are able to handle all simming locally.
  15. Atom's Video Tutorials

    Really nice, I liked the pace a lot