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  1. Perspective Match

    Hi everyone, is there an asset in Houdini like this or somebody know how to do this, or if such asset isnt exist ill try to create it, im looking for a way to do this at least what is it called in math ? something like reverse perspective projection?
  2. Hi everyone, maybe somebody know what is it, this is happens when u have reflection and bump together, any bump actually, clamp and fit didnt help at all, texture has a white point 0.9 and 0 black, and power of bump is 0.1, so everything is ok, seems, but here the screen and black bug i have and here is the simple scene i made, there is only refl and bump and environment scene https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxCxauJ6o6VVWGU1T0M1NW9GT1k i dont know what is it and how to fix it
  3. Hi everyone. Does anybody know how to use surface field in voppop or some dopvop to find the distance between my particles and surface. I want to make a force wind that depends on distance between surface and particles, so the farther point from the surface, the stronger the force of the wind. And the surface has really big waves for example, thats why i cant use just P.y for power of force for flat surface. Hope I explained it clearly)
  4. @f1480187 thank u ! this is it!
  5. hi everyone, im trying almost the same thing in inline i have string for example a = "54 65 76 23", and i want to add color for every atribute with this number, but i dont know how, now ive got this code, and its not working string a[] = split($id); foreach(int x , a){ if ($udim == atoi(x)){ $color = 1; }}
  6. Custom Wave to Ocean

    Hi everyone, Im trying to add custom big wave to Ocean and Dop network. For polygons everything works fine, but for other fields like surface and vel its now working and of course dop isnt working well, i dont know how to add it or how to deform other field like polygons. Here is the scene: custom_big_wave01.hip
  7. Ways to move around the scene?

    u can select some polygons and shift+F
  8. Animated Spot starring Mantra

    holy shit! its really amazing! looks like Pixar! especially girl and father on the first page! and the grass is godlike!
  9. you can select your edges (add group SOP with Edges Tab, which selecting only corner edges) and crease SOP, and it work fine
  10. 'smooth' vdb according to normals ?

    if you cant smooth or add subdv to source geo, then maybe try VDB smooth
  11. I need help with pancake structure

    yes, u need vdb, and scatter some points inside geo with random scale and noise and shape, and in the shader make some displace
  12. texture in wireframe mode

    How to do it? i want to see my image plane with texture in wireframe mode (like softimage) on top view, or it can be background mode, but then you cant rotate background, but i need it and one more question, is it possible to draw curve or line with snap perpendicular position? like hold Shift in Photoshop ?
  13. sidewalk

    but how to do so each point is break\disconnect, and i get only lines ? carve do it by hand, but i need to do it automaticly
  14. sidewalk

    hi all i wanna to make sidewalk with uniform distribution my object and with right joints at the corners , but i dont know how. i use sweep or just polyframe node, anyway, with Resample node i have problem, if Resample by Polygon Edge is on, the corners is right, but distribution is not uniform, and if Resample by Polygon Edge is Off, all the way around (see the image) Anyway, I want to make to curb fit to being close to the corner and do not stick out, but dont know how( Or maybe someone saw working asset with sidewalk =)
  15. Softimage Xsi Camera Data To Houdini

    jkunz07Can you show an example (screen capture) how should it looks?