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  1. Bullet: Activate on Collisions or Start Sleeping

    I have no clue what this was about, though - that was 13 months ago, I gotta download and check the file.
  2. Create multiple FEM over time?

    I was so close doing a wrangle when I remembered - there's wheels already, no need to reinvent one.
  3. Create multiple FEM over time?

    With a copy stamp, random vector per point (per frame) would solve it.
  4. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    No prob's, I've been bad at helping out here for a while, trying to get better though. And I have a lot of scene files like this posted on my Vimeo feed, lots of "tricks" and smaller techniques I stumbled onto, doing RnD, etc, so that's also something to check out if you're into getting to know Houdini...
  5. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    Yeah, then you got full control over the flame itself. Now I didn't do research last I did this or now, but if I was asked to do this in production, I'd do some proper research into how the patterning inside works, how the size and frequency of those patterns change with the burn rate, how the flame density and temperature drives coloring, etc - here I just faked the sh!t out of the look, hehe... And note that this is not the setup I used for the Fusion setup - that I did inside Fusion - but it was basically the same setup as this one. Also, this is just the mesh, for the shading I'd convert the elements to volumes and create a set of custom volume attributes to drive the shader density, coloring, etc... exhaust_flame.hiplc
  6. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    Creating flame and gas/exhaust as the same object might not be the best approach, it all depends. For a rocked or a jet exhaust, it's likely I would personally split it into one volume - as in non simulated volume - for the flame itself and then create a separate fire/smoke effect on top of that for the secondary effects from that flame. Now, there's probably situations where it would make sense doing a real flame in Pyro, though I haven't run into that kinda need so far. This is all made in Fusion but the principle kinda is the same, the exhaust is a particle system, but the flame itself was a 3D model...
  7. RBD's slowly sinking into yoghurt Flip Sim

    Use two DOPs, one for thew FLIP and one for the Bullet, and create the interaction manually. Check my bullet to FLIP setup here for some ideas on how to set something like that up.
  8. Multiple Solver Interactions

    Well, you got the scene files linked, just dig into it.
  9. Multiple Solver Interactions

    I've been messing with faux soft bodies using Bullet constraints just to get around the interaction stuff... But you can also stack DOP's and create interaction that way - though this will of course get computationally expensive, quickly...
  10. Create multiple FEM over time?

  11. Create multiple FEM over time?

    Well, personally I don't work like this, or at least not in production, it's like, well, this doesn't work, and you move on, hehe, find what does... So stuff that doesn't work is a bit of a non issue, if you get why I mean. I don't allow myself to get stuck fighting windmills, so to speak. FEM to me is for FEM only stuff and if it starts to cause issues, I just move on, because as I said, it's a solver that doesn't play nice (or at all) with other solvers. And I've used grains a lot, it's awesome because they are POPs, and FLIP and Bullet are point based as well, so all the POP stuff us available as well as you can do anything with it in a SOP solver. Oh, and though there are SESI staff running here, it's more likely to get them into s thread in the SESI forum than here.
  12. Create multiple FEM over time?

    No, doesn't seem like you can, or at least not easily - as in, messing about inside the DOP solid object- and finite element solver subnets. So grains is the more controllable choose here.
  13. Create multiple FEM over time?

    But even here, you get to a point where it breaks. You can up the steps, and that will of course help, but still, there will always be some point where it breaks again.
  14. Create multiple FEM over time?

    Naeh dude, this is all in H13.5... This one: [link] Edit: ^the link is for 16.0.633, latest production build, I just wrote 13.5 to confuse PS a bit more - it's friday, I deserve some entertainment, right?
  15. Create multiple FEM over time?

    The timestep is 0.25, the DOP substeps are 1 and the solver substeps 2 and collision substeps 2, and it works great for me. (the green stuff are encoding errors from imgur) flask.v1.Odforce.FF.hiplc