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  1. Surface tension and viscosity

    That's super awesome. Thanks Dave and lord Pazuzu... you guys are TOP
  2. Display particles by percentage

    Hi romanus... after 2 years I remembered about this post and got this solution. Hope it fits you. Is fast. Cheers DeletePercentage.hipnc
  3. Hi guys, don't know if it's normal... it's the first time I noticed it in particle surfacing using FLIP in Houdini 15.5. Well it happens only when I have compressed fluid and I try to surface it with the default particle fluid surface. All default settings and bammm... it gives me an error in frame 1, It simply don't finish the meshing... If I mesh it after frame 1 it works perfectly. Any tips? Actually it's not a huge problem... I can mesh it from frame 2 or sim it from frame 0 but I would like to know why it's not working. Cheers, Myke
  4. Ocean Displacement Intensity

    Thanks Ryan... well I think I found a good solution, based on what Igor said, but used this attribute I created in sops to control the areas... I can paint the values so its more artist friendly ... I used a mix after the texture node and the attribute as bias. I'm using the mix to then mix it with another displacement map. thanks
  5. Glassworks London freelancer position

    Hi Jordi, I just sent an email to apply for the position. Cheers.
  6. Hi guys, I want to know how to control ocean displacement intensity. Like for example, I have this grid where I painted black and red. I want to have displacement just in the red area... use the Cd or the attribute disp_int (for example) as intensity multiplier. Another thing I want to learn is to have more than one displacement map combined... one with fast waves another more calm and so on... Cheers ocean_disp_intensity.hiplc
  7. yes... this one thing I love in Houdini... but the first time can be a little be confusing... the construction plane a.k.a. the grid... can be moved and rotated...
  8. HDA Blast Selection

    Hi, I'm trying to do an HDA that will have an input of a geometry, delete geo keep points... then a point blast based on a selection and then output it as obj sequence. well I want it to be an HDA so I need to make the selection in the digital asset upper level. The problem is when I drag the group selection to the parm interface it copies but then I select the little arrow and it says not enough inputs connected... do you have any idea how to connect them and be available to select in the top level? I'll send an example in attach. blast_selection.hda
  9. Hi, I have this error in the Console when I start rendering Unknown operator type: animatrix::Sop/pathDeform::1.00 But then it renders ok I've tried to create new scene, reset the Houdini.env file... and nothing seems to solve. Do you have any idea? Thanks
  10. Fluid Surface Popping Errors

    Thanks Ryan... well in the meantime I did some research and also turned it off based in some info I saw it reduced a lot. I've also done some changes in the smooth and it removed almost everything... To increase smoothness I've used the gapfiller Pavel shared... I will resim it and remesh it and see if it gets better. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Fluid Surface Popping Errors

    i've tried with spherical and it does not create this strange artifacts... MESH_AVERAGEPOS.mov MESH_SPHERICAL.mov
  12. Fluid Surface Popping Errors

    Hello, I'm having problems with the fluid mesh. It pops as if particles were disapearing... but they are not. I'm doing a simple 2 emitters splash and I have animated the sim time scale to create a nice slow motion effect. I've solved the problems in the sim and the particles apear nice. When I mesh it they pop, but just in random places. I'm uploading a simple file with more or less 1 million particles. But I've tried with more and they pop also. Can you help me? splash_pop.mov PARTICLE_SURFACE_POPPING.hiplc
  13. UV's from last frame

    Thanks a lot guys... I researched a little bit. I found I was doing something wrong before. I was doing uvs on vertex and should do on point. I then did 3 methods and I will share now the file if you want to see... I think the Fathom method is the best with p wrangler... uvs_lastframe.hiplc.hipnc
  14. UV's from last frame

    I'm not sure I understood. Well I want to have UV's all the time... but I want them to be based on the last position. the idea is to create an effect like this from benjamin button opening tittle. So I need the uv's but them to be fixed in the uv space.
  15. Hi, I'd like to have some dynamic objects, or particles and then project the uv's at a certain frame, it can be the last frame and then I want them to be locked to the geometry to from this frame and the first. I tried with rest node but I could not achieve what I want. Can you help me? I sent a file with a example with some spheres. uvs_lastframe.hiplc