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  1. Nothing at the moment, but we did submit an RFE long ago. Please submit another one to bump it up.
  2. 'Ignore point connectivity' in Edit SOP is a mess. We need something more intelligent along the lines of edge detection. It's very hard to create nice mouth and eyelid blend shapes on high density geometry with the current method. This is a very long standing RFE (ID: 72902) Old thread about this. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/5114/
  3. Move, rotate and scale components independently on their local axis...as per Mcnistor's feedback.
  4. Here is a quick hipnic file. Is this what you want? wireframe.hipnc
  5. 1. Select Points 2. PolyBevel Inset to desired size 3. Hit 4 to swap over to primitive selection 4. Hit t to activate Edit SOP then pres Shift + C to round 5. Delete round primitives 6. Hit n to select all primitives and PolyExtrude to desired thickness. I have PoleExtrude, PolyBevel and other tools set up with Hotkeyes. This speeds up workflow allot.
  6. Also, use the Edit SOP to build your Shape. It comes with SoftRadius and Sculpt built in.
  7. Use Attribute Randomize on the second input. This will create any attribute (like pscale, orient, v, Cd) to the incoming points before the copy actually happens.
  8. I'm sure he mentioned that the user can customise the node shape yourself. That might indicate that you could keep the old design. I do love the idea of faster and more stream line workflow though.
  9. Hi James, Yes that is what I wanted to avoid. I did exactly that, but it looks crap.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to get the bend SOP in H15 to only be affected on points with red in the color channel(paint SOP), but I'm failing badly. Any attribute I create is ignored by the bend SOP. Is there any voodoo I should know about to get this to work?
  11. Thanks Atom.
  12. Can someone help me to get Motion Blur to work on VDB from particles to work. I've attached a hip file to show my setup. VDB_MB.hipnc
  13. http://www.boredpanda.com/the-freak-liquid-mountains-of-lake-erie/
  14. Thanks! I will give it a go.
  15. Thanks Alexey. How do one install plugins like this in Houdini?