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  1. point orbiting around another point

    Heres a file that aligns Orient to the velocity and spins around it. rotateAroundV.hiplc
  2. Fuse/Snap end of sweeped ring

    Heres the same file with uvs ringtest_uvfix.hip
  3. Fuse/Snap end of sweeped ring

    Heres a fix without snapping (it will end up giving you a volumeloss if you do). SNAP_fix.hipnc
  4. controling POP from sop attribute

    Heres two solutions with sop solver and pop wrangle OUTLEV_TEST_SOP.hip
  5. Custom parameter - Attribute dropdown list

    Yeah, i use Python in the menu, but i needed the list in vex aswell. And having it pull the attributes from the target node was a bad idea since the attributes i removed also got removed from the list itself. And the reason i couldnt promote the parameter is because it doesnt exist on the wrangle itself, i could have made a dummy node instead and promoted that. My menuscript ended up like this: result = [] geo = hou.pwd().inputs()[0].geometry() for attr in geo.pointAttribs(): result.append(attr.name()) result.append(attr.name()) return result
  6. Custom parameter - Attribute dropdown list

    Did some more searching and i found an older topic here that had what i needed - Setting the list to Multiple Selection Menu instead of Single i could make a list of the attributes i didnt want with the following vex-code: s[]@pointattribs = detailintrinsic(0,"pointattributes"); string attriblist = chs("../attribtrans"); //Multiple Selection Menu string alist[] = split(attriblist); foreach(string name; alist){ removevalue(@pointattribs,name); }
  7. Is it possible to recreate the Attribute dropdownlist where it finds all the attributes on the mesh, and add this to your own hda?
  8. Primitive Normals?

    Use the "Normal" sop, set it to primitives and then you have your normals on primitives, and it can be seen in the spreadsheet.
  9. Boolean subtract geometry from curves?

    Had to give this a go. This is a one wrangle solution, the issue i have come into is that it wont cut several curves. Putting it inside a for-each loop fixes this, but its not optimal. The code should work without it, but i cant manage to find where the problem lies. Features that it doesnt support atm is intersecting meshes, surfaces and meshes that covers the ends (want to solve the multicurve issue first). Heres the code: int primpts[] = primpoints(0,@primnum); vector newpos[] = {},intlist[] = {},uvlist[] = {}; int posinfo[] = {}, primlist[] = {}; int newprim = addprim(0,"polyline"); int toggle = 1; int removenext = 0; foreach(int i;primpts) { vector p01 = point(0,"P",primpts[i]); push(newpos,p01); push(posinfo,1); if(i != primpts[len(primpts)-1]){ vector p02 = point(0,"P",primpts[i+1]); vector ray = p02-p01; intersect_all(1,p01,ray,intlist,primlist,uvlist,chf("tol"),chf("mergetol")); foreach(vector j;intlist) { push(newpos,j); push(posinfo,0); } } } foreach(int index;vector k;newpos) { if(removenext == 0 || posinfo[index]==0){ int newpoint = addpoint(0,k); setpointattrib(0,"origprim",newpoint,@origprim,"set"); setpointattrib(0,"cut",newpoint,posinfo[index],"set"); addvertex(0,newprim,newpoint); } if(posinfo[index]==0){ if(removenext == 1){ removenext = 0; } else{ removenext = 1; newprim = addprim(0,"polyline"); } } } removeprim(0,@primnum,1); Boolean_Curve_01.hiplc
  10. OBJ transform to SOP lvl

    Use "Geometry" node in "out" context and select your object and write it out. This will export it in worldspace.
  11. if you allready have the N set and want it reverted, you can use the Reverse SOP. Or you can take a wrangle and write "@N *= -1;"
  12. create points dought

    use the "points from volume" node
  13. Maybe not the best solution, but it fills inn the gaps with points. doughts1_solution.hip
  14. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Chris setup with forEach. StampinVop_cd_fix_forEach.hip
  15. Bind stamp in to VOPnoise

    Stamping is now obsolete, and the new method is to use "for each loop" for varying copys. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/copy/tutorial_stamping.html