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  1. Hi I am messing around with some vex stuff and have an attribute that is and array of vectors in Sops but i cant seem to visualize it. Is this possible? Thanks Dave
  2. I tried a similar thing a while back, its a fair amount of script to position the uv projections on each side of the box Hope it helps
  3. and you can open hip files with the Non commercial version Thanks again 3dome!
  4. Hi 3dome and thanks for the file Yeah sideFx will release them soon but not soon enough! Only joking I will try it when i get home but, can i open hip files in the Non commercial version of Houdini?
  5. Hi! I watched the recent webcast of Wagner`s Houdini 16 modelling and it was very interesting. There was a point at which he showed a setup that replicated the copy stamp setup but within a for each loop. This seems a lot more usable than the copy stamps but every time i try to set it up (cant remember how he did it ) i either get duplicates primitives over each other or Houdini (and my laptop) crashes as i seem to be creating some kind of infinite loop Is there anywhere that describes this setup? Or even better if someone has an example of this they could upload that would be awesome! Any help appreciated Cheers Dave
  6. Wow that's excellent thanks F1
  7. hi and sorry for the slow reply and thanks for the responses Thanks michael, Im not exactly sure how to ensure the pieces align at the ends because one thing i have been trying to do is snap the input curve to world alignment kinda like a pathfinding A* so everything is nicely 90 degrees, but i havent found a way of doing that, BUT I didnt know about the findShortestPath node so thanks for pointing that out it could help a lot for snapping to world axis, maybe generating a 3d grid of edges and run it though that? Thanks Konstantin for the two example files i shall dig into them when i get home tonight Thanks for all the input
  8. Hi all So I`m trying to continue my Houdini learning and as such have attempted to make a procedural corridor based on an input curve. I have something working but I don`t like the result. I have attached my attempt and it would be great if anyone has time to suggest improvements or even a completely different angle to approach this, i feel like I`m not looking at this right. Thanks, BlockyCorridor.hipnc BlockyCorridor.hdanc
  9. Ah, thanks for letting me know, hopefully this will be fixed soon, its makes it very difficult to use! Dave
  10. hi I have just started playing with Houdini 14 but whenever i now want to use a function like point() as an expression I'm not getting the help popup or the path auto completes Is this a known bug or do i need to turn something on in Houdini 14? Any help to get this working again would be great Thanks! Dave
  11. hi its been a while since i have had time spend on this but today i did and i have something im happy with I have taken some time to make it so the uvs update based on the length/width/height of the box and dependent on bevel iterations. I imagine that there are simpler ways of achieving this but i dont know them yet Hope you like it Dave uvBeveledBox.hipnc
  12. Thanks for taking the time to show me this, I tried your approach of positioning the individual faces myself and initially it didnt work because i want to change the number of bevel repetitions and this broke the vert numbering and as such the uvTransform broke So I grouped the faces based on normals then mapped them individually as you suggested and everything works, a beveled box where you can change the number of bevels and the uvs all updated correctly Last thing to do know is to make it so that when the box is not at a unit measurement it moves the uv faces to stop any texture stretching. Is there nothing like an unfold or LSCM mapping in Houdini? The file if you would like to see it Thanks again uvBeveledBox.hipnc
  13. Hi Marty and thanks for the link I have previously watch the intro series but re-watched the uv materials and got a little further. I missed the part about the pelt working on all primitives if there are open edges. This helped get much closer but there is still a lot of distortion in the uvs. I have attached what i have so far. Im wondering how to reduce the distortion now seeing that the basic 6 faces are a single shell Cheers David uvBeveledBox.hipnc
  14. Hi all First off i have been a long time lurker of these forums and have had a lot of inspiration from all the awesome work! I`m currently learning Houdini for modeling and texturing and im having some difficulty creating uvs in a procedural manor. I have an asset but for simplicity im interested in how to procedurally generate uvs on something simple for the moment, say a beveled box. Its easy enough to add a UvUnwrap node and generate 6 seperate uv shells but how would you go about generating a single flattened uv shown in the link below https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k63u2oszq3qi9n/uvs.png I have tried using the UvFuse but Im not getting good results as the uvs do fuse but it doesnt move the rest of the uvShell, so i add a smooth node and that distorts the uvs. Any help would be awesome Thanks in advance David