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  1. Morning, Woking on some FEM stuff but having some issues. First image you can see the nodes used to create the scene. The transform has CHOPS applied to the rx value with some noise for animation. Point deform captures this animation. The isooffset is used to group internal points on the tets and used for constraints in the sim. In DOPS its set as an organic mesh and the target is set to follow the animation. Everything works great (love FEM) but.... having some bad results on the embedded geo as you can see in the first image (FEM 1 ) Why do the results come out like this? It also doesnt follow the sim very well. If i use just a standard point deform the reults are better and it follows the animation tighter. So why do we use the Embedded Geo option? How can the result be improved. Weird job where the client wants unicorns abused this way... but will upload a .hip with simpler geo when I have chance. Cheers Duncan
  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa THIS IS GOLD! How come I didnt find it on my searches on vimeo, odforce, Google etc!? Now I have a ton of stuff to watch, learn and get confused about hahaha Thank you, looking forward to getting stuck in.
  3. Finding it hard to find examples or information about spring constraint networks. As an eternal novice in Houdini trying to find information and decipher the information given is a challenge. Followed the tutorial from Peter (the legend) Quint - Houdini Spring follow. Attached the Hip file https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDkc2gU31sA&t=959s But I want to use Packed prims for something like this. Seeing the effect here by Stefan Sietzen Packed Prims are just points, so how can I assign them a position that changes over time? Do I use a SOP geometry to bring the moving points in? Cant seem to find much info about spring constraint relationship which makes me think people dont use it? Any advice or starting points (other odforce posts or other sites) would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Duncan PeterQuintPositionSpring.hipnc
  4. Hi, Having some issues understanding shading in Houdini. I created a rigid body sim and the model already has UVs and some textures. I created some attributes and wanted to use them to add to these textures within Houdini, masking sections to add noise and add bump mapping to areas. I would like to use the edge attribute I created to apply a crack style bump to the mesh. Please see the attached files. Issue is using the principled shader I dont know the best way to add these cracks to the exisiting bump map and also to have displacements too. How do you create a bump/normal shader from scratch? Many thanks in advance, Duncan SHADING HELP.rar
  5. Good morning, I have an object scattered with points, using a point cloud these points are collected making a spreading noise. I want to add these into a group however the If block node is now different and not sure of the use. Maybe there is another method of doing what I want instead of using this so any information would be appreciated. I have attached a file of the scene so far. Thank you in advance, Duncan spreading to groups.hipnc
  6. Ah so create a parameter and feed it into the displace, seems simple enough. Thank you very much, I need to get my head around these concepts. The forum is helping so much. Thanks again.
  7. Good morning, I am sure this is a fairly simple one for you guys but has been frustrating me for hours. I am trying to control the mantra shader using attributes from my mesh. I have an animated noise that is exported via a bind export and it is driving emission and other attributes however I want to control the displacement close to the edges of this. Only option is to apply a texture instead of directly binding to an attribute.... waaaa! Should I recreate the displacement nodes inside the current shader and if so could somebody provide some pointers towards this. hip file attached Pretty exciting how you can build anything in Houdini, love it! Just need helping figuring out these building blocks. Thanks, Duncan displacement issue.hiplc
  8. Hi Mestela, Awesome, that solves it! I need to get my head around all the VOP nodes, so much to learn. So much power if you have a decent understanding of these.. and math hahaha should have paid attention in school. Thanks again.
  9. Good Morning, Currently trying to work with animated noise that moves across an object. My issue is controlling the direction of the noise generation. The idea is the object will appear from this noise pattern. Forming slowly from bottom to top. I have the noise working but cant control its position and isolate just the direction instead its just random all over. Image and Hip attached I tried another method using points them converting to VDB but I don't like the look as the noise has a subtle gradient that really works well. Would love some help on this, I come from a C4D background but Houdini is way more powerful that I want to continue working with it. Duncan noiseControl.hiplc
  10. Good evening, Started learning Houdini and trying to get hold of any tutorials possible to get up to speed. Keep hitting walls left right and centre due to Houdini version changes that have changed how processes work... frustrating when you are learning but I just have to put up with that. So I am going through the Digital Tutors custom Pyro tutorial where attributes are created and then passed to the scattered points via a VopSop, oh hang on that's not possible anymore as VOPS are all different. The original uses a point cloud node to bring in attributes that are hooked into the Vop Index ports. I tried to attach the file but doesn't seem to want to play ball so I have attached two images to show the node layout. Is there a better way to achieve this is H14? Thank you, Duncan