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  1. Hi All, I downloaded and installed redshift but it does not show up in the OUT network of my Houdini 15.5 Indie. Does anyone know how to setup redshift for use with Houdini on Windows 7? The redshift installer failed to do this correctly. Thanks
  2. You could check out my Fill A Font with fluid tutorial. It shows how to use a divergence field to help out in these kinds of effects.
  3. One thing I notice right off the bat is that all your copies are fractured using the same exact pattern. I would start there. You need to find a way for each piece in the cabinet to have a different Voronoi pattern. Can you share a small version of your scene that demonstrates the problem?
  4. Are you using integer frames?
  5. In my Particles Break Glue Bonds video I make use of Impact data and show how to collect it so it persists over time. Impact records are really just momentary data. I think Jordi is right, the object ID is the Id of the object you are colliding with. Although this video does not make use of it.
  6. Have you seen the continuous trail thread? Maybe you could animate it on and off?
  7. Here is my revision of your scene. I added an Extrude Volume to the landscape, instead of the polyextrude to make the terrain have a lot of boxy space to insure better collision. I returned Gravity to the defaults. I enabled hits on the particles and set their collision state to Slide. I added Drag to the particle system and reset Friction to the default of 1.0 for the collision surface and the popobject. I added the temperature field to the resize_container node so it better detects the bounds. I also disabled Max Bounds so the box can grow as needed. I lowered the Scale Source Volume and the Scale Temperature inside the Smoke Simulation drastically. I set it to 0.05 instead of 1.0. Keep these two values matched. If you change one, change the other. Inside the smoke source I disabled Curl Noise on the Density and enabled Curl Noise on the vel field. I reduced Bouancy Lift and reset the Simulation parameters to their default. This removed the time scale and viscosity attempts you had in place. I think the key to keeping the smoke from getting too far ahead of the moving mass is the scale parameters on the Source Volume inside the Smoke Simulation. You may want to add a RBD tumbling simulation along the leading edge as well. I'm not really sure how to detect that in this setup, however? ap_Pyro_Flow_6.hipnc
  8. Hmm.. this auto conversion may not be avoidable. The first thing that comes to mind, however, is that you could place your code inside the pre-render event of the ROP. Then your code will evaluate on every frame and still construct the correct filename for that frame.
  9. Check SideFX hardware requirements to make sure your system meets the minimum requirements. Also make sure you have some free space on your hard drive. I typically try to keep at least 30-40GB free on my main drive. Also, the official H16.0504.20 release had some viewport problems that have been fixed in the daily builds. I too experienced slow load time when I initially upgraded from H15.5 to H16 but have since installed a daily build and things are better. Yes, daily builds are available for Apprentice users.
  10. I believe the .sc is just an added form of compression to the .bgeo. So you can use either.
  11. Just dive inside the subnet and locate the geo skin node for the character. Then dive inside that and you can apply the polyreduce in there.
  12. Thanks, you are right,. If I lower both the Scale Source Volume and the Scale Temperature, I do get a "cooler" burn in my pyro. I guess I'll keep dialing them down till it looks right.
  13. Hi All, I have come across this before but just moved on. This time I really wonder why the Scale values on the Source Volume node seem to have no affect on output at all? In this image the Source Scale Volume is set to 0.1. This means I have reduced fuel intake by 90% but I still get that furious combustion rolling out. Why doesn't the Scale Source Volume reduce the fuel amount? How do I "thin-out" my flame. I'm making a campfire, not a rocket engine?
  14. You're not alone, I can't get it to work either. I sit here imagining all those latte sipping designers using other 3D apps where the viewport just "works". Ah the life... Meanwhile, back to the Houdini cave..."Oh, your Majesty you want a viewport that works....get in LINE!"
  15. v is the explicit type cast for the attribute. v= vector, f = float, i = integer and s= string. So you may see those other prefixes in posted code as well. Most common attributes, such as, P, v, ptnum, Cd etc don't need explicit casting but every once in a while you will find that VEX may complain about automatic type casting not working. In those cases you need to specify the type or explicitly convert to the destination type manually by using int() or float() functions.
  16. I get this every so often when I have split the 3D viewport TOP/BOTTOM. It will jump up and down forever.
  17. Another thing of note is that there are random() and rand() vex functions. The output from random() is not assumed to be in the range of 0-1. However, the output of rand() is. This may be more suited to constructing colors and other data fields that typically fall in the range of 0-1. v@Cd = set(rand(@ptnum+123), rand(@ptnum+456), rand(@ptnum+789));
  18. I generally only save one version, the current version. You can always fish around in your backup folder to locate another version if needed. I have used the post-render/pre-render capabilities and they work fine. I'm sure you could dig around and find a line of code in the help that allows you to save your file.
  19. Also, you don't have to import everything. Where you see a * go ahead and add ^groundplane1 for example to filter out the ground plane.
  20. You may need more resolution on the Static Object inside the AutoDopNetowrk. It defaults to 30 I typically increase that to 96. Also review the collision resolution on the RBD pieces too. There may be gaps in the collision mesh and they are simply falling through.
  21. I completed a short tracking project using Houdini and Redshift.
  22. fireballs

    Have you enabled Add Curl Noise on the Velocity Volumes tab of the FluidSource node that generates your fuel?
  23. If you are talking about the Extrude Volume node, it does not actually create a volume it just makes SOP geometry. It is a mis-named node IMHO. You could try and follow it up with an isooffset to create a volume out of your box shape.
  24. There have been some bug fixes in the Daily Builds. I am running H16.0.542 and you file does render. Try pulling down the latest daily build for your OS, the 16.0.504.20 release did have some problems.
  25. I have put together a 20 minute video that shows how to use VEX code to control the Houdini 16 Crowd system to emulate a relay race.