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  1. Works like a charm - you guys are awesome - OD Force rules, as usual! Posted it on SESI forums as well (crediting you guys, of course) perhaps it'll help someone else with this issue some day. Much appreciated, guys! On a sidenote, I really gotta get into HOM, hehe, I've just pushed it forward for years now...
  2. LOL, you missed them? Here's the copy SOP...
  3. Tried asking this in the SESI forums but no solution so far, so I'll try here too then. Is there a shortcut for hiding/unhiding the node guides in the viewport? If not, how do I create one? And I'm talking about the guides, not the handles, like with the copy SOP, etc... And yes, I know I can disable them in the display options, but I would really like a hotkey so I can just pop them on/off when I need to - like you can in most other comp and 3D apps...
  4. I'm more thinking of the vectors, using them to drive stuff on surfaces in interesting ways, directability of particle effects, that kinda thing... Doing custom force setups is something I seem to return to quite often, so anything about generating vectors from input objects are potentially very useful.
  5. Nice!! And 17.5 hours - damn, girl, that's a non trivial amount of work that went into that...
  6. So funny, last thing I did last night was watch your Vimeo vid on this and as I was watching it, I got a notification that you posted the above. But yeah, really cool setup. I just love the gradient and curl direction, that's really helpful for some stuff.
  7. ^ like that's possible. And if it is, the producer won't like it.
  8. I think I might have Houdini-induced Alzheimer's, I really don't remember how I set that up. (this one) But I'll take a look at the setup posted here and see what I can make of it. I spent a shitload of time working with grains recently, so hopefully I'll have at least a clue what the hell I'm doing.
  9. There's no such thing as "proper way" in Houdini, there's only better or worse way's, faster or slower way's, more or less controllable way's - and most complex scenes end up being a mixed bag, all of that at once, depending on where you look... I would set this up heavy to light, big to small, so one sim for the big pieces, cache that. Then you'd start breaking those cached pieces up around the edges, simming that in one go, cache that. Then you'd add the first layer of the road, the second layer, debris, dust with Pyro, etc, caching each step, building it up in layers. So I'd say you're in the right spot to start at least.
  10. Probably not, hehe, but then you have a reason to get your ass out of the wagon and install the last daily build... Also, seeing what you msgd me on twitter, unlikely it will yield much more than general awe on my awesomeness, but it won't help anything...
  11. To be honest I'm not very clear on what you want to do here, hehe, but this is how I'd setup the base for it - which is pretty similar to your setup. And you can't use a scatter on a deforming object as it'll recalculate the scatter positions per frame, randomly, so either you gotta do something like I did here, use points from the mesh, or you'd use a scatter but lock the position to the UVs, or you could use POPs with the minpos() setup, which is my favourite. h16.surface.deform.hiplc
  12. ... as it's friggin annoying with the duplicates you get in the tab menu doing it that way... So anyone know the easiest way for me to set this up? Alternatively, is there a way where I can create a shortcut shelf as I have before, set up the hotkeys for the items in it, but somehow exclude them from popping up in the tab menu? ^ solved this one, I just didn't use any labels for the shelf items thus they won't register in the tab menu.
  13. So in H15.x I setup so I had a couple of shortcuts for stuff I use all the time, N for creating a null, W for an attribute wrangle, T for a transform, etc, and I'd like to find a way to do this without using a custom shelf, setting the hotkeys that way... So anyone know the easiest way for me to set this up? Worst case scenario I'll have to dig into the HOM and figure it out myself, but trying to avoid that.
  14. In the FLIP solver, try increasing the substeps and under volume motion, set the solver to the swirly kernel. You can also decrease the force scale and/or decrease the collision velocity scale.
  15. That hasn't been displayed in the demos as far as I know, but it sounds likely as I really don't see an alternative to that approach.