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  1. Color value for each polygon

    Yep, tons of errors in that. You can only return from a function, which you have not declared. Here is my guess of what you might want. But be aware, the code will fail if there is no Cd attribute on the incoming primitives. So you may need to use hasAttribute before you attempt to retrieve the value. node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() for thePrim in geo.prims(): primColor = thePrim.floatListAttribValue("Cd")
  2. Redshift attributes

    It is called rsChangeRange. You could, of course, pre-fit any attribute before you reach shading using standard VEX fit functions as well.
  3. Redshift attributes

    Just add your ObjParms to the object and use the point attribute node to route any attributes to shader values you wish to control. Common routing is Cd to diffuse color. Other attributes are also possible such as this example of a procecedural planet created via noise attributes.
  4. I was working on a scene where I wanted lines to wrap around a geo shape but lie upon the surface. FindShortestPath is used. Here is a basic setup with UV mapping setup, thanks to Matt Estela, as well. Currently it is setup in lightning mode where the lines change per frame. This is accomplished by adding $F to the random seed of the scatter. To make the lines stand still simply remove that expression. ap_connect_points_around_geo_surface.hiplc
  5. I think the more important question is why do presenter almost always have a mustache.
  6. cloth interpretations

    Select the cloth object and turn on Collision visualization. Then increase the collision value, on the other tab. Also there is collision padding on the collision object itself. You also may want to enable Collide within Object. This is the only way to get cloth self collide.
  7. Fluid Follow Curve

    I was playing around with a similar file from the master class. If you keep Follow and Suction Scales equal to one another, together, they can be thought of as a general speed along line control. A little faster travel though the line leaves some stray fluid spray along the path. You can get the masterclass files here: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-illume-flip-fluids-part-two/ ap_flow_flip_on_curve.hiplc
  8. problem with flip

    I might guess that black color is the reflection of a black sky. Try surrounding your scene with a skysphere. Drop in an HDRi or Angular map.
  9. [SOLVED]Shape Made Of Even Quads?

    Thanks for the example files everyone!
  10. I have this pattern for a garment and I would like it to be filled with evenly sized quads. In the image I have half of a shirt that is mirrored then I apply the divide node. So the mirror makes that dual line in the middle and the divide cuts the shape in ways that produces triangles and odd/even point matching issues. Is there another way to model this perhaps?
  11. Fluid Follow Curve

    There is also Force Along Length under the Global Forces tab at the top. In the image I have notched the ramp for a short time to reduce force when the fluid approaches a curvy section of the line. This allows the fluid to more closely match curve shape, but does travel slower.
  12. Simplify Keyframes Script?

    Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  13. Simplify Keyframes Script?

    Is there any script or tool floating around that will simplify keyframes? For instance, apply the pose library back flip animation to the simple female character and you will find a ton of keyframes have been added. Even at the non-integer frame level. I am willing to give up precision to have less keyframes.
  14. going crazy with advceting points (vdbadvect)

    The problem seems to be that you are not keeping both sides equal. When you convertvdb for one side, make sure you match the settings on the other (i.e. Convert Fog to SDF). Also, turn off that vdbresample unless you plan on resampling the other side too. It worked fine for me after that, no more exploding velocity.
  15. going crazy with advceting points (vdbadvect)

    We Transfer does not work, it just asks me a bunch of questions. Can you just post the HIP on the forum?
  16. Pyro Collisions - beginner question

    Here is your .OBJ with a gasenforceboundary node installed. The wind tunnel is blowing the flames out the window. ap_Factory_Ext_MainBuilding_Sim2.hiplc
  17. folding smokesim

    That is a fun one to play around with.
  18. I try not to use Brute Force at all, it is too noisy, as you have discovered. It also depends upon what type of light emission you are using. I do a lot of material based light emission and I find that IC/IPC works best for that case. If you have a lot of lights in your scene with good coverage then BF might be a better option. I have been running my Unified Samples around 16/256 then I will Override samples on Light and Volume to 128-256 depending upon the needs. I also have been turning on Auto Memory management for the GPU under the System tab.
  19. I was able to integrate your solution into my cloth stitching. Now I have a working sleeve!
  20. Hi All, I have a curve shape with edge groups. The edge groups flow in various direction, sometimes along the XY plane and sometimes along the XZ plane. I need to have the resulting point group have the points sorted in the order that they appear in the edge group. So two groups are involved, an edge group, which is the source and the point group which is the result. The resulting point group is detected by remeshing the original shape into a higher triangle/quad representation of the shape. The original edge group is resampled and compared against the remesh version to determine final point group candidates. The image shows the problem. When I inspect the resulting point group with a python node I can see the order is wrong. Point #6 is listed first and point #16 is listed second but they are very far apart circled in RED. Python order (6, 16, 23, 25, 140, 149, 156) Required order (6, 25, 7, 140, 23, 149, 21, 156, 16, 14) I tried using the sort node, expecting Point Sort By Vertex Order to work, but it does not. I tried all the other sort options as well. ap_sort_points_along_edge_group.hiplc
  21. Clarisse iFX ?

    The only reason to use Clarisse was the speed of version 2.0. With the new release of Clarisse 3.0, and more light accurate rendering, the product has lost some speed. With Redshift on the scene there is really no reason to use Clarisse unless you are facing some incredibly high instance count, which is Clarisse's claim to fame. It is CPU based, not GPU based. I tried out Clarisse quite a bit before I chose Redshift. By using a render system that is native to Houdini you save more time and don't have to learn another package's quirks and or limitations. Clarisse's API has no external event hooks, this means you can't write a script or expression to change something when the frame changes. All code inside Clarisse must run as a one-shot generator.
  22. [SOLVED]VEX Struct Does Not Work?

    Thanks for the info. Arrays of struct also seems to work as well!
  23. Hi All, I have a struct defined in the outer code area of an attribute wrangle. When I try to reference the struct, the node errors out. What is the syntax for using structs? If I comment out the code that tries to reference the struct I get no error, which indicates to me that the struct itself is defined correctly.
  24. [SOLVED]VEX Struct Does Not Work?

    Thanks for the reply. I had never actually dived inside a wrangle. I don't really know the correct way to setup the Outer Code values. I found an example already posted that I was trying to manipulate but here is a new HIP file with the Outer Code field from the VOP copied to the top level. Is that all there is to is? Or is there more that needs to be setup? ap_vex_struct.hiplc
  25. Thanks, that looks promising!