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  1. Try disconnecting the Resize from the solver. You don't really need it. The resize is not configured correctly and ends up clipping the results.
  2. I am currently copying all the files to an external drive and then I will try to format that NTFS drive natively. That is the ext4 format right? Then I'll copy things back. I notice the Files app does not have a format option. Is that something gparted can do?
  3. Thanks, my googles have been leading me there.
  4. I have Houdini up and running on Ubuntu. All my previous work was created on a 1TB drive that was formatted on a Windows 10 system. While I can see files on the drive and Houdini can load my HIP files, I can't actually save anything on the drive. Does anyone know how to enable write access to a NTFS drive on Ubuntu?
  5. Linux Mint pros cons

    That is the one I chose. I have Houdini installed and running on Ubuntu 17.10. So yeah!
  6. Linux Mint pros cons

    No I guess it is just me. Where is the any key again?
  7. Linux Mint pros cons

    I guess I'll try the Qt4 for now. I don't see any Qt5 build available on the SideFX site.
  8. Linux Mint pros cons

    Which Linux installer should I choose from SideFX? There is a QT option. Not sure what the difference is.
  9. Thanks. I guess if I abandon the VDB Convert step the Point Deform does work as well.
  10. The original animated mesh has 154 points on all frames, very low poly and triangles only. I need more points inside the triangles to gain a better attachment for a strap. So I convert to VDB and then back to polygons. This conversion process is what introduces the variable point count. So I really only have two outputs, the animated mesh and the freeze frame mesh. The point deform requires 3 inputs so I am not sure3 it will work in this case.
  11. I have selected 4 points and created a point group on my animated mesh. I want to reference this point group from a Rivet one level up. How can I "lock" down my points so they don't jump all around when the animation commences? Yes it does look like the VDB convert is changing the point count over time. Is there anyway to prevent this point count change?
  12. Thanks for this fix! I guess my original use of polyextrude did not work as well as I thought. . . . Yep, after reviewing my original, I forgot to enable output back.
  13. I have an animated mesh that is made up of triangles. It looks ok to me and PolyDoctor, but when I try to convert it to a VDB it looks wrong and awful. Is there any solution for this? I have tried Fuse, Clean, PolyDoctor, Subdivision and Remesh. None of those approaches seem to have any positive affect. Can Houdini convert triangles into a valid VDB? harness.obj
  14. This is certainly not a show stopping problem but for some reason whenever I create a new Geometry node in the /obj context it is created with the color Yellow/Gold. I don't know how this happened. It even happens if I import an FBX which creates new GEO nodes. All the imported nodes are yellow. Does anyone know how to revert this overall colorization back to the default color of white?
  15. Right Click on the SHELF tool and choose Edit Tool. Then pop over to the Scripts tab. You will see all the commands issued "silently" when you click the button.