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  1. Hey Graham, The HDA should be in the zip file with the source files and Unreal project
  2. Hey Graham, and anyone else trying to do this I just put out a video with a little explanation of the gotchas of the process as well as the project that I showed at GDC with source files and an updated HDA (which should be going into the build anyday now) A lot of people have been asking for more info on this, so hopefully this clarifies it a bit
  3. Sorry for the super long delay! Yea please ping me if you haven't already
  4. I was thinking more like having a set of nodes for a software. Like for Houdini you would have stuff like "Launch Houdini" > "Open File" > "Render All Cameras", and those nodes would be included out of the box
  5. Hey eco_bach. The best way will probably be to export a flipbook out of Houdini. For this you will have to render out your particle sequence, and then generate a flipbook by using the mosaic node in COPS. In this video Steven runs you through the general workflow, but let me know if you have any specific questions. I'm working on making that workflow easier as we speak =) Best, Luiz
  6. That's awesome! I've been waiting something like this for a while! How is the documentation for it, and what are some of the planned APIs that you'll support out of the box? Signed up on the website!