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  1. hey, i am piping the results of an rbd sim into a debrissource to generate particles and then smoke. this method has worked for me so far. this time, however, the points are not being scattered on the actual cracks. i am not sure if i got my name attribute screwed up when working with the fractured pieces as packed geo. looking into the debrissource sop tells me that the name attribute is required. any ideas? thank you!
  2. i wasn't. actually, simply unpacking and then subdividing did the trick. thank you!
  3. so, because i was simming with packed prims, i saved a single frame to alembic, brought it back, and did then the group edges -> crease procedure. i have now set the creaseweight attr. to 1, 10 and even 25, getting no proper result. you can still see the weird geometry on the right cheek. any ideas?
  4. awesome, thank you! i am having trouble grouping edges after dopimport (as this is a sim), and even when exporting the current frame as bgeo.sc and importing it back, and then trying to group. however, i just realized that i am using rbd packed prims, which offers an option to cusp edges. rendering right now to see how it works. thanks again!
  5. hey, please see the attached image. i have enabled the option "Render Polygons as Subdivision (Mantra)" in the geometry node, under the "Render" tab. as you can notice, this is producing bad geometry. the help files state the following: Render polygons as a subdivision surface: The creaseweight attribute is used to perform linear creasing. This attribute may appear on points, vertices or primitives. i know that you can set/override the creaseweight attribute when using a subdivide sop, but how can i do this when using the mantra-subdivision mentioned in the title? can i simply create an attribute called creaseweight and set it to 1? or is there a way of adding further substeps, e.g. in the mantra rop? sorry for the ignorant question. thank you!
  6. hey, i have a geometry that i am fracturing with voronoi. i need to separate these pieces into active and passive pieces. instead of selecting them by name, i would like to select all the pieces within a bounding box/sphere. i thought about using a group sop and selecting by bbox, but this selects points or primitives, and not my piece* groups from voronoi. any ideas? thank you so much!
  7. Hey, First off, thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out. I am a bit unhappy with the flexibility of the Voronoi Fracture Configure Object node (from Make Breakable), so I found this: From what I understand, he is piping the first-fractured pieces through a foreach node, adding a centroid point - all done. My problem is figuring out how that centroid point can be divided into more points (eg. by time), thereby also re-fracturing the current piece into tinier bits. If I didn't explain something properly, please do let me know. Thank you!