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  1. Geometry force field for particles

    Hello everybody.... I think i solved my problem and wanted to share here with you guys , if anybody wonder or wants to change little bit...... I decided to go with Grains and worked better i think. Gangnam Dance.rar
  2. Geometry force field for particles

    I downloaded few hip file of Johnny Farmfileld about this thing and he is using grain generally. The thing is i need to make it with rbdpacked because of i am gonna use different types of objects on my character. Actually something like what Method Studio made u know dancing people with different type of things Thank you so much for sharing the file with me , but when i merge an animation they dont follow them u know.... The thing what we wanna do is inspired from method studio, we wanna make random geomerties following the dancing person body u know what i am saying...
  3. Hello everybody , i was working on a project and stuck on some point...... Ok, i need to make something like this... I attach my file , is that possible to continue with that? or should i follow different way? particle_bullet_solver.hip
  4. Attribute Delete All But One

    oh yes it is, thank you
  5. Attribute Delete All But One

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if there is a way for delting attributes but keeping few in faster way. For example after rbd or particle simulation there 15 to 20 different attirbutes and that much data creating big datas for alembic caches. So i wanna keep P, Cd and orient olny but hate deleting all other attributes selecting one by one lol there must be a way to delete all but P, Cd or orient or so u know.. Anybody has an idea???
  6. Float data for Displacement

    Thank you Atom
  7. Hello everybody, I have created a noise pattern using vopsop and bind exported that data. I wanna use that data on redshift materiel for displacement. I can see my data on geometry spreadsheet , trying go import that data to material using RS Color User data or RS Vector User Data but non of em worked..... Is there anybody who has any idea about that?
  8. Polygon Jitter Orient Problem

    Hello everybody... I am working on a project and stuck on one point. Need a help so bad! lol In the hip file what i tried to do: Created a almost torus shape and and needed little bevel on the edges bla bla bla... In pointvop1 i am giving jitter animation to primitives and taking the animation from the sphere1's transforms. Through the animation, prmitives jittering/animating from object and they coming back to 0 poisition when sphere get far from the object. After that, in attribwrangle3 i am deleting primitives and using only points of primitive's center points. Ok here what i try to do! In attribvop6 i triend to use few attributes and the thing i need is. When points are far from the object i need to give them noise or turbulans or something that gives them motion and when pyramid shaped get close to zero position and create and object i need them not moving and just sit the 0 poition. In sum what i tried is they should rotate while they are going to 0 poisition and when they get close they should stop and just sit and stay. If you turn normal1's display flag you can see that they are not in real order. there are gaps and normals are not correct... I really stick in this part and cant move more. If any help would be amazing life saver lol Thank you for help! Lens_polygon_test.hip
  9. Thank you for answer!!! that help lot
  10. OK this is what did... Modeled in houdini , gave random uv and textured in substance then created gidital asset on hda format and add substance images also. When i import my hda file , texture is not coming. I have to apply matariel manually which i dont want. This way i am giving matariels in Max and exporting fbx from there. But this time i cant use my sliders for model. lol
  11. Hey LaidlawFx thank you for your message man. Actually i am using this method since few years also and i just remembered where i do wrong lol So, normally whenever i installed unity engine i was dragging unity engine script into unity from Houdini folder. I forgot the do that and that way Unity were not recognizing my hda or otl files. Now i solved that. But still having texture problem lol
  12. Hello mates i have a question... is that only me or does anybody has same promblem too? so , I am trying to export my scene/models to Unity with FBX export but my texture are not coming and i dont wanna deal with giving matariel in Unity for each model. I am using Houdini 16.0.504.20 and installed Unity Engine also and using Unity 5.6 and I created digital asset in Houdini on .hda format and aslo tried .otl too and they dont show up on Unity. So, i know these are two different questions but primary problem is exporting my models with textures with FBX , does Houdini support that like max? or nah?
  13. Sop Solver VEX Force

    oh yeah i think i miss that part. Thank you for help!!!
  14. Sop Solver VEX Force

    Hi everybody, I was watching Go Procedural's video on Vimeo I wanted to do same with 03:10... I am adding my file here so made everything on the picture like he explained but why its not working??? VEX Force is in dopnet1/sopsolver1 force.hip