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  1. Rolling Waves

    Yep i already went through those. the problem im facing is that im not looking to create a rolling ocean sim, but more of a tidal wave situation. (one or several big waves) So i dont need to move the ocean only with an ocean spectrum and the velocities it generates. Im looking to suck the flip particles with a custom velocity field (like the grid is doing) pulling a mass of fluid for a while, and then releasing it to create a bigger wave. I´ve been trying tweaking the ocean spectrum to create bigger waves, (animating its properties to move the flip particles in a rhythmic way, but it creates uncontrolled splashes that don´t allow for the big wave to be created.) If you look closely, that´s what the grid is doing in the example i posted. Is sucking the fluid up for a short time, and then releasing it in order to create the wave. Thats what i havent been able to do
  2. Rolling Waves

    no one?
  3. Rolling Waves

    Hi, I´m new to houdini, coming from the barren lands of the deceased Softimage. Really excited with the power behind H. Thanks to all of you that pay attention to questions that might seem silly and noobish. Im trying to generate rolling waves with flip fluids and custom velocities, ive been looking around and have followed several examples. As an exercise im trying to replicate something like shown in this video. Im sure its really simple, but so far i haven´t been able to replicate the pull and release force that the plane is applying to the fluid. (I know how to apply a custom velocity through a volume, but the attempts that I get are not as organic as shown in the video). Any pointers on how is the velocity being generated from the grid? thanks!